World's First Smartcase

Setting up your Smartcase

How to set up your Smartcase

Congratulations on owning an i-BLADES Elite Smartcase. You are one of the first owners of this next generation Smartcase. You will now be able to expand the capabilities of your Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.  The Smartcase protects your phone.  The Turbo 64 Smartblade that comes with the Smartcase will:

  • Increase battery life by 12 hours.
  • Offer an additional 64GB memory expansion.
  • Adds a microSD slot to your smartphone.

The Smartcase is compatible with future Smartblades.


The unit you have received is a beta unit.  See below for information on how to set up. As a beta unit there will be software updates over the coming weeks that will improve your overall experience. As one of our early users we would value your feedback to add to those ideas we have to improve and update the experience.

Please contact us for feedback of if you have further questions at, call +1(650) 906 376 or check out our frequently asked questions page.

1. Put the Elite Smartcase on and snap on the Smartblade


Please note these steps will change as we update the software in the next few weeks.

Step 1: Insert Galaxy S6 smartphone into Smartcase.  Pushing down to ensure the connector in the bottom of the case goes into the smartphone.

Step 2: Place Smartblade on the back of the Smartcase.  Lining up the 3 small pins on the bottom of the Smartblade with the three discs on the Smartcase.  The Smartblade will snap on firmly and securely as you bring the two together.

Its as easy as that!

Once the Smartblade is placed on the Smartcase the battery will be charging your phone already. Check this by looking at the charging icon on the top right of your smartphone.

You now also have additional memory added as well as an expandable microSD slot.  Please read below to see how to use this and transfer files/photos/videos to your Smartblade.

2. Donwload and log in to Smart App


Please note future users will automatically be prompted to download the SmartApp on case connection to smartphone.  The current experience with beta software is below:

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store

Step 2: Type in search “i-blades smartapp”.  Please use the extact wording (in future this will download automatically when you insert the case).

Step 3: Install the Smartapp application.

Step 4: Open the application.  You will come to the log in screen.  There are 3 ways to log in.  Please log in with email address and create a password. In future log ins you can use Google Plus or Facebook to log in.

Step 5: Once you log in you are asked to allow I-BLADES Smart App to access photos, media and files on yoru device.  Press allow.

Step 6: You will now see the SmartApp home screen.

3. Your Smart App home screen


From your Smart App home screen you will be able to manage your smartblades and their functions.  In this current software version you will be able to:

  • Memory functions: See the store the amount of storage on the phone and the blade
  • Battery functions: You will be able to see the power level of the smartblade and phone.
  • Content viewing: You will be able to see the content/files that are on your phone or on your Smartblade. You can open and view files through the app.

4. How to transfer files to your Turbo 64 Smartblade:


In the future all functions will be managed through your SmartApp.  This will be made available to you via software updates.  The process to transfer files before this is implemented is below:

Step 1: Open your file manager (in the tools folder on the home screen) or you can use any other file manager.

Step 2: Select My files. The storage on your Smartblade  will show up as an additional USB storage device in the menu of file storage.

Step 3: You can now transfer files from your smartphone to the Smartblade storage directory.  Up to 64GB of extra memory are provided.

Step 4: To transfer files from the phone to the Smartblade you can do this in the same way you would move files between any other directories. With future updates in the next month you will be able to use our Smart App – see below). and the blade to the phone the same way you would move files between any other directories.

5. Charging and battery management


The battery management in future software updates will be done through the Smart App.  Where you will be able to adjust when charging is triggered.

You can recharge the smartblade two ways:

  1. Through the USB port on the Smartblade – just plug charging cable into the USB port.
  2. When the Smartblade is attached to the Smartcase – plug the charging cable into the USB port on the case at the bottom of the phone.


The Smartblades are stackable so you charge multiple Smartblades simultaneously. Plug the charging cable into the bottom Smartblade’s USB.

6. Updating the experience


We will be updating your user experience through application updates over the coming weeks.  We will keep you informed of these updates and they will be automatically pushed to your phone through Google Play.  Choose to accept the updates and your software will be automatically updated.  Key changes will be:

  • Smart app battery management
  • Smart app memory management

We hope you enjoy your product. Please get in touch with any questions you may have.  You have joined the mobile phone revolution, read about it here. We look forwards to hearing about your experience.  join us on Facebook, Twitter or sign up for more updates at the bottom of the page.