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Best Battery Case for Samsung S23

September 07, 2022

Samsung is one of the biggest names in the smartphone industry and its Galaxy series has been standing right on the top, among a few other competitors, mainly iPhones by Apple. In recent times, the world was hit by the news of the new S23 series being in production, which was to be expected, but several improvements have been talked about which will definitely boost the new series in comparison with the current one.

And while new chipsets, cameras, and generally better performance are to be expected, the rumors about phones' battery life are a bit underwhelming. Will the same batteries be able to support such power? We highly doubt it. That's why a little bit of help would be perfect.

Bearing that in mind, here is one fantastic product that will definitely not only solve the battery problem but also improve the general performance of the new S23 smartphone.

i-Blades Protective Set

The award-winning i-Blades company has set a benchmark when it comes to smartphone protection. Over the past few years, i-Blades has produced high-quality protection items for the best smartphones on the market. Samsungā€™s Galaxy series is one of such products and this will not change with the S23 series. Here is what the owners of the new Galaxy S23 can expect if they buy the i-Blades set.

More Battery

Since the topic of this text is the battery case, the first feature explained will therefore be about extending battery life. The i-Blades smart case has a magnetic attachment at the back, which can be used to connect the SmartBlade, a small piece of technology that will serve as a wireless power bank.

When attached, the SmartBlade will charge your battery for up to 20 hours with one full charge! This means that you can use your new S23 for almost two full days (of normal use). The best thing is that there will be no wires or additional power banks that will make up most of the space in your pocket or purse.

More Storage

More battery life is not the only feature of the SmartBlade ā€“ it provides much more additional storage as well! Namely, you can choose from 16GB to 128GB, but not only that, the SmartBlade has a micro SD slot as well. In other words, if you choose 128GB and put in a 64GB micro SD card, you will have 192GB of storage space more. And, the best part of all, is that you can stack several SmartBlades if you really need lots of storage.

Great Protection

Naturally, the smart case is not there to attach the SmartBlade only, but also to protect the phone from damage. The case is incredibly slim but quite durable and tough. It will protect the phone from various shocks and scratches, keeping your new S23 in mint condition. The case has been tested thoroughly and has passed military-grade standards, keeping the phone protected from drops up to four feet.

As this is a case specifically made for the S23 model, the cutouts will perfectly match all the buttons, speakers, cameras, and ports, keeping the unobstructed use of all but also protecting them.

Speaking of the case, it is quite slim, as said, and will take no space at all. It is also incredibly pleasant to the touch and will not slip through your hands and fingers. The aesthetic is very modern and will look cool in both male and female hands.

Health Improvement Tips

The case is called the ā€œsmart caseā€ not only because you can attach the SmartBlade to it, but also because it has an air-quality sensor from Bosch. The sensor can measure air pressure, humidity, temperature, everything! All the data can be tracked and recorded with a free-to-download app.

The app is quite user-friendly and easy to use. It will provide various tips on how to improve your life based on the data recorded in your area. It is a fine feature for people living in big cities, especially those who wish to live healthily.

Screen Protection

In addition to the smart case that will protect the phone, you can buy a screen protector to pair it with the case and completely protect the phone from all sides. The protector is very easy to apply and will protect the screen from all kinds of scratches.

Modular Wallet

The final piece of the set is a fantastic leather wallet that is both stylish and useful in many ways. Speaking of aesthetics, the wallet is made of beautiful Grain Nappa leather that is quite durable but incredibly soft to the touch. Of course, the case and screen protector will fully protect the phone but why not additionally protect it? It is the newest S23 after all.

The wallet has a magnetic strap to close it firmly. When opened, the right side is dedicated to the smart case and S23 inside of it. On the left, there are four card slots for your documents and bank cards, as well as a money pouch behind those slots. In the middle, you can attach a pen.

The wallet comes in Navy blue and black colors, both of which look fantastic and very modern.


As you can see, the i-Blades offers lots of protective pieces for the new Samsung S23, and you can buy them either individually or in a bulk. For the protection and more battery life, it is enough to buy the smart case with the SmartBlade, and your new S23ā€™s battery will serve you as much as needed.

Final Words

The new S23 series will probably come out in January 2023 (eventually February) and will feature three models ā€“ S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra, as was the case with its predecessors. All three phones will introduce new features which will set this series arguably on top of the list of the best phones on the market, especially the S23 Ultra model.

Having the S23 phone will be quite a satisfaction and such a phone must be protected at all costs. Buy your i-Blades on time and keep your phone safe for a long time.