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Best Battery Case For Samsung s22

December 20, 2021

Contemporary smartphones are a thing of wonder. They can do pretty much anything we need and our lives are simply unimaginable without them. Do you need to buy something? Check. Do you need to pay your bills? Check. Do you want to see what’s happening in your area today? Check. And all in an instant!

Be that as it may, such power comes with a price, and I'm not talking about the purchasing price (although paying over $1000 can be costly for some). I'm talking about power consumption. As these smartphones are having specs as good as personal computers, it is only natural that a lot of power should be drained daily.

Unfortunately, some phone batteries can’t even last a full day when used excessively. What’s left? To buy a new phone and spend another few hundred bucks? Well, no, there is a cheaper solution – power banks and battery cases.

Due to their robustness, power banks now seem quite outdated and battery cases are slowly becoming the first choice when needing more battery juice. Bearing that in mind, here is one fantastic battery case (let’s call it like that for now) for your upcoming beast of a smartphone – Samsung S22!

The best battery case for Samsung S22?

The choice is quite easy – the i-Blades smart case for Samsung S22. Read on to see why.

i-Blades is a company dedicated to smartphone protection, that is, the main products of the company are phone cases and leather wallets for the top flagship phones on the market. But these are not the traditional protective cases, these are smart cases, as called by the company. Why the smart case?

First of all, the case itself is designed to fit the smartphone perfectly, in this case, the Samsung S22. The case will protect the phone from all shocks, drops, scratches, and everything else that might damage your phone. In addition, it is perfectly cut so all the buttons, cameras, inputs, and speakers will work perfectly well.

Apart from that, the case contains an EnviroSensor powered by Bosch. What this sensor does is measure the air quality around you – humidity, temperature, pressure, and so on. It also saves all the data so you can gather valuable information over time. This is all controlled via a free-to-download app, which also provides useful tips. The point of this EnviroSensor is to help people improve their lifestyle and live healthier.

You might think of a bulky case since it has Silicon Valley technology built in? Well, that's not the case. The case itself is quite slim and will not take more space than usual in your pocket or purse. It is also stylish with a beautiful finish so it looks quite modern and fresh. Nothing to be embarrassed to take out in public.

Now, for the main part – the battery. On the back of the smart case, there is a dedicated magnetic slot for the SmartBlade. A SmartBlade is a small, round thingy that can be attached to the case and provide much more power to your already powerful S22. First of all, it adds more memory, from 16GB, 128GB, and more! If you think 128GB storage memory from S22 is not enough – fear not, here is more!

More importantly to this topic, the SmartBlade acts as a power bank as well! With one full charge, you can run your phone for additional 20 hours! Simply snap on the SmartBlade onto your i-Blades case and the phone battery will be charged.

To have an accessory that will both protect and boost your S22? It's a definite deal!

You can further protect your phone with an i-Blades leather wallet! This beauty is finished with Grain Nappa leather, arguably the finest American leather you can find on a wallet. It’s so smooth and beautiful-looking that you will want to take it everywhere! It comes in two colors – black and Navy blue.

Of course, since it is a wallet, you can put ID cards, credit cards, and cash into it, apart from your S22. The left side is for documents and money, the right side is for the phone (including the smart case with the SmartBlade attached to it).

Finally, you can buy screen protection separately and thus completely make your phone indestructible.

Do I need more battery life and protection for my Samsung S22?

In short – yes.

The S22 series will come with great improvements and thus compete for the title of the best phone on the market. Being so powerful, it is expected that the price for buying the regular S22 model will be around $1000. Now, buying a phone for that kind of money and having it smashed by accident a few days later is a waste of money. All the additional protection possible is needed. Protect your beast of a smartphone.

Speaking of the S22 power – it is huge! Samsung S22 will have the newest chipset on the market, graphics powered by AMD's gaming technology, 2K 120Hz screens, fantastic cameras, but a smaller battery due to size reduction. In other words, the S22 series will have much more power than the S21 series but will have weaker batteries.

Is an additional battery charge needed for such phones? Definitely yes. People will enjoy this phone so much that it will be almost impossible to put it out of hands. Especially gamers as this phone will have amazing graphics, as mentioned above! Combining awesome graphics with an awesome display will certainly drain a lot of battery. Those who enjoy gaming, watching videos, or simply enjoying high-resolution picture will need more juice. Luckily, you can have up to 20 hours of additional battery life with the i-Blades case.

Final words

As seen from the above mentioned, the S22 series will be fantastic and there are millions of reasons why you should take good care of it. It will arguably be the best phone in the world, and definitely one of the best, and as such should last you a long time.

Enjoy your S22 more with more memory and more battery life. Protect it. You can do it all with one simple purchase.