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Best Leather Modular Wallet for Pixel 6

November 22, 2021

How well do you protect your smartphones? Are you one of those people who think they are not clumsy enough to have their phone broken? That nothing will happen to it for as long as you have your phone?

Well, I have some bad news for you – regardless of how deft and careful you may be, accidents happen. That being said, some extra protection is always welcomed. Especially since smartphones today cost a fortune and our lives can pretty much depend on them.

There are many ways in which you can protect your phone, such as cases, battery cases, leather wallets, etc. But in this text, you will be able to read specifically about modular leather wallets for Pixel 6 phones.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

What are modular wallets?

Regular smartphone wallets are “fixed” and you cannot change anything about them. There is space allocated for your smartphone and a few card slots. You get what you buy and that’s it.

On the other hand, modular wallets offer much more. You are able to charge your phone while in the wallet (either wirelessly or with a charger), attach or detach parts, and generally have a few extra features, depending on the wallet that you buy.

Unfortunately, there aren't many companies that produce such goods, and finding a good modular wallet for your Pixel 6 on your own may be hard. Luckily, in further text, you will find my top 2 choices and hopefully, you won’t have to look any further.

The best leather modular wallet for Pixel 6

i-Blades Google Pixel 6 Leather Modular Wallet

On top of the list comes a fantastic modular leather wallet from i-Blades. The wallet itself is a good enough reason to buy it but as it is a modular wallet, there is so much more!

The Wallet

The wallet itself is incredibly slim and fashionable. It will look good in your hands and will fit perfectly in both them and your pockets. The grain Nappa leather is amazing to the eyes and feels so good to the touch, and it comes in two colors – black and navy blue!

Being slim does not affect the protective qualities, in fact, your Pixel 6 will be fully covered from all sides and there will be no chance of getting your phone damaged in any way. For extra protection, you can fit the Pixel 6 case inside the wallet as well! Other things that can be put into this wallet are your ID and bank cards (there are 4 slots), cash that can be put into a pouch, as well as a pen.

The case

As stated above, this modular wallet can fit an i-Blades smart case. This is an award-winning invention by the company that both protects and boosts your phone. How?

The traditional purpose of the case is to protect and that’s exactly what it does. In case you don’t want to have your phone inside the wallet for some reason, you can always take it out and it will still be protected by this case.

The case is called the “smart case” because it is enriched with Silicon Valley technology. In other words, the case has an EnviroSensor developed by Bosch that can measure air quality, humidity, temperature, and much more around you, and additionally provide helpful tips on how to improve your lifestyle accordingly. All of this is controlled and reviewed by an app that is free to download.

The case can be further improved with Turbo SmartBlade.

The Turbo SmartBlade

The Turbo SmartBlade is an attachable piece of technology that provides your Pixel 6 with more storage memory, as well as wireless charging for up to 20 hours! The storage capacity can be chosen between 16 and 128GB. So imagine your Pixel 6 having 128GB memory more and you can charge it for almost a full day! That's something special.

The SmartBlade is magnetically attached to the smart case and due to its small size, it is almost unnoticeable. What’s more, you can stack several SmartBlades to provide even more memory and battery capacity to your Pixel 6!

To summarize – the i-Blades modular wallet can contain the leather wallet and the smart case to both protect and improve your Pixel 6, plus the SmartBlade which provides more memory and battery life. A fantastic buy!

The best alternative modular wallet for Pixel 6

EXEC Magnetic Wallet Cases for Google Pixel 6 Series

In case you don’t want to splash the cash on i-Blades and have additional features to boost your Pixel 6, you can always opt for a cheaper variant with the same protective qualities.

This modular wallet is quite peculiar because it is attached to the case. In other words, your Pixel 6 will be fully protected by the case and a small leather wallet can be attached or detached to the back of the case easily. The leather wallet itself, while incredibly small in size, can hold 4 cards and/or some cash.

This combination is incredibly slim and therefore perfect for people who carry their phones inside their pockets at all times.

The case itself is made of a combination of hard TPU and polycarbonate materials and will fully protect the phone from all kinds of scratches, shocks, and damage. All tests have passed military-grade standards and therefore you can rest assured that the case will be quite efficient. To further emphasize this, the company has provided a lifetime warranty.

The surface is coated for non-slip hold and the case can be mounted to car mounts via magnets. The set can come in three different colors – black, gray, or pink. Both the case and the wallet have a modern and stylish look and your Pixel 6 will look quite fantastic in it.

To summarize – this is a perfect set for all of those who just want extra card slots with their wallets without having to sacrifice lots of free space or money to spend.

Final words

Do you like these two picks? Whether you are a fan of leather wallets for smartphones or not, you can’t deny how much good these bring to your phone. If you have a Pixel 6 phone, don’t wait any further, choose your favorite and protect your phone today!