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Apple's iPad joins the rest of the Mobile Technology World?

October 21, 2018

Apple changes tunes or so it seems. Of course, we will know all about it when Apple presents the latest iPads October 30 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York.

It appears Apple is ready to scratch the proprietary lightning connector for the ubiquitous USB-C connector for these up and coming iPads.

Apple iPad USB-C Rendering could match iBlades Smartcases

This is interesting to everyone -- consumers, accessory providers such as iBlades and the rest of the computing ecosystem -- because the lightning connector has created a dual world. The Apple world and the rest of the world of computing as we all know.

Lightning Plug and Receptacle Connector

For consumers the requirement of having to purchase lightining connector based personal technology was great at the beginning of the iPhone journey. Apple controlled connectors wereĀ part of a larger approach to unify and simplify the user purchase and experience. As a consumer you knew you could purchase any product with this lightning connector and it was bound to work the first time and be easy to use. As the mobile technology evolved, and Android came along, this early advantage turned into a limitation of technology options and innovation. Much of the early benefit of compatibility, ease of used has now been matched and surpassed. Not Available for iOS for Now, Leather Wallet with Smart Technology

Consumers now have a new connectivity standard through the USB-C connector that unifies the rest of the world and is leaving Apple with a challenge to keep up with all of the innovation emanating from thousands of USB-C based technology providers.

World Standard USB-C Plug

The same is true for technology providers such as iBlades. As a technology provider, one of the early decision is which first path to take? Often for new ideas the answer is obvious, take the USB-C path as an open standard with lots of support. This is the path we took at iBlades but clearly we are planning to support the lightning connector and look forward to bringing our innovations to the Apple world.


This is why Apple potentially supporting the USB-C connector standard is such a major event that would upend the mobile technology world.