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Best Leather Wallets for Pixel 5 and Pixel 5 XL

October 08, 2020

Google's Pixel 5 is the latest flagship smartphone on the market. Even so, there are already many accessories for various purposes available, including protective casings.  

As Pixel 5 isn’t pretty much affordable to everyone, many people will want to protect this phone from harm as much as possible. Nobody wants to see that magnificent camera go to waste.

In addition, as new smartphones tend to be bulky (and within protective casings even bigger), a fantastic solution would be to use that space taken for several purposes at once. And that’s where leather wallets jump in to save the day.

Bearing such needs in mind, we have prepared a list of the best leather wallets for Pixel 5 smartphones (we will also provide the best leather wallet for Pixel 5 XL list if that model gets announced).

Top 4 leather wallets for Pixel 5

i-Blades Google Pixel 5 leather wallet


A truly magnificent product comes from the i-Blades manufacturer and it is deservedly our number one spot as the best leather wallet for Pixel 5. Why?

Well, this is not an ordinary leather wallet – this is a smart leather wallet – perfect for your smartphone!

What makes it so special is the Silicon Valley SmartBlade technology that empowers this all-around utility marvel.

  • The battery can be charged while inside the wallet with the SmartBlade fast charger that comes with it. USB-C cable is included, and all you need to do is turn everything on or off with a simple click.
  • The phone's storage memory can be expanded with an additional SD card slot available inside the wallet, in case the Pixel 5 storage is not enough.
  • The Bosch Sensortech will monitor the weather conditions outside, providing much useful information about the temperature, air quality, pressure, humidity, and so on.
  • Of course, as all wallets do, this one has many card pockets as well, and one big space for your cash.
  • The i-Blades screen protector can be bought additionally, to further protect your phone from scratches, dirt, liquid, fingerprints, and so on.

The fine Grain Nappa leather adds a dash of class and good looks to this case. The whole wallet is not so huge neither, especially considering what features it offers. Additionally, the leather is quite durable and resistant and will protect the phone perfectly.

This fantastic wallet comes in three colors: brown, black, and Navy blue. All three look dashing, either one will be a great choice.


  • A state-of-the-art leather wallet for Pixel 5 smartphone.
  • Incredibly useful features that everybody needs.
  • Strong and durable, will protect from damage.
  • Slim and classy, a great looking wallet.
  • You won’t need anything else if you buy the full package.


  • SmartBlade and screen protector bought separately.

Harryshell Detachable Magnetic 12 Card Slots Wallet Case


As nothing can come even close to i-Blades smart wallet, other products will be more traditional and much cheaper, but great ones nevertheless.

Bearing that in mind, the number two on this list is the Harryshell wallet case for Pixel 5. This is one very useful and good looking leather wallet and goes well with both the ladies and the gentlemen. 

The unisex black color seems magnificent to the eye, the PU leather is of top quality and will protect from all kinds of damage. The additional phone case is included and, of course, detachable, in case you want to take the phone out (when taking photos, for example).

The wallet itself has an incredible 12 card slots, plus the money pocket! Yes, you’ve read that right! You can have all the documents and credit cards with you all the time.

Since a lot of important things are being held in one place, the Harryshell wallet comes with a hand strap, helping you not to lose it. That would be a disaster!


  • Classy looking, suitable for both men and women.
  • Detachable phone leather case.
  • 12 card and 1 money slots for all your documents.
  • Adjustable to place horizontally and watch videos on your Pixel 5.
  • A real bang-for-the-buck deal.


  • Quite bulky in size.


MInCYB Google Pixel 5 Wallet Case


The MinCYB leather wallet is arguably better looking than the previous model, but with fewer features, and that's why it comes on the number 3 spot. There may be many similar wallets on the market, but this one is specifically designed for Pixel 5!

The high-quality brown leather is decorated with small patterns, adding a touch of class to this wallet. The size is perfect as well, one of the slimmest wallets available.

As it was made for Pixel 5 only, the camera, microphone, fingerprint scanner, and speaker openings are perfectly placed, keeping the best phone functions intact while in the wallet.

The ‘kickstand’ function is present as well, providing hands-free movie watching.

The card slots are limited – only 3 slots and a cash pocket. Due to its size, it is understandable why, but we would prefer more.


  • Slim and great looking.
  • High-quality leather for good protection.
  • Kickstand function.
  • Pixel 5 specially made.


  • Only 3 card slots.
  • More expensive than the Harryshell wallet.


KelaSip Google Pixel 5 Wallet Case


The final recommendation on this list is the KelaSip leather wallet case. This model is incredibly similar to the previously described one, with only a few simple differences in looks.


  • Also made for Pixel 5 specifically, having similar cuts for the camera, fingertip scanner, speakers, and microphone.
  • Slim and stylish PU leather, quite similar to MinCYB in looks.
  • The kickstand function is, naturally, also present.
  • The capacity of 3 card slots and one cash pocket is the same as well.


  • Although equipped with a powerful magnet to keep it close, this design creates an impression of the risky right side opening.


  • Slim and classy.
  • Kickstand function.
  • Cuts made for Pixel 5 functionality.
  • The price is right.


  • Only 3 card slots.
  • The right side is not fully covered.


Buy iBlades casings now and have the ultimate smartphone and smartphone casing combination in your pocket!