Fashion and Technology -- The merging of the two worlds

July 02, 2020

The lines between fashion and technology are blurring with each passing moment. What we used to label as ‘gadgets’ are now part of everyday life to the point where once ‘trinkets’ are now a part of the trendy world of glamour and fashion.

While the technology used to be synonymous with instant problem-solving techniques and items, fashion used to represent the best-looking high-end clothes and accessories. Now, in this day and age, these definitions are pretty obscure and obsolete. Fashion equates to technology and vice versa.

Today we’re here to talk about how these two worlds subtly, and to some maybe even abruptly merged and bonded, and how does that affect you who are living in the year 2020.


More than just pieces of technology, smartphones are nowadays also considered trendy. More and more brands are vying for the place of the ‘top manufacturer’, and this healthy competition has yielded some of the best-looking phones, such as Google’s Pixel, Samsung’s Galaxy, and such.

Now, the exact infiltration point of fashion’s intrusion into the smartphone industry is the development of screen protectors.

Originally, screen protectors were designed and developed to, you guessed it - protect the screen of a smartphone from physical harm. Almost every smartphone manufacturer had its version of screen protectors that were unique to the dimensions of their smartphone models.

However, that probably wasn’t enough, so they also took it upon themselves to try making the phone actually look and perform better by tweaking the aesthetic component and implementing substantial performance upgrades.

Galaxy S10 Plus Smart Case

A perfect example of a fashionable piece of technology is iBlades’ Galaxy S10 Plus Smart Case. Essentially, this ‘protector’ shields the screen, the edges, and the back of the S10 smartphone, giving it an entirely different outlook.

Apart from that, this smart case also brought a variety of improvements to the table, including enhanced battery lifetime, better storage, unparalleled screen protection, and integrating various lifestyle apps.

First and foremost, the S10 Smart Case includes the patented Smart Blade, which gives the phone 20 additional hours of total battery life-time. The Smart Blade also includes a micro SD card that improves the onboard storage by 128 gigabytes.

Fashion strikes again with lifestyle-improvement apps. Living healthy is trendy as more and more people embrace ‘going green’, so where did i-Blades S10 Smart Case come into the picture? It features 4-in-1 air-quality monitor that provides you with means to get readings on real-time air quality in your vicinity, temperature, air humidity, pressure, and such.


Some people don’t quite feel too great about tweaking their smartphone with screen protectors, and that’s perfectly reasonable to a certain extent. Screen protectors change the way that your phone looks and performs, and even if it’s for the better, not everyone wants to embrace change wholeheartedly.

Another sphere of technology where fashion managed to lay its fingers on is within the industry of so-called ‘smart wallets’. Essentially, a smart wallet can be perceived as a bit more organic substitute for the screen protector.

These are wallets, basically, designed in such a way to be large enough to envelop a certain smartphone model (each wallet was designed with the dimensions of specific smartphones in mind), but they were also meant to provide the traditional benefits – slots for cards, change, and smaller valuables.

Galaxy Note 5 Leather Wallet

The Galaxy Note 5 Leather wallet is, again, a representative of both high-end technology and boutique-level fashion. It looks elegant and simple, yet it hides a variety of tech-based benefits and advantages, such as natural screen protection, four ID and card pockets, and a secluded cash compartment.

This leather wallet was built from finest-quality Napa leather that is both softer and sturdier than any other leather type. While hugging the smartphone’s screen, it provides ‘organic’ protection from dust and microbes, but its sturdiness is also of sufficient capacity to provide a shield from physical external damages.

Since most i-Blades products come in bundles, the Galaxy Note 5 leather wallet also comes supplied with a variety of complementary features, including a micro SD card and the aforementioned air-quality monitor.

Smart Blades

The Smart Blades are the pinnacle of fashion & technology merging process in the sense that they provide the best of both worlds. These compact gadgets look stylish and inconspicuous, but they also provide a variety of benefits that are typically accessible via bulky, crude-looking battery packs and memory cards.

i-Blades Turbo II Smartblade

Turbo II is one of the most affordable high-value smartblades that can be found in the current market. It is petite in size, and it offers 512 extra gigabytes of external memory for your smartphone and up to 20 hours of extra battery life.

Moreover, i-Blades Turbo II is also labeled as ‘future-proof’. This basically means that you won’t need to wait and spend any more cash on ‘future’ upgrades – whichever update becomes available in their store instantly becomes available (and downloadable) for the model you currently own, obviously including the Turbo II smartblade.

Best of all, the Turbo II is universal. It wasn’t built after the specifications of any particular smartphone, and it can be used with any modern phone, regardless of manufacturer, class, or size.

This Smart-blade offers the simplest means of upgrading your phone’s performance and style due to its snap-on method of performance, and it’s compatible with every single i-Blades product (including future products).


A couple of decades ago, some people would argue that fashion and technology should steer clear of each other’s ways. Nowadays, we see them blending together with elegance and grace. In fact, we should be so bold to even say that they were meant to intertwine at some point. Luckily, we live in the day and age where it was possible to not only see them come together but see them develop and prosper hand in hand.

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