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Best Cases for Samsung S22 Series

January 20, 2022

Everyone should have protective cases for their smartphones. It's as simple as that. Some don't like them because they change the appearance of the phone, which is a valid point as mobile phone manufacturers spend a lot of time designing the phone. And having a beautiful phone is nice but..

What if you drop it? You may not find yourself to be clumsy, but hey, it happens! There is nothing worse than spending over 1000 dollars on the newest flagship phone only to have it broken in the next few days. Even worse if you really need it at that moment!

So, those who wish to buy the newest releases from Samsung – the S22 series – can find great protective cases below for all three models. You're welcome.

Top S22 Choice – i-Blades SmartCase for Samsung S22

The best protective case you can find on the market (in my humble opinion) is the "smart case" from i-Blades. i-Blades has been awarded numerous times for its technology. And here is why…

The protective case is called "the SmartCase" because not only does it protect but also improves the phone. You can add more battery life, storage memory, and excellent environmental tips for a better lifestyle.

The case itself has a Bosch sensor called "EnviroSensor" that measures and records air quality around you – temperature, humidity, air quality index, etc. All of that can be followed and recorded via a free-to-download app, and you can use that info to improve the way you live.

On the back of the case, there is a magnetic spot for the SmartBlade, a piece of technology that boosts the phone's performance. When this little SmartBlade is snapped on, the phone battery will be charged for up to 20 hours! In addition, the SmartBlade serves as an external storage memory, and you can get an additional 16-128 GB to your already powerful S22. Simply snap it off if you don't need a power bank or memory. You can also buy several SmartBlades and stack them, adding more battery life and storage memory!

The case, of course, protects, and it does so very well. The polycarbonate material is lightweight yet quite sturdy. It will protect the phone from various shocks, scratches, dirt, and so on. It has been military-grade tested on drop tests up to 4 feet, and the results are top-notch.

Being lightweight and slim, it will be almost unnoticeable on your phone. The case is also coated with a nice rubber finish for a better feel to the hands. It comes in beautiful matte black color, so stylish.

In addition, there are also a screen protector and a beautiful leather wallet that can be bought separately to improve the overall protection further.

Top S22 Alternative – Korecase S22 heavy Duty Case

While the i-Blades certainly tops the list for the best quality, it also tops the list of the priciest cases. In case you don't want to spend that much on a case and simply want traditional protection, here is one more model for the regular S22 phone.

The Korecase case looks very modern and comes in four colors – black, blue, green, and red. All four look magnificent on the phone and add a bit of style to it.

The case has a ring on its back, which can serve several purposes. First of all, it can be used as a kickstand to place your phone on any surface and watch your favorite content hands-free. The second purpose is to put your finger through it if you feel you might drop your phone. Another purpose is to attach the phone to a car magnet. And so on.

It's made of hard rubber and will protect the phone well. One downside is that the case is bulky and heavy, which adds to better protection but may bother people who like light phones.

Top S22 Plus Choice – SKTGSLAMY Galaxy S22 Plus Case

This case is aesthetically pretty much the same as the previous choice. The difference is that it only comes in blue and red, which is still good because both look great.

Again, a ring at the back can be used for the same purposes mentioned in the previous section – kickstand, phone on a finger, car magnet.

However, the material here is a combination of polycarbonate and TPU, which is much lighter than hard rubber. Although lightweight, this combination of materials will protect the phone very well and is standard in most protective cases.

Both the screen and rear camera will also be protected from hits and shocks due to a specific case design.

Top S22 Ultra Choice – Sucnakp Galaxy S22 Ultra Case

Last but not least, a protective case for arguably the best phone on the market – the S22 Ultra.

Sucnakp has made these cases incredibly stylish. They are simple to the eye (without any weird patterns and cutouts) but still amazing-looking. You can find them in red, blue, grey, and black colors. The TPU material is quite lightweight and flexible and will not add much to the phone weight when used.

Speaking of materials, it has been mentioned how TPU is always a good choice for phone protection. It will protect against shocks, scratches, and other damage. It's a perfect fit and will protect the rear camera and screen as well (when placing the phone down on a hard surface).

The perfect cuts will not obstruct any inputs, buttons, or camera functions. No kickstand option, though. In other words, you will have this protective case on without even noticing it (except for great looks).

Final Words

If you consider buying one of these three phones, take my advice and buy one of these cases. They are not expensive and will protect your beasts for a long time. With the i-Blades model, you will even improve the phone even further!

So don't make the same mistake I did – not wearing the case because I liked the phone's look. I went on a trip, dropped the phone, had to buy another phone while abroad…