Foldable VR headset and mobile phone case

October 12, 2016

i-BLADES and Hashplay Create First Mobile Phone Case With VR headset and Social Virtual Reality Video Experience

Smartcase combined with foldable VR headset, VR apps makes smartphones VR player


MILPITAS, CA, and SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 12th, 2016:  i-BLADES, Inc., creator of the world’s first Smartcase, and Hashplay, Inc., first interactive 360°content creation platform for Virtual Reality locations, have partnered to bring a unique  virtual reality video experience to  smartphones. By combining a phone case and an easily foldable virtual reality headset, the companies have  created a  unique “on-the-go” Virtual Reality experience for smartphones. The product is on pre-order here . With Hashplay’s cutting-edge VR apps and software users can experience live gameplay, sports events and entertainment with others in a totally new way.i-BLADES’ VR headset, the Smart VRTM blade, for the i-BLADES Smartcase incorporates Hashplay’s software platform - The VR headset is a snap-on/snap off attachment for the i-BLADES Smartcase that is designed to be easily foldable. It can be taken anywhere either attached to the i-BLADES mobile phone case or separately. Users will quickly and easily be able to turn their small screen smartphone experience into a VR cinema experience by unfolding and attaching the Smart VR blade to i-Blades Smart Platform.


The i-BLADES Smartcase comes with Hashplay’s VR apps that make Virtual Reality a social experience. Viewers will be able to create virtual rooms that they can share with others. The Hashplay VR apps will also offer a second screen virtual reality video experience. The software will take current sports feeds and allow users to turn their head away from the screen and look up players, or team details, or engage in social activities with friends, etc.  Wearing the VR headset viewers will be able to search items in real time with a simple motion of their head while remaining immersed in their virtual reality experience.

The i-BLADES Smartcase and the Smartplatform is an mobile phone case that acts as an expansion platform, allowing users to expand the capabilities of their smartphone in a modular way, through attachable Smartblades. Earlier this year, i-BLADES announced  Smartblades for battery and memory expansion, with the Smart VR blade its latest  modular offering. The company plans to announce additional Smartblade options with its Smartpartners later in the year.

“There is a huge opportunity to bring new technologies to the mobile world, and i-BLADES is the leading on-the-go platform,” said Jorge Fernandes, CEO of i-BLADES.  “I’m a sports fanatic, and for those using their mobile to watch sports, the VR Smart Blade is the perfect solution to enhance the fan’s experience. With this foldable VR headset, we believe we’ll be able to enhance the current flat-screen viewing of not only sports, but all kinds of other experiences.”

Jan-Philipp Mohr, Founder and CEO of Hashplay, commented: “Being on the forefront of innovation in VR content creation technology, we’re excited to find a solution like i-BLADES that makes it possible for those using their mobile to watch sports, play games and view entertainment in an interactive VR experience.”

The Smart VR Blade is now available for pre-order for shipments in the September timeframe with a price of $89 for a Smartcase (phone case) and Smart VR Blade preloaded with the Hashplay software VR apps.

About i-BLADES
A Silicon Valley start-up, i-BLADES designs and markets modular add-on technology for the global smartphone market. The company created the world’s first “Smartcase,” a next-generation mobile phone case with smart technology inside. It’s a modular expansion platform that lets users add functionality to smartphones, such as more battery life, more storage or solutions around air quality, VR headset, wellness, etc. A SmartApp allows users to enjoy mobile entertainment “on-the-go.” With the i-BLADES Developer Program, companies can use the Smart Platform to create new function-specific Blades for every market imaginable.

About Hashplay
Hashplay is a virtual reality content creation platform enabling everyone to build interactive 360° locations and connect them. Founded by Philipp Mohr, Ingo Nadler and Jan Schlüter. Hashplay is headquartered in San Francisco.

Hashplay allows everyone to create their own interactive 360° location whether you are a creative, a brand, a professional gamer, a virtual reality enthusiasts or somebody wanting to create your own special presence in virtual reality. Hashplay provides a simple , fun and intuitive solution for both creators and their audiences.


In addition to Hashplay Vr apps there are a lot of VR experiences already available on Google Play:

  • Vr cinema with Jaunt VR
  • Go into space with Vrash VR
  • Join the Star Wars saga.  Become a resistance agent on Jakku - feel the force!
  • Explore beautiful landscapes in a new way with Vrse.

Android Authority gives a run down of the best VR apps



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