i-BLADES Smartcase a SMART Galaxy S6 battery case

June 14, 2017

A Galaxy S6 case that does more than your average S6 or S6 edge battery case

If you are a Galaxy S6 or S6 edge owner you are likely needing to buy a Galaxy S6 battery case because your battery is not lasting a day.  There is a new alternative to the sea of Galaxy S6 cases available. The i-BLADES Smartcase does even more than your average Galaxy S6 battery case.  If you want a Galaxy S6 battery case or and S6 edge battery case that protects and upgrades your Galaxy S6 series phone, read on. Because the i-BLADES Smartcase will upgrade your Galaxy S6 and S6 edge battery, memory and more. It does all that without adding the bulk of a galaxy S6 battery case to your phone. 


Galaxy S6 battery case


There is no other Galaxy S6 battery case on the market like it.  You can instantly increase your S6 storage, add a micro sd slot and ensures your battery life will last more than a day. Snap-on Smartblades allow you to increase the power and memory of your phone and you can remove them when you do not need them, unlike traditional Galaxy S6 battery cases.



This is all done with the i-BLADES case built-in micro-engineered smart technology.  As smart connection platform within the phone case.


Galaxy S6 battery case i-BLADES Smartcase


This is a new revolutionary Galaxy S6 case that puts all Galaxy S6 battery cases in the shade.

The i-BLADES Smartcase offers Galaxy S6 smartphone users the unique opportunity to have an even better smartphone. A phone upgrade for the price of a phone case.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 a great phone but in need of an upgrade

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge were the best smartphones on the market at the time. They seemingly had it all. But there are 3 key pain points that the i-BLADES Smartcase solves as well as doing it in a totally different way to other Galaxy S6 and S6 edge battery cases.

  1. Increases Samsung Galaxy S6 battery life

The Galaxy S6 did not have a removable battery.  Now with the i-BLADES Smartblade you effectively get your removable battery back.  According to Techradar's Geekbench battery life test you may really need this as according to them Galaxy S6 battery life is only managing to reach 6 hours 53 minutes.  With the i-BLADES Smartcase this increases to lasting the day. You can even stack charge Smartblades to get days of Galaxy S6 battery life in one charge.

Galaxy S6 battery case


2. Samsung Memory

Galaxy S6 battery case

The Galaxy S6 was the mark of Samsung removing expandable memory.  You get this back with the i-BLADES Smartcase.  Through the snap-on battery and memory Smartblade you have 64GB memory plus a micro sd slot. Its our firm belief that every phone should have expandable memory with all the demands we all put on memory - see our blog on this here.


The choice of Galaxy S6 battery cases

There are many Galaxy S6 battery cases available a Mophie S6 battery case, or Incipio S6 battery case.  But the big issue with these is the size.  Do you really want a permanent battery attached to your phone?  Check out our guide below on how the i-BLADES Smartcase beats any leading Galaxy S6 battery case.

Galaxy s6 battery case


There are more Smartblades coming that protect your Galaxy S6.  But for now you will be well served by the included battery and memory Smartblade. t always keep your phone protected.


The i-BLADES Smartcase is more than a mobile phone case. It brings the Galaxy S6 to perfection. Stacking Smartblades together and charging them all at once could even give you the longest lasting smartphone on the market.  So rather than searching for the ideal Galaxy S6 battery case why not opt for the i-BLADES Smartcase.  It is available now on a limited offer.



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