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Best Leather Wallets for Pixel 6

October 08, 2021

With Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro set to come back as flagship phones, many people are already looking for ways to better protect their future investments. Of course, there are lots of protective cases and leather wallets available already, even though the phones are yet to be officially announced.

Today, I have selected a few fantastic leather wallets for both Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones which you can already buy.

Pixel 6 Top choice

i-Blades Leather Wallet + smart case for Pixel 6

For the first choice on this list, I simply cannot get past this beauty. Yes, it does cost quite a bit more than usual leather wallets, but also – yes, this definitely isn’t the usual leather wallet.

The i-Blades company has been around for years, producing top protection for top smartphones on the market, in other words, flagship phones. Well, saying they provide protection is an understatement as i-Blades cases and wallets are much more. How?

The i-Blades case is called ‘the smart case’ due to its technological additions. The case has a snap-on SmartBlade, a piece of technology that serves as both the battery charger (up to 20 hours) and additional storage memory (16 to 128 GB).

Besides that, the case itself is embedded with Silicon Valley technology and has a Bosch sensor that measures the air quality in your area and provides much useful info about life conditions around you. Through the app one can keep track of temperature changes, air quality, humidity, and much more, and see various tips on how to improve their lifestyle.

Now, the main part.

Apart from the smart case with all the technology and protection that it comes with, you can buy a leather wallet as well. The wallet is beautiful!

It comes in three colors – black, brown, and Navy blue, and I can’t say which one looks better. The wallet is made of Grain Nappa leather which is incredibly slim and so soft to touch, but will also protect well.

The wallet has 4 card slots, a money pouch, and a pen storage space in the middle. Also, the wallet can be snapped close with a leather lace with magnetic attachment properties.

All in all, this package is all you need for your Pixel 6 phone – protection, improvement, and style – is there more to ask?


Pixel 6 Pro Top Choice

CoverON Wallet Pouch for Pixel 6 Pro

One great standard leather wallet comes from CoverON and it has more or less everything one wants from a phone wallet.

The outer part of the wallet is made of soft leather, which makes it feel nice to the touch and look cool to the eye. The inner part is made of TPU rubber material which will protect the phone from damage.

The wallet has 6 card slots but it comes in a 3+3 feature (3 slots are on the left side of the wallet while the additional three come in an extra flop). This makes it a bit thicker than some other wallets, but also makes it quite useful for people who have lots of cards. The money pouch is behind the card slots.

Card slots are protected with RFID security – a feature that disables any card reading while inside the wallet. The case can be closed with a magnetic lace and the wallet can be adjusted to be used as a kickstand.

Pixel 6 Pro budget buy

QIVSTAR Pixel 6 Pro Case

The cheaper alternative to i-Blades and CoverON comes from QIVSTAR and is a thing of beauty.

The case looks magnificent with imprinted flower details, which actually makes this wallet more suitable for girls and women. Of course, there is nothing wrong with men liking flowers, therefore can be used by anyone. It comes in various colors as well – red, rose gold, black, brown, green, purple, gray, and blue.

Apart from great aesthetic properties, this wallet is made of synthetic leather from the outside, and TPU rubber from the inside (which explains the low price). Although not of great quality, this wallet will protect your phone with style.

The wallet properties include 3 card slots and a money pouch situated behind those slots, which makes it quite thin. The phone comes on the right side and perfectly fits the wallet’s size. Of course, a magnetic snap-on closure is there and the possibility of making the wallet into a kickstand.

Pixel 6 alternative

Kalibri Navigation Compass Wallet Case for Pixel 6

When it comes to the regular Pixel 6 wallet options, aside from i-Blades, my first pick would be Kalibri’s Navigational Compass wallet.

The wallet is completely made out of a very fine natural leather which will fully protect the phone from all types of damage. The wallet is incredibly thin and so nice to the touch. Plus, it comes only in brown color and has an imprinted compass design on the front. An incredibly beautiful and stylish leather wallet.

On the downside, it comes with only one card slot and a money pouch behind it, but you can fit many cards into it. It won’t be as organized and cool as with other wallets, but the option is there.

The wallet is closed tight with a big magnetic snap-on which will prevent the wallet from opening at all times. It can be positioned as a kickstand as well for hands-free use.

Pixel 6 budget buy

WWAAYSSXA Pixel 6 Wallet Case

The final choice for Pixel 6 comes from a company whose name is hard to spell – WWAAYSSXA, but it’s a very nice all-around choice for all interested parties.

This case is made of PU leather from the outside and TPU silicone from the inside where the phone goes. Both layers are of top quality since they are specifically designed for such purposes.

The design is practically basic from the outside but looks very nice when opened. There are three card slots with nice curvy lines, and the bottom slot is transparent. The money pouch is standardly situated behind them. It comes in three colors – black, blue, and rose gold (pink), which means that both men and women can find their favorite.

The magnetic closure does not look very promising but works just fine. The wallet can be put as a kickstand for hands-free use.

All in all, a band for the buck deal.