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i-BLADES Help Center

Product support

Getting started

Smartcase quick guide

How to set-up your Smartcase

Case Modes

Charging your phone with the case on

Where do I find the latest i-BLADES SmartApp and firmware

How do you use your Battery and Memory Smartblade

Why do I appear not to have all the Smartblade storage visible/ loaded?

How do I charge my phone with my Battery & Memory Smartblade ?

What do the colors signify on the light on my Smartblade?

How do I transfer files from my Smartblade to my PC?


Cannot mount your Smartcase

Mount the Smartcase using the switch

Smartblade not charging

My Smartblade is not charging the phone when I attach it to the Smartcase.

Battery Drain

My Smartcase is causing phone battery drain