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Giving every smartphone expandable storage

June 19, 2017

Our Growing Need for Space: Expandable Phone Storage


"Low storage space." When preparing for a night out with friends, this is the last thing anyone wants to see on their phone. I am sure you all know that frustrating ritual of clearing enough free space so you can take a few pictures. But the moment has gone and so have the subjects!!

expandable phone storage micro sd iphone

The trusty micro SD card slot has been a key factor in our battles for more storage but some contemporary phone designs are moving away from expandable storage.With today's data demands, phones need more storage and expandable storage.  Some manufacturers are making storage on phones a premium item or pushing people to the cloud. 

i-BLADES has developed a solution that will see all phones with even greater options for expandable storage.  Which will increasingly become a necessity in a data hungry world where our phones are now hubs for all our movies, music, games, and photos. 


Phone storage expandable




Your phone storage is not what is on the box

But before we look at the state of expandable phone storage, a word of warning as you never start with the amount of internal phone memory you may be led to believe.  This can be as much as 20% less than the stated GB on the box. This is due to the phone's operating system, pre-installed apps, and carrier data combine to yield a lower amount of storage than users expect.

iOS 8 was seen to occupy over 20% of internal storage space.  Bloatware is a notorious factor in reducing your starting space.


More designs adopt the iPhone storage model

In an effort to create slimmer phones and maximize internal hardware, many of today's most popular smartphones omit once-ubiquitous microSD slots used for expandable storage. There's an ulterior motive that goes beyond mere form factor, too. When manufacturers remove or leave out expandable storage slots, profit is often the motivating factor. Just consider the way Apple markets iPhone storage on its flagship devices. Traditionally its $100 for more iPhone storage that would be far cheaper if you had an sd card slot.

But your only option is a more expensive model with additional internal storage.  

Other manufacturers, such as Samsung, have experimented with the removal of SD cards to mixed success. When Samsung released the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge without a microSD slot, many longtime users reacted with dismay and anger.  

However, user dissatisfaction with this led to an eventual reversal. When the Galaxy S7 hit the market, Samsung restored the microSD slot. 


The Cloud: an imperfect alternative to phone storage

Of course the obvious alternative is the cloud to expand your iPhone's memory.  Device manufacturers in fact our encouraging users to use the cloud as it costs them nothing and they can reduce their own costs.

While relying on the cloud for data storage can yield convenience, wherever there is an Internet connection, it also features several drawbacks:

1) If you want to reproduce your photos at high quality levels note cloud the services might not accept the originals due to their large file size. Instead, they compress and downsize the pictures to a lesser quality.  

2) User privacy. Despite the creation of international standards for cloud storage security, some users are still slow to trust the cloud — and for good reason. Passing one's data off to a third party always involves some risk. Users relying on Apple's iCloud service to get around their iPhone storage capacity limitations know this. iCloud is no stranger to major data breaches and leaks as a result of poorly implemented security. 

3) Instant access - the cloud can store an unlimited amount of data but its no use if the signal is slow or weak!


Expandable micro SD storage is essential

Expandable, local phone storage options are essential as the data we use gets larger and we progress inevitably towards larger file sizes.  However, rather than relying on manufacturers to adjust their approach, i-BLADES has developed a solution that will enable all phone users everntually to choose if they want a micro Sd reader or not.


The i-BLADES Solution

i-BLADES, with its innovative Smartcase, looks to provide a solution to these needs. It offers snap-on on demand storage when a user needs it.  This is performed by adding a Smartblade when you need that memory boost.  Then removing it when you do not.



This adds an extra micro Sd slot to your phone's memory.  Read more about the i-BLADES expandable memory solution here.  


The i-BLADES Smartcase restores the ability to expand storage as and when a user wishes. With smartphone storage options under siege, this alternative offer a robust way to choose your storage options without sacrificing form or function.

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