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Best Leather Wallets for Pixel 7

June 03, 2022


The tech giant Google is in preparation for the newest Pixel series – the Pixel 7, which will bring us two new models – Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. While still in development, these two phones are highly anticipated by the community, especially among Android fans. Google is known for its machine learning algorithms that work perfectly hand-in-hand with the Android system.

In addition, Google has announced a new Tensor 2 chipset that will power up these two phones. More processing power means better phones, and that will probably lead to a slight increase in price (maybe not). This leads to a common “fear” of damaging the phone.

Bearing that in mind, here are some of the best leather wallets for Pixel 7 that can already be found on the market.

Top Choice – i-Blades Google Pixel 7 Leather Modular Wallet Smart case

After going through various leather wallets that are already available on the market for the upcoming Pixel 7 series, one wallet stood out drastically. It is by far the best set of features that you can wish for your flagship phone.

First of all, to explain the wallet. The wallet is made of Grain Nappa leather found in North America. It is soft to the touch and beautiful looking. It can come in colors black and Navy blue, both of which are amazing. But more importantly, the leather is of the highest quality and will protect the phone from various types of damage.

The wallet has four card slots on one side, behind which is a cash pocket. The right side is dedicated to the phone itself. There is a magnetic closure strap to stop the wallet from opening and it’s perfectly cut so you can charge the phone while in the wallet. Looks great and protects great – can’t get any better? Yes, it can.

There is also a protective case, called the “SmartCase", that goes in this package. The reason why it's called smart is that it has a built-in Bosch sensor that measures air quality in the area. Via a downloadable app, the user can keep track of the weather data and receive useful tips on how to improve their lifestyle.

The case is made of PC material with a rubber finish – both will protect from various damage while the rubber will protect from slippage. The case is easily attachable to the wallet and both will protect the phone hand-in-hand.

On the back of the case, there is a magnet onto which a SmartBlade can be attached. SmartBlade is a piece of technology that will boost both battery life and storage memory of the phone. While snapped on, the SmartBlade will wirelessly charge the phone up to 20 hours of call-time, while also serving as external memory (from 16 to 128 GB, depending on how much you buy). It also has a microSD slot to further increase the capacity but also bring back the memories with your microSD cards.

What’s more, you can stack several SmartBlades at once and give your new Pixel 7 as much battery life and storage as needed. All SmartBlades can be charged at once using one single cable. Truly an amazing package.

Best Alternative - ZHAODIANXIUXI Wallet Case for Google Pixel 7 (and Pixel 7 Pro)

If the i-Blades sounds a bit too much (both in performance and the price), there are, of course, cheaper and more traditional alternatives available. One of them is Zhaodianxiuxi’s faux leather wallet that will do all the necessary things perfectly.

The wallet is made of a combination of faux leather PU (polyurethane) and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer). The former material is softer and nice to the touch, as all leather materials are, and the latter material is sturdier by nature and will therefore protect the phone from all forms of damage.

The wallet looks quite nice – it's simple yet classy. It's not bulky at all and the wallet will not take up much space in the bag or purse. It can come in four different colors – black, brown, green, and white, providing a range of colors for any occasion. Inside, there are three card slots available, as well as a money pocket behind them. The other side is for the phone.

The magnetic strap will firmly close the wallet and it will not open by accident – it can be only opened by hand. The same strap can be used to balance both sides and provide a function of a kickstand. This way, you can place the phone horizontally and watch your favorite videos hands-free.

The same type of wallet by Zhaodianxiuxi is available for Google’s Pixel 7 Pro as well. Visit this link for the Pro version -

EU Market - Glam Series Google Pixel 7 Wallet Case

For Google fans from Europe, there is also good news – both the Pixel 7 series and leather wallets will be available in many countries. One great wallet for the regular Pixel 7 model can be found on the My Trendy Phone online shop.

This particular wallet pretty much has the same properties as the previously mentioned one – it is made of a combination of PU and TPU materials, which will protect perfectly. There is also a magnetic strap that will firmly close the wallet but also serve as a kickstand function.

The difference is that this wallet has one card slot fewer (two slots in this case) and the overall aesthetic is different. The wallet is quite artsy and colorful – it can come with an Eiffel Tower artwork, or with a green or blue blossoming tree. All three look amazing.

EU Market Pixel 7 Pro - Google Pixel 7 Pro Wallet Case

Lastly, the same European online shop offers a leather wallet for the Pixel 7 Pro. Unfortunately, it is not as colorful as the previous model but will come in three different leather colors – black, brown, and white. Simple and classy, slim and elegant.

Again, this wallet is a combination of PU leather and TPU sturdy material for great protection. The magnetic strap is there to firmly close it and serve as a kickstand. This wallet has three card slots (the first one is see-through) and a money pouch behind them.

It is elegant, soft, protects well, and has lots of space for cards and cash – all that you need for the best phone from Google so far. Follow the link for more information.

Final Words

Whether you live in the USA or Europe, whether you like modern technology or simple stuff – there is something for everybody. Regardless of your aesthetic and budget preferences, all the wallets from this list are made of leather, look nice, have great wallet features, and most importantly – protect well. Choose one (or more) and protect your next flagship phone from Google.