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Best Screen Protector for Samsung S23

September 02, 2022

Samsung phones are among the most bought ones in the world, and for a good reason – the Galaxy S series is one of the best ones in the world. The current S22 series’ models are among the best phones in the market with millions of happy users worldwide. And now, rumors about the S23 series have emerged and the hype couldn’t be any higher.

Many rumors and leaks have surfaced already and Samsung fans have much to be excited for. The new series will see many improvements in comparison with the current series but the prices seem to remain the same.

With new and more powerful phones to be available soon, users will want to protect them at any cost. And although the S23 series will have the latest Gorilla Glass protection to keep the display intact, one cannot be too safe. Bearing that in mind, here is one fantastic set of protective items for the new S23 series, including an amazing screen protector.


i-Blades Protection for Samsung S23 Display

When talking about screen protection, the i-Blades company has a beautiful screen protector that will keep your new S23 quite safe from scratches and all other types of damage. The screen protector is very easy to apply – simply put it to the display and press it down from top to bottom, even the edges with your finger, and that’s it.

The five-layer screen protection will keep the screen safe from all kinds of damage. All products from the i-Blades company have been tested and proven to work. The final coating not only protects the phone from scratches but also from fingerprints as well. Additionally, a silicone layer will prevent the screen from shattering.

Naturally, this protector will not hinder the operations of the phone, meaning that the touchscreen will remain as responsive as without the protection. The image quality will remain crystal clear, just like the new S23 will offer. The Japanese Asahi glass, which is tempered for four hours (twice as much as regular screen protectors), will make sure of that.

All Around Protection

Apart from the screen protector, the i-Blades offers many other items, most notably the “smart case”. This case not only protects the phone but also makes it better! Here is how.

The protective case is quite slim and stylish. Being slim makes it quite lightweight and you won’t feel the difference with or without the case. But being lightweight doesn’t mean it won’t protect – on the contrary. The polycarbonate material is quite durable and strong enough to protect the phone from various shocks and scratches. It has been military-grade tested and is proven to withstand drops from up to four feet.

As said, the design is quite stylish and the final touch is a smooth finish that is incredibly soft and pleasant when in the hands of the user. High-quality aesthetics and protection all in one.

Healthier Lifestyle

As said, the case is named a “smart case”, meaning that it does more than just protect. In cooperation with Bosch, there is a fantastic EnviroSensor installed into the smart case, which will measure the air quality around you.

The sensor will keep track of the humidity, temperature, and much more, displaying all of the data via a downloadable app. You can save the data and monitor the quality of the environment in order to improve your lifestyle. Not only that but it will also measure your daily steps, heart rate, calorie consumption, and more!

More Storage Capacity

The back of the smart case has a dedicated magnetic field where you can attach a Tubro 3 SmartBlade, a piece of technology that will serve as additional storage memory. Depending on your choice, the additional memory can be from 16GB to 128GB. In addition, the SmartBlade has a micro SD slot for your micro SD cards, which can add even more storage!

Finally, SmartBlades can stack and therefore you can have as much memory as you wish! With this, you will not have to worry about your memory capacity anymore.

More Battery Life

Another feature of the Turbo 3 SmartBlade is that you can charge your battery wirelessly while it is snapped on. The 3600 mAh battery will be able to charge the battery for approximately 20 hours, depending on the battery consumption. This way, the battery will last more than a full day, regardless of your needs.

The best thing is that you won’t have to carry a bulky power bank with you. Simply place the SmartBlade onto the case and that’s it – the phone will have more storage and will be charged wirelessly.

Stylish Leather Wallet

The last piece of the set is one beautiful leather wallet that can store the new S23 along with its smart case, and a few more things.

First of all, the wallet is quite stylish and can come in two colors – black and Navy blue. Both options are magnificent and in combination with the Nappa milled leather, all eyes will be directed to the wallet.

The wallet comes with a satin-like finish that is incredibly soft to the touch, just like leather. More importantly, the wallet is sturdy enough to further protect the phone from scratches and shocks. In combination with the smart case, the phone will be completely safe.

As it is the purpose of the wallet, users will be able to store bank and ID cards (there are four slots dedicated on one side), with a money pouch right behind those slots. The other side is left for the wallet while the middle part can store a pen.


With this set, the whole S23 phone will be protected! There are:

  • Screen protector for the display,

  • Smart Case for the whole phone,

  • Leather wallet to keep it all tucked inside and further protected.

  • SmartBlade to further boost the phone.

Whichever item you choose, you won’t regret it but buying a whole set is highly recommended.

Final Words

While there will be screen protectors available on the market, it is highly unlikely that they will be as good as what i-Blades offers. Besides, if you are a big Samsung fan and will definitely buy the S23 phone when it comes out, it is a good idea to be prepared already.