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Best Screen Protector for Pixel 6

October 05, 2021

Google fans are counting the days until the newest release, which is, of course, the latest Pixel series – the Pixel 6. We will witness two new models, with regular and pro versions available, and those will be much closer to flagship phones than the previous, or current, series.

Bearing that in mind, we expect the price to go around $999 and people will naturally want to protect such investment with additional phone cases, wallets, and screen protectors. This time, we will go through some of the best screen protectors for both phones that you can buy already, and wait for the Pixel 6 series announcement ready.

Without further ado, here is a list of the best screen protectors for Pixel 6 phones.

Top Choice

i-Blades Pixel 6 screen protector

This company has been around for quite some time, making top protection for every flagship phone that has been produced in recent years. In case you haven’t heard about i-Blades so far, it is enough to say that their products have been awarded numerous times for quality and innovation.

When it comes to screen protection, it is already available for the Pixel 6 model. The dimensions of the phone are already known and there is no need to feel scared to buy this protection upfront. Let’s take a look at what it is like.

The screen protector is specifically designed for the Pixel 6 model and therefore will be exactly the size of the screens. The adhesive is made of optical silicone, which means there will be no need for additional sprays or glues – simply position the protector over the screen and paste it.

The protection is made of Japanese Asahi glass that has been tempered for 4 hours (twice as long as regular screen protectors). The glass is incredibly strong and will protect the screen from all the scratches, damage, shocks, etc. It has plasma AF-coating as well, which prevents fingerprints and other smears on the screen.


Screen protectors are just one of the things that made this company famous. The main product is the Smart Case, which can also be bought for the Pixel 6.

The i-Blades smart case can be bought together with the SmartBlade, a small attachment that provides extra battery life (up to 20 hours with one charging), extra storage memory (16 or 128 GB, depending on your choice), and various other benefits. The case itself has an environmental sensor (EnviroSensor) that provides information about air quality and tips for a better lifestyle. The case, of course, also protects the phone from all the damage and looks quite modern as well.

In addition to this case, people can buy a leather wallet that goes hand-in-hand with the smart case. A leather wallet, smart case, SmartBlade, and screen protection – a perfect bulk-buy protection for your new beast of a phone.

Pixel 6 Pro Top Choice

Panawabi Pixel 6 Pro TPU screen protector

For those who simply want a screen protector and nothing more, here is a great offer - Panawabi offers a package with two screen protectors, two rear camera protectors, and one ring holder – all for your next Pixel 6 Pro.

The protection is not made of glass, like the previous choice, but of TPU. This material is extra thin and flexible, and as such will be almost unnoticeable on your screen. The material is sturdy enough to protect from all kinds of damage – scratches, shocks, drops, etc.

The application is pretty much the same – simply paste the TPU onto your screen and you are all set. If you happen to fail or something happens to the protector, there is always another one in the box.

The metal ring can be attached to the back of your phone and serve as a kickstand.

Pixel 6 Pro budget buy

CoverON Tempered Glass for Google Pixel 6 Pro

Another protection for Pixel 6 Pro comes from CoverON, a company dedicated to all-around phone protection.

The price is a bit cheaper than with Panawabi choice, and this is why – you only get two screen protectors (no camera protection nor metal ring.) Also, it covers 98% of the phone (that other 2% is left to be compatible when wearing a case as well).

On the brighter side, the screen protectors are tempered glass – the same as with i-Blades! This is by far the most popular and coolest choice among smartphone users. Why? Because it’s transparent and people will have almost 100% of the true screen colors. It protects great, looks great, has quite a nice touch sensitivity, and is easy to install!

Pixel 6 alternative

LϟK Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Pixel 6

Let’s move on to the regular Pixel 6 model. L K company has made this protection package specifically for the Pixel 6 model and no other.

In this package, you can get 2 pieces of screen protection and 3 pieces of rear camera protection. It is made of tempered glass, the same one we have mentioned before (not including i-Blades, which is of much better quality), so we won't mention the resistance qualities.

What’s more positive about this is that the glass has 99% transparency on both screen and rear camera (colors will be the same on screen as without the glass, while protection over the flash turned on won’t affect the image quality).

Also, this package comes with detailed instructions on how to apply this protection, plus there is an installation frame for easier setup, and other cases can be put without any problems as well.

Pixel 6 budget buy

iVoler Screen Protector for Google Pixel 6

The final choice is more or less a bulk buy! The iVoler company has put 4 screen protectors and 2 camera protectors for anyone interested! In addition, there is an installation frame included, as well as the instruction, just like the previous choice. You can protect the whole family with this one!

Both sides of the phone will be protected by tempered glass material, pretty much similar to the previous choice. The only downside we see here is that usually when you get so much for such a cheap price, it means the product is not of the highest quality. Be that as it may, we have seen these protectors and they look quite good and reliable.

A bang for the buck deal!