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6 reasons the mobile VR headset is the future of VR

October 11, 2016

6 reasons the mobile VR headset is the future of VR


The VR headset is a major new accessory for 2016. Virtual reality is suddenly taking off in 2016. From Oculus Rift’s kickstarter campaign back in 2011 it’s come a long way.  There are now many VR headsets. From fully featured versions that plug into consoles, to pure mobile options, even cardboard ones. Sales of the VR headset accessory are forecast for between 3m units up to 10m this year.

The initial interest has been in the console VR headset.  However, a VR headset and a smartphone can offer an alternative on-the-go entertainment experience. The VR headset in this set up can make a small smartphone screen feel like a deeper bigger screen experience.  A big issue is size of a VR headset. It is unlikely you would carry a large additional VR headset everywhere you went.  Despite this some analysts predict 71% of VR will be mobile.  There are 6 reasons why this is a likely scenario despite the state of the current mobile virtual reality offering.


The Fully Featured VR Headset

VR to date has been largely led through powerful dedicated VR headsets that will play highly immersive VR games in a home environment. The VR headset plugs into powerful PC gaming machines or consoles for playing immersive VR games.  The leading players in this space are:

It is no doubt VR games on these VR headsets will be incredible and a step up from what is available today.


The Mobile VR headset

Smartphone powered virtual reality is just starting to emerge against all the interest in the fully fledged VR headsets. It will progress fast. Some forecasts see 1 out of 2 VR headsets sold being a mobile VR headset. The mobile VR headset experience is simple. Insert your smartphone into the VR headset and watch. It cannot match the level of virtual reality video experience you get in a fully featured headsets but it is a unique experience.

"Most consumers find virtual reality a mind-blowing experience the first time they try it. We believe it has tremendous potential and it's not just about expensive high-end devices such as the Oculus Rift. For only a few dollars, consumers can dip their toe in the water with an inexpensive cardboard holder for a compatible smartphone. We expect this democratisation of the technology to deliver growth not just in affluent mature markets but also in emerging markets where smartphone penetration is stronger than ever.“Ben Wood

Here are our 6 reasons why virtual reality mobile headsets are set to take-off faster than fully featured VR headsets:

6 reasons mobile VR headsets will lead VR growth

1) The Choice of Mobile VR Headsets

There are an increasing number of VR headsets available for people to buy at varying price points.  These range from basic clip on lenses like the fold up and clip on Homido Mini

All the way up to the more dedicated and premium experience of the Samsung Gear VR - dedicated for Samsung devices.

Google has even developed a cardboard template and a purchasable Cardboard VR headset.

2) Great VR apps, VR games and mobile content

As the market grows developers are seeing the opportunity and already creating VR apps and Vr games.  The largest content available is with VR games.

It’s more than just VR games, you can have many different virtual reality video experiences.  The Google Cardboard app is a good example. It features guided tours of places around the world.  Full dive is another useful app this is a directory of VR games and virtual reality video throughout the web in one place.

Below are some links to show the breadth of experiences available already on mobile.

Best Google Cardboard VR apps

15 Best VR Games

Google also just announced its VR platform that will attract a huge range of developers to build virtual reality apps  and experiences for android mobile uses.

3) More accessible price point for hardware and software

The mobile virtual reality experience is at least $300 cheaper to enjoy.  All are now on pre-order and each will set you back $400-$800.  This is not taking into account the expensive PC or the console to run the software.

A recent report by Superdata Reasearch this year stated that “PC and console VR’s high barrier to entry will cause 3 in four early adopters to opt out for more afforable mobile devices”.

Although the console offering will be popular because game play is all about immersion.  It comes at a heady price.  Whereas mobile VR is available free or at the normal levels of mobile games $1-2.

4) Mobile viewing trends - VR is an extension of your small screen experience

The mobile now is the most viewed screen on the planet. Not the TV. This has led the move to bigger screen smartphones.  Since smartphones are used for social media, games, email, viewing videos, surfing the internet.

Virtual reality is the next step in the evolution of viewing on a smartphone. No one wants to view a small screen.  It’s just that mobile phones are the only choice you have when on the go.  Accessories that will allow people to enhance the flat screen experience of mobile are the next step.  As people realise the benefits of a VR headset in transforming their small screen smartphones into a better viewing experience, people will buy into VR headsets.

5) Increasingly portable and convenient solutions

In the end the VR headsets that make it easiest for people to experience virtual reality will drive adoption.  No one wants a bulky VR headset. They are not really for the mobile consumer.  What consumers need are pocketable VR headsets.

But pure pocketable solutions can compromise portability for experience.  They are less bulky but light bleed can mean a poor virtual reality video experience.

i-BLADES Smart VR headset offers a solution that is no compromise on portability or VR experience.

  • It works with your phone case.  So its easy to clip on.
  • You can carry it on your phone case or in your pocket.
  • It is fully immersive.
  • It is compatible with all phones.  You will need the Smartcase that goes with the right phone.


6) Complete Bundled Offerings of VR Headsets and VR Apps

The best way for people to take up a new technology is to make it as easy as possible to get the complete experience. Providing a simple entry point. This is why i-Blades Smart VR headset comes with HashPlay pre-installed. No need to become a PhD expert in VR options available, simply get a Smartcase to protect your phone. Then attach a Smart VR Blade. The Smart VR Blade is easy to carry, easy to use and comes with pre installed VR Apps.


VR headsets are an example of where a modular phone case is ideal

Today’s consumer leads busy lives.  They also in the main protect their phone.  Any VR offering needs to recognise these two facts. Which mean:

  1. Consumers cannot carry around numerous different bulky gadgets all related to the mobile experience.
  2. Consumers need solutions that work around the phone case - not the phone.

This is why a modular phone case works for them.  They can protect their phone and add instantly new functions depending on their need at the time. A VR headset with a modular phone case is a solution that reflects today’s consumer.

Virtual reality is interesting to people. But it will not extend to buying a VR headest if they are that related to smartphone usage today. Or that cannot be carried in your pocket.