The i-BLADES team

We’re an international team of experienced engineers, designers and builders based in Silicon Valley. We have run and launched successful businesses and products. i-BLADES inventor and CEO Jorge Fernandes created and patented the technology that launched Apple Pay. He teamed up with Polymath and President Paul Meissner, Ph.D. who has brought many technologies to high volume success. Together they assembled a creative and credible team whose DNA is to make cutting edge ideas happen.

I-BLADES was founded and created on the principle that people should not be restricted in their choices around what kind of mobile experience and functions they could create. They should be able to continually improve their experiences and functionality. Ultimately being able to personalise their devices for their specific needs. The technology we are developing at i-BLADES has wider applications than phone cases but this is our first product line.

We’re passionate about combining hardware and software into delivering a new world of smartphone possibilities. We’re especially excited about hearing your feedback and your ideas for i-BLADES.


i-BLADES Executive Team

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