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5 Reasons Why Pixel 5 Will Defy Your Expectations

February 23, 2021

If you use Android and want the best possible software support, a Pixel phone could be exactly what your doctor ordered. Google's Pixel 5 phone has gone through numerous iterations now. The Big G took a while to find place feet in mobile space. Building a premium phone brand from scratch is no easy feat, even for one of the largest and smartest companies in the world.

Picking up where Google's Nexus phones left off, the Pixel line of phones has a closer tint to Apple's iPhone than Google's old developer-focused Nexus phones. With Pixel 5, Google is selling a pure Android experience - your Android just as Google intended it to be.

Symbolically, here are the 5 reasons why Pixel 5 will defy your expectation.

Ā 5 reasons why Pixel 5 will defy your expectation

  • Pixel phones are the best for Android updates

Getting early access to the latest Android updates is one of the main reasons why we, and millions of people, use Pixel phones. Google designs and manufactures its Pixel phones. Google also makes Android.

The two are designed to work together seamlessly. And when a new Android update arrives, Pixel users ALWAYS get it first. If early access to new versions of Android is important to you, Pixel phones are the way to go.

In addition to this, ALL new Pixel phones are guaranteed three years of Android updates, so if you buy the Pixel 5 today, you will receive Android updates well into 2023.

Samsung has now matched this on some of its phones, but 99.9% of Android phones only get two Android updates at most, while some get even less. And running the latest version of Android is also important especially since it keeps you protected from malware and security breaches.


  • Beautiful software design

There are a plethora of Android phones on the market today, and the operating system they all run on is, of course, Android. But in order to differentiate their respective products, Android phone companies modify Android with custom software, sometimes called Android Skin.

These leathers vary in appearance and feel. Some are great (like OnePlus') and others not so great (like Xiaomi's). They are all still Android phones at the source code level, so you get most of the same functionality, but they all look and function slightly differently. And most aren't great either!

With Pixel 5, you get the purest Android experience possible; it is Android as Google intended. Android running on Pixel 5 looks impressive, much better than iOS on the iPhone. It's also free of ALL the useless bloatware you get on non-Pixel Android phones.

For us, the software and UX design of Google's Pixel phones is one of the #1 reasons to opt for the Pixel 5 instead of say, a phone from LG, Huawei, or even Samsung. Google's UX design is flawless, bloatware-free, and super intuitive to use.


  • Google's Pixel camera technology is amazing

Aside from Android updates and software design, Google's camera technology is the main thing its Pixel phones are known for. Unlike everyone else in the mobile space, Google's Pixel phones are about EVERYTHING by doing more with less.

While Samsung and OnePlus are adding more and more lenses, Google is working on ways to make its camera software smarter. This approach has also worked as Google Pixel phones (even cheap ones) consistently top the charts ists of "best cameras" all over the web. Now, as Pixel 5 is the latest model, you probably realize how good it is.

Rather than cramming a large amount of hardware into a phone, Google's approach to camera technology focuses on fewer physical components and more machine learning (some would say Artificial Intelligence).

With machine learning in place, Pixel 5ā€™s camera can capture better images than some Android phones that have twice the lenses. The combination of Googleā€™s AI learning and image processing is essentially what makes this possible and so powerful. Combined with things like HDR+, this helped Google create one of the most powerful (and easy to use) mobile phone cameras on the planet, especially with Pixel 5.

  • Simplicity: Pixel phones focus on utility, not gimmicks (most of the time)

As phones have gotten bigger, they have gotten more complex. Bigger phones, more features, multiple camera lenses that most people don't use - all of these things have combined to inflate the price of phones.

And that's not exactly good for the consumer. Around the launch of the Pixel 3a, Google stumbled upon something - something it originally discovered around the time of its Nexus 4 phone - that people really just want good-quality, affordable phones.

The Pixel 3a model is Google's far best-selling phone to date. For precisely this reason: it was fantastic and cheap. Google did the same in 2020 with the launch of the Pixel 4a and more importantly, they have kept the thing going with the Pixel 5 as well.

The Pixel 5, Google's flagship for 2020 and, unlike the Pixel 4, is not positioned as a flagship phone, meaning it doesn't cost $1000. Instead, Google is following demand and undermining the iPhone 11 by offering a phone with 5G and excellent specs for $599.

How did they do this? They got rid of Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon processors and used its cheaper 765 5G-enabled Snapdragon instead. Will this affect your performance? On paper, yes. But not in real life. In real life, no one will care. And that is the point.

Like Apple, Google has finally come to terms with the fact that the vast majority of consumers do NOT want to pay more than $1000 for a phone. You know that by selling a solid phone at a fair price, you will sell more units, make more friends, and ultimately generate more income and profit.

  • Vast possibilities for upgrades

When all 4 previous points join together, we get one conclusion ā€“ Googleā€™s Pixel 5 is a fantastic phone to use because you will get much (and constantly will get more over time) with less money spent. Constant updates on camera, AI, OS, software, and further specs upgrades are all possible all the time.

Speaking of further specs upgrades, for example, Pixel 5 supports a smart case from the i-Blades company that will boost the phone's specs while further protecting it from damage. This way, the phone will get an additional 16-128 GB of storage space (depending on your choice), 20 more hours of battery life, air-quality sensors, and much more to an already great phone. The i-Blades company has certainly seen the potential of Google's Pixel 5 and has made a protective case with lots of tech inside (in case you want more protection and more power to your Pixel 5). For more info, check it out here

Final words

What do you think? Is it worth buying Pixel 5? We certainly do think so.