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Best Screen Protector for Pixel 7

June 15, 2022

The new Pixel 7 series from Google is expected to come out later this year and many fans are quite excited already. The new series will bring various improvements while keeping the same old affordable price, at least when it comes to flagship phones.

But while the phones will be cheaper than, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, or the iPhone 13 series, that doesn’t mean that the phones will be easily replaceable. Taking good care is a must and many will want to upgrade phones’ protection by buying additional stuff, such as phone cases and screen protectors.

Bearing that in mind, here are the best screen protectors for the Pixel 7 series that can already be bought on the market today.

i-Blades Screen Protector for Pixel 7

The absolute favorite is the award-winning protection collection from i-Blades, a company that has been making high-end tech protection for years. In the case of screen protectors, they can be bought separately from the set, and it is magnificent.

The screen protector, of course, is specifically designed not only for Google's Pixel 7 (only the regular model, not Pro) but also for the i-Blades case. Therefore, if you opt to buy the case as well, the screen protector won’t get in the way and you will be able to use both without any problems. In addition, all corners of the phone will be covered and therefore the whole screen will be thoroughly protected.

The protection is of the highest-quality Japanese glass that will not break easily. Although only 0.33mm thin, the glass has a 9/10 hardness rating. The glass is tempered for four hours, which makes it twice as hard as the regular screen protectors. It will protect from scratches, shocks, fingerprints, etc.

The glass is completely see-through and won’t change the display picture quality. Also, the touchscreen will remain of the same responsiveness, as if there wasn’t anything on top of it. Finally, it is incredibly easy to apply the protector – simply paste it onto the phone without needing anything else! The adhesive will stick immediately and stay like that without peeling off (unless you want to peel it off with your fingers).

All in all, a fantastic screen protector! But there’s more. As said, the screen protector is just one part of the whole protection bundle. Fans of Pixel phones can buy the case and a leather wallet as well. The case comes with an Envirosensor from Bosch, which will measure the air quality in the area and provide helpful feedback. The case also has an option for SmartBlades to be attached to them. SmartBlades are slim attachments that will provide additional storage memory (from 16 to 128 GB) and additional battery life (will serve as wireless power banks). The wallet is a modular one, of the highest quality, and incredibly modern.

FTRONGRT for Google Pixel 7 Screen Protector

Another well-known name on the mobile protection market. With FTRONGRT products, you can’t miss. Even though the offer is not as vast as with i-Blades, those who are looking for a simple and affordable screen protector will definitely like this choice for sure.

In fact, there are quite a lot of similarities between these two screen protectors. For example, this screen protector is specifically designed for the Pixel 7 model and will fit the phone perfectly. There will be no “soft spots” – the whole front will be protected.

Apart from that, the 9/10 protection level (or 9H) is perfect – it will protect the phone from various scratches, cracks, shocks, etc. It can be a bit trickier to apply it onto the screen but when done properly, the screen protector will remain unmovable and will not cause any air bubbles to appear.

Like the previous choice, the FTRONGRT screen protector is quite sensitive and responsive to touch. Also, the see-through quality is fantastic with 99% brightness and color opacity.

All in all, a great and affordable screen protector for your next Google phone.

Mr. Shield Designed For Google Pixel 7

One great package deal comes from Mr. Shield. In this package, you can get three screen protectors along with an instruction manual on how to apply them and a cleaning cloth! All of that under 10 dollars!

Usually, when there is a cheap package with two or more screen protectors, the quality is quite underwhelming. In the case of Mr. Shield, the quality is quite good, making this package a bang-for-the-buck deal. The 9H hardness level will, again, protect against most forms of damage. The screen protector will perfectly fit the Pixel 7 screen and it will be fully protected.

Naturally, the touch accuracy is fantastic and you won’t feel the protection under your fingers at all. The 99% transparency is there to keep the original picture quality as close to normal as possible. The cleaning cloth is there to clean the glass without any chemicals, keeping it both shiny and undamaged.

Applying the protector onto the screen can be tricky though. Luckily, there is a user manual that will help you out. In case you don’t get it the first time, there are always two more protectors to fix the situation.

BestChoice 3C Store Tempered Glass for Goggle Pixel 7

Last but not least – a budget choice for all those who don’t want to spend much and simply want basic protection over their Pixel 7 display. A similar screen protector from the BestChoice 3C Store is present for the Pixel 6 model, and there are many satisfied customers already.

For under $5, you can get very good protection. The tempered glass is a bit sturdier when compared to the other models from this list, but will protect equally well. The same characteristics apply here as with other models, especially the previous one (Mr. Shield) with which it is the most similar. There will be a cleaning cloth and user manual included in the package as well, only here you will get only one screen protector, which is good enough.

Final Words

These screen protectors have been present for various models in the past and have proven to be fantastic. Whether you go with the high-end i-Blades or a much cheaper alternative, you won’t regret the choice.

Protect your Pixel 7, buy a screen protector on time.