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Best Cases for Samsung S23

October 17, 2022

While all the people around the world are excitingly waiting for the new Galaxy S23 series to come out, several other companies are working hard to create new accessories that will enrich these three phones. Naturally, the phones will come in their basic states – no cases, no additional screen protectors, nothing. And although Samsung pays close attention to protecting their products with the latest Gorilla Glass displays and hard backs, some people will still want to further protect their phones, just in case.

It’s no wonder, these phones will be magnificent and when paying around $1000 for one phone, it better work for a long time. Bearing that in mind, here are the best cases for Samsung Galaxy S23 series that have surfaced so far.

i-Blades Smart Case for Samsung Galaxy S23

For several years, i-Blades has been responsible for fantastic smartphone protection. Namely, most Samsung and Google Pixel phones have had the opportunity to be further protected and upgraded by i-Blades products, which have won several awards in the field of innovative technology.

How does a phone case win a tech award? Well, this is not just a case…

Apart from being a simple protective case, this is also a smart case. There is a built-in Bosch sensor – EviroSensor – that can measure the quality of the air in the surrounding area as well as provide various useful information on how to improve lifestyle. The sensor will measure air temperature, humidity, pollution, and much more, saving and storing all the data. All the data can be viewed via an app that is completely free to download and easy to use.

Naturally, the case will protect the phone from all kinds of damage – scratches, hits, shocks, and similar. The PC (polycarbonate) material is quite sturdy and will protect the phone quite well. It passed a military-grade test to protect the phone from drops of around four feet.

But the case is not bulky at all – on the contrary. The case is quite slim and modern, with a rubber finish, which makes it very good-looking and also soft to the touch. But there’s more…

The case can also improve the phone's battery life and storage memory with a Tubro 3 SmartBlade!

This is an attachable piece that goes to the back of the smart case. When attached, the SmartBlade will serve as a power bank, wirelessly charging the phone for up to 20 hours with a single charge. Additionally, the SmartBlade serves as external memory, adding from 16 GB to 128 GB, depending on your choice. If that’s not enough, the SmartBlade has a micro SD card slot to further increase storage space.

What’s more, people can stack several Turbo 3 SmartBlades to get even more power!

In addition to the case, there are also a screen protector and leather wallet that can be bought separately to further protect the phone. The screen protector is quite easy to apply, the adhesive will last for a long time, and S23’s display will remain intact. The wallet is a thing of beauty and can store both the phone (along with the smart case) and cash plus credit and ID cards.

All in all, a great case that is definitely worth the money.

FTRONGRT Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

It may not seem like it from the name of the company, but FTRONGRT has been present for a long time. The company has made some great protective items for various smartphones and the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be no different.

Much like i-Blades, this case is also made of PC material but in combination with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). This combination is perfect for a variety of reasons, mainly as it will protect the phone from damage with great success. Additionally, the TPU contributes to heat release, therefore the phone will not overheat due to the placement inside of the case.

Naturally, the case has been designed specifically to match the S23 Ultra model, therefore all the cutouts will perfectly fit, making sure all the buttons, speakers, cameras and similar will work properly. The case also has a kickstand on the back, meaning you can place your phone on the surface and watch the screen hands-free.

Finally, it comes in three colors – red, black, and dark blue – making the case suitable for everyone! It looks quite fresh and a bit futuristic. A really good and fun case to have for your S23 Ultra.

FUBO Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Last but not least, an all-around protective case from FUBO will completely close your S23 and protect it from all sides.

The whole phone is put into this case and then the case is shut close with screws! By being completely sealed off, the phone will be waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. Of course, it is not complete water protection as the water may still enter the case – it is meant for rainy days or accidental spillage, which is still a feature that comes in handy.

The screen protector is quite good, it’s transparent and sensitive to finger touch. The tempered glass is of good quality and strong enough to protect the display from various damage, including scratches. The rest of the case is made of a combination of metal and silicone, making it both sturdy and pleasant to touch.

It looks modern but not particularly beautiful. It still comes in various colors to choose from. The back of the case has a kickstand function, which is always a popular addition.

While all of the information mentioned above sounds amazing, this case has a small downside – since it is not a wrap-around case, the buttons can be tricky to press and the speakers may sound a bit distorted if the case comes loose a bit. Therefore, it is necessary to tighten the case well and keep it that way.

Final Words

Since there is still some time left before Samsung announces its three new models, new cases will probably be available on the market. Be that as it may, these cases recommended above are still a great option, regardless of the competition, especially the i-Blades smart case, which is always a magnificent option.