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Best Cases for Pixel 6 Series

October 27, 2021

As the announcement date of the Pixel 6 series is coming closer, people are already looking at everything else they can buy to go with the phone. Although not as many accessories are available at the moment, there are still companies who have used previous leaks and now official information on these phones to create good phone cases, leather wallets, battery cases, etc.

Bearing that in mind, I have gone through thorough research to find the best cases for the Pixel 6 series, and while the end result is still not that satisfying in terms of quantity, there are top cases that can be bought right now!

Without further ado, let's take a look at the best cases for the Pixel 6 series.

Premium choice

i-blades Google Pixel 6 smartcase

The absolute favorite of ours must be the smartcase (as the company called it) by i-Blades, which not only protects your future Pixel 6 phone but also improves it! How? Let's find out.

Of course, I shall take a look at its specs. The reason why it is called the ā€œsmartcase" is that this case itself has an EnviroSensor, a new invention from Bosch that measures the air quality around you and provides useful feedback with tips on how to live a healthier life. It can be very useful for people living in polluted areas, people who are spending lots of time outdoors, especially people who like to train outside.

Apart from that, another tech feature comes from the Silicon Valley and is named Smartblade. This small box can be snapped on the back of the case via magnets and acts as a wireless charger, as well as a memory card. In other words, it can power up your Pixel 6 battery for up to 20 hours with one charge, and in addition provide 16 or 128GB of storage memory, depending on which option you choose to buy.

Of course, this is still a phone case, therefore it should protect, right? Well, the case goes around the phone and will protect it from all angles, including the camera. The screen protector is bought separately, and if you do it, you will have full phone protection. Also, there is an i-Blades leather wallet that can pack all of this up and still have enough space for cash and cards.

The case looks modern, it is robust, and is specifically designed for the Pixel 6 phone, so they will fit and protect perfectly.

Quite an amazing case, to be honest.

Pixel 6 Pro Top Choice

Latercase Cyber Edition for Pixel 6 Pro

Ok, itā€™s time to go back to regular cases. Latercase has made a beautiful case for Pixel 6 Pro, and I feel everyone would love to have one, especially due to its magnificent aesthetics.

First of all, it is made of Kevlar, a sturdy fiber that is heat-resistant, and, obviously, damage-resistant, since this case is meant to protect the phone. Kevlar is well known for being used with police and the military as body protection. If it can stop the bullet, it can protect your phone.

The case looks wonderful, something like snakeskin but grey and black, it's only 0.6mm thin so it won't make a bigger bulge in your pocket or a purse, and this case is specifically designed for Pixel 6 Pro, so it will protect it to the fullest.

Pixel 6 Pro smart buy

CoverON case for Pixel 6 Pro

While the previous choice is highly recommended, those who donā€™t want to spend a few dozen of bucks on a case can opt to buy CoverON case for Pixel 6 Pro. Itā€™s much cheaper and does the job well.

This one is a more ā€œtraditionalā€ case, although it doesnā€™t look like something traditional but very modern. Men will especially like the aesthetic of it since it looks futuristic. Women will like it too, maybe better in some other color, like red or pink, which are available as well.

This case fully protects the phone ā€“ camera and screen included, and is made of a combination of polycarbonate from the outside and TPU rubber from the inside. It's not as hard as Kevlar but I don't expect you will hit your phone with a sledgehammer.

The case has a ring that can be used either as a kickstand or to attach your phone to something. The plate can be magnetically mounted to your car phone holder as well.

Pixel 6 alternative

Finon Carbon Design Google Pixel 6 Case

When it comes to the regular Pixel 6 model, if you don't want to spend some money on a smart case, you can buy a regular one that will both protect your phone and make it look cooler while keeping its original design.

Finon has made a TPU case that has a carbon design, always nice to see on many things. As said, the phoneā€™s dimensions and dedicated design will remain the same but will be protected with the cool-looking carbon-styled case.

It comes in black, red, and blue, itā€™s quite thin, lightweight, and soft to the touch as well. The cool thing is that this case is completely fingerprint-protected, so you wonā€™t have to bother about that at all.

In short, a cool-looking case with a very good protection level.

Pixel 6 smart buy

Sucnako Heavy Duty case for Google Pixel 6

Finally, here is my last pick. A Pixel 6 case from Sucnako is a perfect example of a good-old phone case.

The material is, once again, TPU, a standard material for phone cases. It will protect the phone from various shocks, drops, bumps, or hits.

The case is made specifically for the regular Pixel 6 phone and as such will perfectly fit ā€“ all the openings are well-cut and all the buttons will work smoothly.

It comes in 4 colors ā€“ black, blue, pink, and jade and the design is more or less simple. Nothing too special about it aesthetically but it will fully protect the phone for a very reasonable price.