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Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S21 Series

December 16, 2020

Samsung has once again set the world on fire with the announcement of the Galaxy S21 series. Everyone, especially Samsung fans, will enjoy what could be the best smartphone on the market. This phone is expected to boast a fantastic spec followed by many innovations, such as Snapdragon 888 chipset and 4x optical zoom.

But with great power comes great responsibility, and users should definitely pay much attention to keeping this expensive beauty intact. There are many ways of protecting your phone, but the most important one should certainly be the case. Bearing that in mind, here is a list of the best cases for Samsung Galaxy S21 models that you can find on the market.

The best S21 case

i-Blades Galaxy S21 Smart Case


This is not just a case – this is a smart case!

The award-winning i-Blade smart case is nothing like you can find on the market. This thing simply has so many features that it is impossible to compare anything to it. Yes, this case is the benchmark of quality. Why?

First of all, let’s talk about the protective qualities, for that is the main topic of this article. In this package you can get two amazing cases – one is a phone case of which we are writing about, and the other is a leather wallet case that can be bought additionally.

The leather wallet has 4 credit card/ID slots on the left side, plus a money pocket behind them. The right side is reserved for the phone and its i-Blade smart case. The wallet is made of Grain Nappa leather that is both durable and rough, but also soft on the touch, making it very good protection by itself.

More importantly, there is an S21 phone case that can be placed in the wallet, or used separately. The Matte black color enriches this polycarbonate material, which is additionally coated with rubber, for a softer touch and better protection. The whole case is quite lightweight (65 grams in total) and will protect your S21 for a long, long time. It is tested to withstand drops from 4 ft.

But that’s not all, for various features are present as well. It IS the smart case after all.

The Smartcase has an integrated Bosch Enviro Sensor that will measure and record the air quality, temperature, humidity, and pressure around you. You can keep track of the weather in your area and predict the forecast by yourself.

There is also a SmartBlade addition that can be attached to the case via a powerful magnet. The SmartBlade serves as both the power bank (with 20 hours of additional battery life) and external memory (comes from 16 to 128GB of memory). Although it is not possible to use the SmartBlade inside the leather wallet, this still saves a lot of space in your bag/pockets.


  • Both the wallet and phone case are quite durable and stylish.
  • Document-friendly.
  • SmartBlade provides additional battery life and memory.
  • SmartCase has environmental sensors.
  • Samsung S21 compatible.


  • A tad expensive.
  • Screen protection must be bought separately.

Check out the i-Blades case today!

The best S21 Plus case

Qissy Defender Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Case


As the i-Blades Samsung Galaxy S21 case is by far on top, let’s look for alternative cases for other models. The Qissy Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is not a smart case, but the protection it provides is still fantastic, especially considering the fact that it is designed for Galaxy S21 Plus only.

What does it mean? The port openings are cut specifically for this model, therefore USB plugs will go in smoothly without damaging either the tip or the case. Additionally, all the buttons have enough space to ‘breathe’ and function properly.

Similarly to i-Blades, the composition of this case is polycarbonate on the inside (sturdier material to protect the phone), while the outside layer is silicone - much softer and feels very nice in hands. The modern design of the case in combination with seven different colors makes quite an impression on sight.

The magnetic ring is placed at the back of the case so it could be magnetically attached to a car phone mount or any similar magnetic surface. The small kickstand can be useful as well, so you can watch your phone hands-free and safely.

The phone will be completely covered from all the angles, even the camera. Plus there is a screen protector included – an all-around S21 Plus protection from damage, scratches, dust, and other nuisances.


  • Excellent full-body protection.
  • Light, thin, modern, stylish.
  • Magnetic attachment for car mounts.
  • Small kickstand.
  • Galaxy S21 Plus made.


  • Sci-fi looks may be unattractive for the ladies.

The best S21 Ultra case

Freedon Galaxy S21 Ultra case


For the final option, the spot is reserved for Freedon’s Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra case. Why? Because it is pretty similar to the previous case choice in all aspects.

This case is S21 Ultra compatible only, the other conveniences are easily accessible ports and completely natural side keys’ click.

The materials used to make this case are a combination of a double-layered hard polycarbonate and soft TPU on the outside, making this case quite sturdy and damage resilient, but soft in hand for better grip. It has an amazing shock absorption level and will keep your phone safe from various drops.

The protection is applicable all around the phone, and the case, camera, and screen will be completely protected.

Like with Qissy Defender, both the magnetic ring and the metal kickstand are present, so hands-free possibilities are quite possible.

The aesthetic of this case is incredibly similar to Qissy’s Defender, therefore it is quite sci-fi inspired, comes in 7 different colors, and looks quite modern.


  • Excellent full-body protection.
  • Light, thin, modern, stylish.
  • Magnetic attachment for car mounts.
  • Small kickstand.
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra made.


  • Sci-fi looks may be unattractive for the ladies.