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Best Pixel 4 Battery Cases

October 29, 2019

The Pixel smartphones from Google are definitely one of the more interesting offerings on the market. After all, having the company that built the Android system offer accompanying hardware as well, is an interesting proposition. However, be warned - many users have stated that the battery capacity in Pixel 4, the latest flagship model, leaves a lot to be desired. Have no fear, though - there are plenty of attachments and accessories that can prolong the device’s battery life. And that’s why we’re here with some suggestions on the best Pixel 4 battery case!

i-BLADES Pixel 4 Smartcase and battery Smartblades


Samsung Galaxy S10 Battery cases

i-Blades offers unlimited power on the go – what you need, when you need it.   Its innovative, modular design combines a high-quality phone case that allows you to snap-on just the right amount of power. 

i-Blades starts with a durable, polycarbonate Smartcase with a smooth soft-touch finish.  It is light weight and phone specific – matching the Pixel 4 camera opening and other buttons.  The high-tech design includes patented technology that allows you to easily add one or more battery Smartblades.

Each Smartblade holds 1800 mAh of battery capacity.   That is over 10 hours of additional battery life.   And, the Smartblades are interchangeable and stackable.  So, you can share your battery with friends, or create a stack that keeps you going for days.  Easy stacking allows you to recharge your i-Blades’ Smartblade battery stack with just one cable.

i-Blades offers more than just power.  Every Smartblade comes with additional security, internal memory and an Sdcard slot. 

Moonmini Pixel 4 Battery Case


Seeing as Pixel 4 is a pretty new device, there haven’t been that many battery cases made for it yet. Moonmini is another company to come out with an option with extended battery life. Their battery case for the Pixel 4 gives 120% of additional battery life. It doesn’t matter if you’re going on a long car drive, or an outdoor adventure where you may not have the opportunity to charge your phone; this Pixel 4 battery case will get the job done!

The case comes with a built-in battery, providing more than enough power for extended web browsing, phone conversations, video streaming, gameplay, and listening to music. Plus, it also has a nifty LED indicator with four lights, so you can easily see the status of your additional battery.

Most importantly, though; this battery case boasts quite a lot of safety. With the Moonmini battery case, you won’t have to worry about overcharging or short-circuiting your phone while it’s in the case. Also, it’s not just functional, but it also has a pretty slick design. There’s no unneeded bulkiness, and it’s compact and thin. It’ll fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, even with the additional battery; you won’t feel like you’re holding anything more than an ordinary phone case. The materials are also good; its TPU frame ensures that there will be no scratches on your phone, with premium-quality drop and shock resistance.

Lastly, but not least - this isn’t a phone case that’s designed for multiple models, so it fits neither one neatly. Instead, it’s designed specifically for the Google Pixel 4; all of the cutouts will correspond perfectly to the USB plug and the function buttons.

Newdery Google Pixel 4 XL Battery Case


If you’ve got a Pixel 4 XL model, don’t worry - we’ve got a battery case to recommend to you as well. Once you get one of these, you’ll realize that wireless charging is the most convenient option ever; with the right battery case, naturally. This battery case will extend the battery life of your Google Pixel 4 XL by a whopping 100%. Within, you’ll find a powerful 5000mAh battery; essentially a rechargeable power bank that can wirelessly charge your phone on the fly.

For those who are heavy-duty users who do a lot of work and content-consuming on their phone, this is definitely the perfect product. Also, if you’re someone who travels a lot, you will find this addition to your Pixel 4 to be invaluable. And apart from charging your phone, this case will also provide it with adequate protection. You will find no scratches on your phone if it’s enclosed within this case; wear and tear on a daily basis will prove to be no problem.

The charging technology itself is solid. Indeed, this case has safe-tested circuitry ensuring complete protection against overheating, overcharging, or a short-circuit issue. Plus, while the material is protective, it’s also incredibly soft and elastic; getting your phone in and out of the case will be a matter of seconds. Once you want to have it charged while you use it, just slide the phone in with a few quick moves. Then just proceed to press your power button for a couple of seconds, and the phone will start charging.

And best of all, if you’re not satisfied - you have a full year’s worth of a money-back guarantee! The manufacturer’s customer support team is more than happy to give you a hand, reportedly.

Choosing the Right Battery Case

We’ve given you a couple of suggestions on the best Pixel 4 battery case. And though other options may appear on the market; you should definitely know what to look for before you purchase a battery case. A battery case with superior protection, a slim fit and enough battery to meet your lifestyle.


As you can see, there aren’t that many options for Pixel 4 battery cases as of now. However, that does not make the choice of your case any less important!  With the Pixel 4, you get more than a phone, you get the high-quality technology you expect from Google. With your battery case, you should settle for no less – high-quality technology that future proofs your phone.