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Best Galaxy Note 8 battery cases | Make a smarter choice

February 07, 2018

Choosing a Galaxy Note 8 Battery Case: What Are Your Options?

The Galaxy Note 8 may be the latest ultra-smartphone, but the demands placed on it still lead people to look for the best Note 8 battery cases and battery packs to keep it going through the day and provide drop protection. 

There are many copycat Note 8 battery case options out there to choose from.  Most of these Galaxy Note 8 battery cases are similar and make the biggest smartphone on the market even even bigger and heavier.  There are alternatives such as the i-BLADES Smartcase but we lay out the best Galaxy Note 8 battery cases for you to decide.

Its interesting to note how much bulk a Note 8 Battery case can add. The Note 8  weighs 195g, and is already too big for some fans.  We calculated this is the equivalent of carrying a slab of butter around. 


The i-BLADES smartcase offers a new and smart approach. It has a snap-on battery that gives you more talk time,  maintains your style and ensures you have no battery case bulk blues! Its much more than a Galaxy Note 8 battery case its the WORLD's FIRST SMARTCASE a completely new type of phone case.





But below you can choose the best Galaxy Note 8 battery case that fits your lifestyle.


The 5 Best Galaxy Note 8 battery cases 

1. i-BLADES Smartcase

Totally unique, offering much more than an average Galaxy Note 8 battery case, the i-BLADES Galaxy Note 8 Smartcase.  It provides good drop protection and is shock absorbent. Plus it has smart technology built-in so you can snap-on new features with wireless Smartblades.  The current Battery & Memory Smartblade that is included is snapped on and adds half a days battery life and up to 128GB memory built-in plus an expadnable microSD slot.  When you do not need it you can snap-off the Smartblade and pocket it.  

It even comes in a leather wallet version - Galaxy Note 8 leather Wallet Smartcase.




2. Brexlink Note 8 battery case (5,500 mAh) 

The Brexlink is at the cheaper end of our selection of best Galaxy Note 8 battery cases. Its a cheap way to keep your Note 8 charged with its large capacity battery of 5,500 mAh. This additional battery is 160% the size of the Note 8's battery so it will meet most of your power needs.

The drop protection is not very good as the focus has been put into the battery side of the product.   Its also adds a bit and is very heavy.  This Note 8 battery case doubles the weight of your phone! So you go from having 1 slab of butter in your pocket to having 2 slabs of butter!

Weight: 7 ounces, 198 grams.

Thickness: 0.7 inches

3. ZeroLemon 10000mAh Ultra Power Galaxy Note 8 battery case

If you absolutely never want your Note 8 to run out of battery ever, then snap this 10000 mAh Galaxy Note 8 battery case on.  This ZeroLemon case adds a massive amount of additional battery life for your Galaxy Note 8. More power than you need unless you plan to head into the Jungle for a few days. Zerolemon state that it adds over 200% battery life. Its brick-like exterior is scratch resistant and shock absorbent.

This is the most powerful and the biggest of our selection of best Galaxy Note 8 battery cases. It makes your Note 8 an inch thick, and weighs more than your Note 8. It tops the scales at a whopping 240 grams!!

This is a giant of a Note 8 battery case.  For all that focus on power it has no S-PEN hole!! So you need to take off this charging case to access one of the key Note 8 features.

Weight: 8.46 ounces, 240 grams.
Thickness: 0.95 inches



4. Mophie Note 8 battery case - The juice pack

The Mophie Juice Pack is the smallest capacity case with the highest price tag. It contains just enough battery life for 60% of a full phone charge — about 2950 mAh. However, reviews show some quality issues. In the end its another traditional Galaxy Note 8 battery case from a known brand and it will give you battery life but at the cost of your Note 8's beautiful lines.

You may also want to buy a screen protector because its "low profile" design leaves the screen exposed. 


Weight:  2.08 ounces,  x grams. Thickness:  0.5 inches



5. Modernway 5,500 mAh Galaxy Note 8 Battery Case

Last but not least is of our best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 charging cases is one of many from battery case manufacturers in China - Modernway. Their Note 8 battery case case adds an extra 5,500mAh of juice - 150% more battery life. 
It looks much like the other Galaxy Note 8 battery cases. Its a slightly slimmer alternative. But its still relatively thick at 0.7 inches.
Weight: 5.8 ounces, 146 grams.
Thickness: 0.7 inches

The key differences in Galaxy Note 8 Battery cases

There are a wide range of Galaxy Note 8 battery cases out there with relatively identical user experiences. The Note 8 charging case key differences:


1) Bulkiness - the Note 8 is a big phone.  A lot of these Galaxy Note 8 battery cases almost double the weight.  Do you really want the equivalent of 2 slabs of butter in your pocket?

All the Galaxy Note 8 battery cases are heavier and bulkier compared to the i-BLADES Smartcase. The standard Note 8 battery case keeps the battery permanently on.  This is not the case with the i-BLADES Note 8 Smartcase. You can remove the battery and memory Smartblade when you no longer need power.  Leaving you a slimline case.


2) Battery capacity - do you really want lots of battery capacity?  Or do you want enough power and battery when you need it?  Invariably the answer will be battery life when you need it.  If you want days of battery life you will normally go for a big case like the Zerolemon Note 8 battery case.  But i-BLADES has a smarter way to deal wtih longer battery life for your Note 8. You can stack and charge multiple smartblades at one time and then just add that extra capacity when you need it.  So you have the same outcome but you can fit the Smartcase in your pocket!

Galaxy S7 battery case cases stackable smartblades



3) Function - Every single Galaxy Note 8 battery case offers you battery power.  The i-BLADES Smartcase offers you much more. It comes with a Smartblade that adds 16GB, 32GB, 64GB of storage through built-in and removable sd cards. The case also has a built-in air quality sensor so you can monitor air quality.  More Smartblades are coming soon.

Ultimately its down to your choice. But if you bought the Galaxy Note 8 then you definitely are a technology leader and you like a slimline product. You should really think about the i-BLADES Note 8 Smartcase. Its now available from