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Best Battery Case for Pixel 7

July 24, 2022

For a few years back, the well-known company Google has spread their technological knowledge to creation of smartphones. And while the first series of Pixel phones were a bit behind on the market, the newer versions have shown great quality. The current series – Pixel 6 – is an interesting one as it combines high-quality features with a very affordable price.

In continuation of a good work, Google is now working on their latest series – the Pixel 7 – which will aim to bring more improvements while retaining the good-old affordable price. Among these are the new Tensor 2 chipset, which will boost processing powers of both Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, better displays, improved cameras, etc.

Although Google fans will see a significant increase in power, the new phones will be smaller in size, hence smaller in battery capacity. And while we believe Google will find a solution to battery autonomy, we can’t help but feel that some external power-up will be needed. Bearing that in mind, a good battery case will be recommended – both to protect this great phone and juice it up a bit when needed.

Luckily, one award-winning tech company that specializes in phone protection has managed to create a battery case that will solve all of our problems. i-Blades has been present for years and has made various protective cases and wallets for all flagship phones. Google’s Pixel 7 model will be no exception and here is what you can expect.

i-Blades SmartCase for Pixel 7 – the best battery case

This case is like no other – not only does it protect and juice up the battery but also adds more features to your phone. We shall go one features at the time.


The molded polycarbonate material is incredibly resistant to various types of damage, such as scratches, hits, shocks, etc. It has a military-grade protection level, which means that your new Pixel 7 will be safe even from drops up to 4ft. And while the case is hard and sturdy, it is still slim and very soft to the touch. Looks quite fresh and modern as well!

The case is specifically made for the Pixel 7 model therefore it will fit the phone perfectly. All edges will be protected, in fact, there won’t be a place that will be unprotected. Additionally, all the buttons will be under protection while retaining their usual functionality and flexibility.

Battery charge

On the back of the case, there is a dedicated magnetic slot onto which you can attach a SmartBlade. SmartBlade is a small, slim piece of technology that will boost the phone in interesting and useful ways.

The first use is that the smart case with the SmartBlade attached will serve as a power bank. With 3600 mAh, one fully charged SmartBlade will juice up your battery up to 20 hours! When in need of more battery life, simply snap the SmartBlade on and use your phone as much as you need. The additional battery life will guarantee a whole day of use – enough to come home and charge both devices.

Additional memory

Another feature of the SmartBlade technology is that, when snapped on, it will provide additional storage memory to your Pixel 7. The amount will depend on the SmartBlade of your choice, going form 16 GB and up to 128 GB. In addition, the SmartBlade has a dedicated microSD card slot which can be used for more memory, or simply to open the files that you have stored on it. Finally, you can stack several SmartBlades and combine their storage memory into one.

Lifestyle tips

The case itself (without the SmartBlade on) has an EnviroSensor, created by Bosch, that can measure the air quality in your proximity. Essentially, the case will make your Pixel 7 an air quality monitor. The app will alert if the air quality is severely polluted, providing useful tips on how to avoid being exposed to such air. Additionally, it shows the humidity, air pressure, as well as the current temperature around you. With this app, you can keep track of the data and change your lifestyle for the better.

Additional protection is possible

Apart from the smart case and SmartBlade, you can also add a screen protector (sold separately). The screen protector is of the highest quality, easy to apply, and will protect the display from various damage. And with new and improved displays from the Pixel 7 series, you might want to consider it.

Last but not least – the leather wallet. The final piece of this protective set comes in a beautiful leather wallet which can store your Pixel 7, along with its smart case, and your ID cards and cash. There are four card slots and a money pouch behind them on the one side, and a smart case slot on the other. The wallet is stylish, beautiful, soft, slim, but also sturdy enough to protect the phone.


With this full set of protective pieces from i-Blades, your new Pixel 7 will be intact for its whole lifetime. Of course, you don’t have to buy everything if you don’t feel like it – for battery longevity purposes, it is enough to simply buy the case (with the SmartBlade). As mentioned, the case with the SmartBlade on will power up the battery for almost a whole day, which is more than what most battery cases on the market can do.

Final words

There aren’t many battery cases for Pixel 7 phones on the market so far. The phone is due to come out later this year, with late October or early November being considered. As the time passes by, we will surely stumble upon some battery cases but whether they will be as good as the i-Blades one or not remains to be seen.

With the features that the smart case from i-Blades offers, it will be a difficult task to top that off. Therefore, those who are sure they will get the new Pixel 7 when it comes out should really consider buying this case as soon as possible. A top choice battery case!