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Best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Cases Leather Wallet, Fashion & Rugged, Battery, sdCard, Charger

September 08, 2018

Choosing the best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Case. 

What makes a case the best for your case :-) ? Well what are your needs? When do you need it? How often do your needs change? Ok, what are the choice and why is one better than the other? Are you buying a case for your best friend, spouse, child and for yourself? Are all cases the same? What should I look for in a case for my smartphone. After all I paid a hefty dosage of Uncle Sam digits to get the latest greatest technology. How do I dress it up and protect it?  Well we at iBlades hope to give you a taste of the options you may consider and why. In the end, we hope we gave you something to think about and consider one of our Smartcases and Blades for your journey. 

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus battery case cases extend battery life smartcase

   Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SMARTcase with modular Battery, Memory and so much more…

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus battery case cases extend battery life smartcase

But check out the selection of the best Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus cases below and you can make your own decision. 

The Best Galaxy Note 9  cases by category

Click on the link below that fits your lifestyle or scroll down to find the Best Galaxy Note 9 case for you.

Best FASHION Galaxy Note 9 cases

Best Galaxy Note 9 Smartcases

Best Galaxy Note 9 cases for RUGGED protection

Best Galaxy Note 9 LEATHER WALLET cases

Best Galaxy Note 9 Cases Fashion and Style Conscious 

Smartphone accessories are more than protection and functionality, they are a part of you and you who are, what you others to know about you and why should others care about your view of the modern world. For us at iBlades we are always looking to bring a fair balanced view to our competition and would not thing for a second you will be getting a an inferior product other than this product is entirely focused on fashion and style. For those events where you want to do more you can augment fashion with wires and bulky battery, memory, screen protectors and other needs to round out your complete lifestyle. If you want to combine style with functionality a do more keep reading as you may find alternatives below. we hope you enjoy our new of the various cases and send us a note what you want us to cover as we update this article and write future ones.

1. Fashion Gucci Samsung Galaxy Note 9 

Let’s face it who does not want to sport a Gucci smashing galaxy Note 9 phone case? If indeed style is your thing then you can not go wrong with this Gucci case for Samsung Galaxy Note9 case. Clearly the Gucci Samsung case provides basic protection, access to finger print reader in the back and all of the trimmings one would want to access buttons and look in style.  If black is not your thing, this case also comes in white.


Gucci Note9 case

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2. Fashion Louis Vuitton Samsung Galaxy Note9 Case

Louis Vuitton Note9 case


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The Louis Vuitton Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case is very similar to the Gucci. The Louis Vuitton Note 9 case is thin, has easy access to all features. Similar to Gucci this Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case is a stand alone item with all other smartphone accessories being independent and need wires,

3. Kate Spade Samsung Galaxy Note9 Case

Kate Spade Note9 case

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Unfortunately the Gucci Note9 case and the Louis Vuitton Galaxy Note9 case are fake logo cases as we could not find any real Gucci, Louis Vuitton. However, Kate Spade cases for the Samsung Note 9 are real. Nevertheless, we thought we would add it here to give you a choice of what is out there.

Best RUGGED Galaxy Note 9 Cases 

When it comes to thinking about rugged cases one must remember that these rugged cases were the original reason to have a case for mobile devices. A very long time ago, BS (before Smartphones and the iPhone came along), there were a few folks using painful but needed mobile devices outside a comfy air conditioned office. Fast forward to today and the need for rugged has survived the transition from pure functional mobile devices to elegant and a life entitlement as smartphones are for everyone. For us at iBlades we looked at the option of creating a pure rugged case and concluded that this category was well served and that you as an end user would have numerous choices from the old to the latest trend. However, we thought a number of user such as yourself would want to do more and augment ruggedness with fashion eliminate wires and bulky batteries, memory, screen protectors and other needs to round out your complete lifestyle. If you want to combine style, ruggedness with functionality and do more keep reading as you may find alternatives below. 

1. Rugged Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Otterbox

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 Otterbox has been a main course since the early days of mobile freedom. It is no different today, the Otter box defender series offers a simple yet fully rugged solution for those looking for simple ruggedness. The Samsung Galaxy Note9 otter box case is no different in that it offers all of the protection one needs with no frills. This has not changed since day one but why change when pure protection can be so simple…


Otterbox Note9 case

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2. Speck Presidio Grip Case for the Samsung GalaxyNote9 

Speck Note9 case

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For those looking for a but of style while retaining pure ruggedness there is nothing like a pink grooved Speck case to highlight your cool Samsung Galaxy Note9 case. Yes you can have protection with this pink Speck case for the Samsung Note9.  

3. VRS Design Note 9 Case Speck for the Samsung GalaxyNote9

VR Note9 case

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For those looking for absolutely simple ruggedness then the VRS Note9 Case is for you.

Best Galaxy Note SMARTcases with battery and much more… 

Why do you need a SMARTcase? In the good old days you could get a case with protection and one simple feature such as battery and your parents were delighted to accept this limitation. BUT today you demand more from your own lifestyle which includes being free from the norms and sporting all of the technology to keep your attitude sick and cool. For this type of lifestyle SAMRTcases are designed to let you add features as you wish on demand. When not in need just tuck them away, let them simmer until they are ready for you to fully embrace their support. Take a look at the iBlades SMARTcase below and many of the upcoming features you need….

1. Samsung Galaxy Note9 case by i-BLADES Smartcase

Without a doubt this is a new exclusive SamsungGalaxy Note 9 case is number 1 in its category! The iBlades Samsung Galaxy Note9 SMARTcase is protective but its additional smart technology allows you to snap-on new features to your phone when you need them. The Galaxy Note 9 case come with a Battery & Memory Smartblade included. This adds 10 hours battery life as well as extra storage up to 128GB.  You can remove the Smartblade and return you Galaxy Note 9 case back into a sleek stylish phone cover in either TPU or leather - Galaxy Note9 Wallet Case Also keep an eye on new features we have coming really soon…


Samsung Galaxy Note9 battery case

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus battery case cases extend battery life smartcase


3. Mophie Juice Pack Battery Case for Note9 — Black

Mophie Note9 battery case

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If you are in the mood of a traditional simple not frills battery case, there is nothing like having another Mophie Juice pack for the Samsung Galaxy Note9. 

4. Galaxy Note 9 Battery Case Punk-case

 Punckcase Note9 battery case

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If you are looking for lots of power and are willing to slug it all day long whether you need it or not, we recommend you get the Galaxy Note 9 Battery Case Punkcase. It is a nice design but it is very heavy and will remind you every time you put it in your pocket that it is there and demand that you pay attention, in case you have nothing else challenging you. Keep in mind the Note 9 is well designed and has a very nice battery life but we think you may need a bit of charge to get you through the day but do you really need a heavy battery? Let us know what you think and it feels to have it weighing on you….

Best Galaxy S9 leather Wallet cases

1. Exclusive Luxury i-BLADES leather wallet Galaxy Note9 Smartcase

Samsung Galaxy Note9 leather wallet folio case 

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus battery case cases extend battery life smartcase

It is difficult to remember when humans decided that a smartphone should include all we need in one hand. We at i-Blades can assure you that nothing beats the i-Blades Samsung Galaxy Note9 wallet case. This exclusive case is like nothing that ever existed. The iBlades Note 9 Wallet case is made of USA NAPPA leather that is smooth and long lasting, like you. In addition the iBlades Galaxy Note 9 Leather wallet comes to you with i-Blades SmartBlades that allows you to add features on demand (more Battery, More Storage, More Audio, More Sensors, More Chargers, sdCards and much more to come) — add it when you need it, toss it when you don’t. For example, you can plug one charge cable to the iBlades Samsung Galaxy Note9 Leather Wallet and charge the Blade as well. this means when you get up in the morning you simple grab the iBlades Wallet with one hand and all you need for the day is with you, no fuss— credit cards, drivers license, cash for those that remember what it looks like, extra power and memory in the Blade and of course your faithful Note9 smartphone. Try it, nothing feels like it… When you us sit be sure to share it with your best friends only…

2. MICHAEL Michael Kors Adele Leather Smartphone Wristlet Blue

Michael Kors wallet case

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Hello,This is a brand new with tags Michael Kors clutch wristlet wallet. Items from a smoke free home!!! What else can we say, if you are a fan you get it, if not keep going… BTW, if you got this far you missed the exclusive luxurious iBlades Galaxy Note9 Wallet Case…

 3. Case-Mate Black Wallet Folio Samsung Galaxy Note9 Case


case-mate Note9 leather wallet

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For a traditional simple Case-Mate Black Wallet Folio Samsung Note9 Case there is nothing like this one. Clearly it is nice and simple but as many other simple cases leaves you with a whole lot of hurt when you need to do more…

In any process of selecting your best Galaxy Note9 case you need to consider what your needs are as well as the design of you Galaxy Note9 phone case.

If you use your phone a lot as a result you need a battery pack or need to be phone wall socket the battery of the Galaxy Note9 will not solve this problem for you.  



We wanted to bring you a different cut on how to look at smartphone cases and in particular what you could do with your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. We think we gave you a broad view in what we consider great choices to dress up your Note9. We are always open to new ideas and thoughts from you. Feel free to drop us a note at and share how we can make this review the best smartcase review ever…  Enjoy….