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Best Screen Protectors for Pixel 5 and Pixel 5 XL

October 07, 2020

With Google’s Pixel 5 series out, many phone accessories manufacturers have rushed to produce the best protection for this phone. And with Pixel 5 still being a flagship phone (with the flagship phone price), some, if not all protection is recommended. Buying screen protection with the phone and battery cases is a must, in case you don’t want to throw your money away by trashing your new smartphone by accident.

With the plethora of options already available, this list will aim to help you out with your choice of the best screen protectors for Google’s Pixel 5 and the best screen protector for Pixel 5 XL smartphone. Check out these 4 recommendations and protect your Pixel 5 smartphone screen in time.

Top 4 Pixel 5 screen protectors

i-Blades Smart Screen Protector

The best Pixel 5 screen protector comes from i-Blades and its state-of-the-art screen protection. 

With the high-quality Japanese Ashai glass, this makes it arguably one of the, in not the sturdiest screen protection on the market. With 0.3mm thickness it is one of the thickest and strongest protections available. The glass provides shock absorption as well, minimizing the chance of becoming damaged almost to zero at all times.

This sturdiness is also applicable to the coating, coming with 5-layered protection. This feature completely protects the screen from scratches, fingerprints, smudges, abrasions, and damage.

The optical silicone adhesive is used for sticking the glass to your smartphone screen – it’s tough and will not make wrinkles and bubbles. This way you avoid using sprays and other similar adhesives which can ruin the protector while being applied.

On top of all, super clear visibility and high sensitivity are present, making the impression of not having a screen protector on at all.


  • Incredibly sturdy and damage reduction efficient.
  • Protects from all kinds of scratches and smudges.
  • Easy to apply and will stick perfectly.
  • Nice visibility and sensitivity.


  • The price.


Conclusion the best screen protector for pixel 5 XL is also from i-Blades.

OMOTON Screen Protector for Google Pixel 5


This protection from the OMOTON manufacturer comes specifically designed for Google Pixel 5 only, making it the second-best choice on this list. In terms of the price and quality ratio, it would be number one, but the i-Blades protector still has the better quality to top it off.

The great convenience this package provides is the full installation equipment. Here you will receive all the tools you need to install this screen protector, with an instruction guide and a guide frame as well. Not as easy as i-Blades, but pretty much the closest thing to it.

The same 0.3mm thickness will provide great protection while maintaining an adequate touch response. It will protect against scratches and cracks perfectly, and against everyday nuisances like smudges, fingerprints, dirt, dust, and such.

Although thick, the transparency level is of great quality. The screen colors will be vibrant and clear, and image quality will be as good as without the screen protector. As mentioned, the smudges and fingerprints will be non-existent, adding to this great feature.

The price is fantastic! Although a highly made screen protector, you can find it on Amazon for a cheaper price than some of the less good models.


  • Designed especially for Google Pixel 5.
  • Thick and strong screen protection.
  • Apart from scratches and damage, protects against dirt and smudges.
  • Good installation process gear.
  • Fantastic price.


  • Still not as easy to install as i-Blades.
 Luibor for Google Pixel 5 Screen Protector


Another great screen protector for Pixel 5 comes from Luibor. The durability and thickness are not as good as from our first two choices, and the process of putting it on is much more difficult.

Be that as it may, this deal comes with 3 screen protectors and 3 camera lens protectors. Even though they are not as durable as i-Blades, this quantity is there to back it up. The only fuss is changing the protection when due.

The protection is great – it is waterproof, saves the screen from scratches, fingerprints, dust, and liquid drops. The same can be said for camera lens protection.

Both the screen and camera protectors are highly transparent and touch-sensitive – they won't hinder the photo or screen image quality.

The application of these protectors is the traditional way – with a lot of alcohol, clothing, and wiping. It can be a problem to put on if doing for the first time.


  • Very good protection quality.
  • Crystal clear transparency and touch sensitivity.
  • 3 screen and 3 camera lens protectors.
  • A bang for the buck deal.


  • Requires some skill to apply it perfectly.
 QITAYO Screen and Camera Protector for Google Pixel 5


QITAYO screen and camera protectors are very much similar to the previously described model.

What is the same?

It has got 3 screen and 3 camera protectors in the package, with almost the same characteristics.

The protectors don’t affect the screen and camera quality. Screen colors are vibrant and clear, while camera photos and videos are as if there was nothing on the lens at all!

In addition, it is 100% touch-sensitive and will cause no problems for finger recognition.

The 0.15mm surface will protect from dust, dirt, liquid, scratches, and fingerprints. But this ultra-thin property may fail to completely nullify the damage that can be caused to the screen.

Both the protectors are applied the same way, which really comes way behind the i-Blades protection, but will do the job well.

The price is the same as well, while QITAYO also adds the Lifetime Warranty.


  • Crystal clear transparency and touch sensitivity.
  • 3 screen and 3 camera lens protectors.
  • Protects well against daily nuisances.
  • Good price and comes with a warranty.


  • The ultra-thin layer looks fine but may be insufficiently thick to protect from greater damage.
  • Difficult to apply on the screen.