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The Best Samsung Galaxy S11, S20, S11 Plus, S20 Ultra Smartphone Cases

January 13, 2020

The Best Samsung Galaxy S11, S20, S11 Plus, S20 Ultra Smartphone Cases


If you’re going to buy an Android phone in 2020; let’s face it, you won’t do much better than a Samsung Galaxy S10 or S11. These are truly top of the range products, bearing the quality you’ve come to expect from Samsung’s flagship series. However - as with all premium products, they certainly carry quite the hefty price tag. With that in mind, you’d do well to purchase the best possible phone case to go along with such a valuable product, providing it adequate protection.

That’s why we’re going to explore how to go about choosing the finest Samsung Galaxy S10 case, presenting you with some guiding criteria that would serve you well when it comes to choosing an S11 case at the moment it comes out.

Choosing the Best Samsung Galaxy S10 or S11 Case

When you set out to buy the best possible Samsung Galaxy S10 case, there are two basic factors to take into consideration. First of all, the level of protection you believe your phone needs. And secondly, something tying into that - how much additional bulkiness are you willing to bear in exchange for more security?

 There are many variations here; like users that value style instead of substance, and get something flashy that manages to keep the everyday scratches at bay - but won’t provide any real impact protection. On the other hand, this kind of case won’t feel too hefty in your pocket - and it won’t encumber your phone.

 Naturally, you may look for something more heavy-duty - or something offering additional features, like pockets for your credit cards and cash. Heck, there are even cases that provide additional support when it comes to wireless charging; it all depends on your budget and desires.

What’s the Best Design?

As you’ll see below, there are more than a few designs for Samsung S10 cases to choose from; a trend that the S11 will most likely not break with. If you take a look online or at some of the picks we’ve presented for you below, you’ll find cases of all kinds - those with pockets, bumps, flaps, etc.

 So, before putting down your hard-earned money, you should carefully consider what type of case you want. If you’re going to buy a quality one, be prepared for it to be pricier than your run of the mill rubber case.

iBLADES Galaxy S10 Plus and S11 Plus Smart cases and wallets

The Best Samsung Galaxy S11, S20, S11 Plus, S20 Plus Smartphone Case Cases

Samsung Galaxy S10 Battery cases

At the beginning of this article, we’ve mentioned that there are Samsung Galaxy S10 and S11 cases for people who want all kinds of features. That’s why we’ll finish this list off with a truly innovative case - the iBlades Smart Case! This protective case boasts an extremely innovative, module-based design. It’s both stylish and slimline, designed with specially-molded polycarbonate - giving it both protective and lightweight traits. This phone case adds plenty of features to your phone - like added security, increased storage, more battery power, and even an air sensor that monitors your surrounding air quality!

 The iBLADES smartcase is available for a variety of Galaxy smartphones including the GS10 Plus and the Note 10 Plus.  And, it is available for both cases and wallets.   The company is looking to ship its series of GS11 Plus Smartcases in February 2020 – just in time for the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11 Plus.

Gear4 Piccadilly Case

The Best Samsung Galaxy S11, S20, S11 Plus, S20 Plus Smartphone Case Cases

Regardless of what kind of manufacturing we’re talking about, one thing is certain - reputation matters. And at the end of the day, phone cases are no different. That’s why we’ll start this list off with Gear4 - one of the case makers that have proven, over time, that they have a constant level of quality. 

 They haven’t made a misstep with their Galaxy S10 case either; this Piccadilly case is simultaneously beautifully lightweight, and also extremely protective. In fact, manufacturing specs claim that it can protect your phone from a 10-foot drop!

 You also get a choice between a couple of different border colors; teal, black, blue and pink. When it comes to other basic boxes that a proper phone case has to tick, Piccadilly works too; it’s impervious to scratching, enables wireless charging, and has easily accessible buttons and ports.

Tech21 Pure Shimmer

The Best Samsung Galaxy S11, S20, S11 Plus, S20 Plus Smartphone Case Cases

For a while now, Tech21 has proven to be one of our most regarded phone case makers. Considering that, their Galaxy S10 cases have a lot going for them. The Pure Shimmer phone case seems to be the finest in their bunch, with a little added sparkle (in blue or pink).

 If you’re worried about whether this case is just about the looks, we’re here to dispel that; the Pure Shimmer case boasts 10-foot drop protection, with a design that isn’t too hefty either. The makers say that this ultra thin case has little to no effect on the phone’s cell connectivity nor the Wi-Fi range.

Nodus Access Case III

The Best Samsung Galaxy S11, S20, S11 Plus, S20 Plus Smartphone Case Cases

Of course, not everyone is purely interested in protection out of their Samsung Galaxy S10 or S11 phone cases. If you want to couple this need with a touch of class - the Nodus Access Case 3 is definitely what you’re after. It’s a wallet case made from tanned vegetable Italian leather; both stylish and animal-friendly. You can choose from a couple of different colors, like ebony black and chestnut brown. On the inside of the case, you’ll find a handy pocket for cash or spare change.

 As you might expect from a genuine leather case - it doesn’t provide the equal level of drop protection that you expect from some of the synthetic models above. However, it does give your phone a much more elegant look, which may be what you want if you’re careful with your phone on an everyday basis, and don’t expect it to experience a lot of bumps and scratches.


There are quite a few phone cases out there for all kinds of phone models. And as you have no doubt noticed - when it comes to flagship models like the newer entries in the Samsung Galaxy S series; you’ve truly got your work cut out for you as you pick the best one! However, we hope that we’ve given you all the data you need to make a truly informed choice.

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