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Best Cases for Pixel 5 and Pixel 5 XL

October 11, 2020

There was much debate about Pixel 5’s flagship smartphone adequacy, with Google’s idea to reduce the performance in order to reduce the price as well. This came with a lot of mixed feelings from the fans – while some applauded the idea of cost-reduction in 2020, the others condemned it, thinking Google should have kept the model of putting the best parts inside, in order to compete on the market.

Be that as it may, it is still undisputable that Google’s Pixel 5 is a fantastic phone worthy of possessing. Although cheaper than the competition, this smartphone is not for free, and parting ways with some cash must be made.

Normally, users of this phone will seek to prevent it from any harm, and buying additional protective accessories is always a good choice.

That is why we present a list of the best cases for pixel 5 and best pixel 5 XL cases on the market.

The best pixel 5 case – i-Blades Google Pixel 5 smart case


A truly fantastic smartphone case comes from the i-Blades manufacturer and it is deservedly our number one spot as the best Pixel 5 case. Why?

In short, this is not an ordinary phone case – this is a smart case!

What makes it so special? It is specifically made for the Pixel 5 smartphone and adds many features to an already fantastic phone.

  • The battery can be charged while inside the case with the SmartBlade fast charger present as well. It can add up to 20 hours of battery life! The USB-C cable is included, and all you need to do is turn everything on or off with a simple click.
  • The phone’s storage memory can be expanded with an additional SD card slot available inside the case. Choose as little as 16GB or up to 128GB and more!
  • The Bosch Sensortech will monitor the weather conditions outside, providing much useful information about the temperature, air quality, pressure, humidity, and so on.
  • The SmartTech that's built in this case provides additional features that you can update regularly.
  • The i-Blades screen protector can be bought additionally, to further protect your phone from scratches, dirt, liquid, fingerprints, and so on.

Enough of the smart tech, let’s check the material and aesthetics. Also crucial among the best Pixel 5 cases.

The matte black color adds a dash of class and good looks to this case. The phone is not completely wrapped with the case but retains its original good looks.

Additionally, the polycarbonate material is both durable and lightweight, and will protect the phone from damage perfectly, even if not physically consuming the whole phone!

With only 50g you will not feel its weight. The whole case with all the add-ons is not so huge either, especially considering what features it offers.


  • A state-of-the-art case for Pixel 5 smartphone.
  • Incredibly useful features that everybody wants and needs.
  • Strong and durable, will protect from damage.
  • Slim, classy, and lightweight - a great looking case.
  • You won’t need anything else if you buy the full package.


  • SmartBlade and screen protector are bought separately.

The rest of the best pixel 5 casings

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case for Google Pixel 5


Another amazing Pixel 5 case, definitely worthy of the number two spot is SUPCASE’s Unicorn Beetle Pro Case (i-Blades with its built-in technology will always be number one, at least until a worthy competitor appears).

This case is Pixel 5 compatible only, as it was purposely made for that smartphone. As such, the cuts are done perfectly and the phone’s functionality (in terms of camera, buttons, ports, and features) remains intact.

The case is a full body coverage with a screen protector included. Your whole Pixel 5 will be protected at all times from both the impact damage and smaller screen damage (scratches, fingerprints, liquid, dirt, etc.)

Speaking of protection, the combination of polycarbonate and TPU materials makes this case incredibly sturdy and durable. In addition, it gives a modern ‘spacey’ look to your phone.

The back of the case has a rotatable holster, which can serve as both the belt-clip and a kickstand!

The case won’t hinder the wireless charging process, as some cases can.


  • Full body protection (screen included).
  • High-quality and good-looking material.
  • Doesn’t create inconveniences when using the phone's features.
  • Has a kickstand and a belt clip.
  • Wireless charging compatible.


  • One of the more expensive Pixel 5 cases.


Luibor Black Silicone Phone Case for Google Pixel 5


After the first two models, there is nothing much more to add. Therefore, this case from Luibor (a well-known company for smartphone accessories) serves as a simple yet cost-effective solution to your Pixel 5 protection.

Just like previously mentioned two models, Luibor’s phone case is Pixel 5 compatible, in terms of cuts. The access to ports and fingertip scanner is unobstructed, while speakers, microphone, and cameras will perform without any trouble.

The combination of silicone and carbon fiber will provide excellent protection from drops, shocks, and other damage. The screen protector is included as well.

There is no hidden tech nor kickstand options, it’s just a simple and flexible protective case, with stylish black colored looks.

Being such, the price is more than affordable. A good choice if you’re looking for the best Pixel 5 case of the best pixel 5 XL case.


  • Simple and elegant.
  • Good all-around protection.
  • Won't be in the way of the phone's features.
  • Excellent price.


  • It’s just a case, nothing more added.

GESMA for Google Pixel 5 Case with Screen Protectors


And finally, we conclude this list with GESMA’s case.

In terms of aesthetics and functionality, this case is pretty much similar to the previous model. The only reason why it comes later is that it's a tad more expensive.

In this package, you will receive a case, 3 screen protectors, a microfiber cloth, dust removal stickers, a useful installation manual, and wet wipes. These additions are the reason for the price increase.

Simple full-body phone protection against all kinds of damage, scratches, and dirt.


  • Slim and light.
  • Precise cuts for Pixel 5.
  • Full phone protection.
  • Anti-slip design.
  • Rich package.


  • Screen protection is tricky to implement.

Take a look at the fantastic i-Blades protection case and get yours today!