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Best Screen Protector for Samsung S22

December 14, 2021

As the announcement of Samsung's newest Galaxy S22 series is coming closer and closer, some companies have already produced valuable gadgets and protective items for these phones. Of course, the S22 series is expected to be arguably the best on the market as Samsung has put quite a firepower into these phones.

If that is the case, you may be wondering – do I really need more than what those phones offer? In short, you can’t have too much protection, especially when buying flagship phones such as those from Samsung. If you are ready to splash the cash on one of these phones, you may want to add a few bucks more and protect your investment at any cost.

This article will aim to help you out in choosing the best screen protector for your future S22 smartphone.

The top choice – i-Blades screen protection for Samsung S22

Overall, if you want to keep your whole phone safe, not just the screen, the offer from i-Blades simply should not be rejected. For in this whole package, you will fully protect your phone with the best protection plus make your new S22 even better! How? Read on.

The screen protector itself is of top quality. The tempered glass has a 9H hardness level that protects from all kinds of scratches and cracks. The silicon film will prevent the glass from shattering. The top layer also prevents leaving fingerprints and other smudges. All in all, a full screen protection.

The protector is incredibly easy to set up, just paste it onto the screen with adhesive facing down. It will immediately stick to the screen and off you go!

But, this is just one part that you can buy as i-Blades also has a case for complete phone protection, as well as a leather wallet for additional safety.

The case is enriched with Silicon Valley technology and therefore it is called "the smart case". The Bosch EnviroSensor measures the air quality around you and provides much useful feedback that you can use to better improve your lifestyle. The case also has a dedicated magnetic slot at the back for SmartBlades.

SmartBlades are small additions that can be attached to the case. They provide additional storage memory and battery life. The memory can go from 16 to 128 GB and the battery can be recharged for additional 20 hours with one full charge. Simply clip on the SmartBlade onto the case and that’s it.

What’s cool is that you can stack additional SmartBlades and get more memory storage and more battery life on your S22!

Last but not least, there is a leather wallet that goes with the smart case. The wallet is made of Grain Nappa leather, which looks fantastic and feels incredibly soft to the touch. It comes in black and Navy blue colors. Being soft to the touch doesn’t mean that it won’t protect the phone – on the contrary. Inside the wallet, there are 4 slots dedicated for ID and credit cards, as well as a money pouch, and the whole right side is for your phone and its smart case.

So, if you want, you can buy just the high-quality screen protector, you can pair it with the smart case to further protect your phone, you can add as many SmartBlades as you want to improve your phone’s performance, and you can tuck all of that inside a leather wallet and save yourself quite some space. It’s an amazing high-quality offer.

The best alternative – SAII 3D Premium Samsung Galaxy S22

In case you are not interested in spending much money and simply want a simple screen protector, the Saii 3D is a great option as well.

The tempered glass protection comes at 9H hardness, which protects the phone’s screen from various types of damage. The most common are scratches and cracks, but it provides liquid resistance as well, so you can rest assured that everyday clumsiness will not affect your screen.

If it just so happens that you drop your new S22 so badly that the screen protector cracks a bit, no need to worry, there are two pieces in this package. Or, if you happen to buy two S22s (for you and your significant other), you can protect both phones at once.

This tempered glass protection is incredibly easy to apply – simply take off the protective layer and paste the protector onto the screen. It will stick immediately and you’re ready to go. The best way to paste the protector onto the screen is to start from the top edges and just lay it down.

The best budget buy – FTRONGRT screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S22

Last but not least, those who don’t want to spend big on a screen protector after spending big on the phone can always opt for FTRONGRT’s screen protector. It’s cheap and does the job well.

Naturally, it will cover the whole front of your S22 phone and completely protect it from damage as much as possible. The 9H hardness level will repel even metal objects such as keys and the S22’s screen will be safe when in your pocket even next to pocket change or keys. That includes scratches, cracks, bumps, and so on. Plus, the transparency is of the highest level therefore it will not lower down the picture quality. It’s quite sensitive so your finger touches will not be hindered.

The material of which it is made is tempered glass, which always looks cool and will have no air bubbles when applied onto the screen. It is very easy to apply it onto the screen, the silicon adhesive will work immediately. You can clean it easily and without any concerns.

If the screen protector suffers great damage from a particular fall or similar, you can easily buy another one for under $10.

Final words

The i-Blades screen protector is proven to be of the highest quality as the i-Blades company has made protection for various flagship phones over the years and has been awarded numerous times since foundation, and as such, is my top choice. But whichever choice you make, all the products from this list will surely work wonders.

Protect your new phone, don’t let it go to waste after just a few days. I know I will.