Galaxy Note 5 becomes the Galaxy Note 6 through this case

January 24, 2017

The Galaxy Note 6 is here! Upgrade Your Galaxy Note 5  to have Galaxy Note 6 / Galaxy Note 7 features with the i-BLADES Smartcase

MILPITAS, CA, January 23, 2017—Ready to upgrade your Galaxy Note 5 to a Galaxy Note 6–well now you can! Although the Galaxy Note 6 was never released and the Galaxy Note 7 was a disaster, Galaxy Note 5 users have an option–the Galaxy Note 5 i-BLADES Smartcase. It turns your Galaxy Note 5 into the Galaxy Note 6 that never arrived! It lets you add to your Galaxy Note 5 the much needed removable battery and micorsd slot the Galaxy Note 6 and Galaxy Note 7 promised. Most importantly, you can do this with your existing Note 5 using a Galaxy Note 5 smartcase.  Not just any case, the world’s most intelligent phone case  with removable battery and expandable storage.

The need for a Galaxy Note 6

Back in August 2016 we witnessed the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It immediately became the best of the larger screen smartphones that money could buy.  But though it was a great phone, the Note 5 did have some shortfalls, in particular battery life and storage. See expert reviews 

Over time your Galaxy Note 5 battery life will have declined and memory space will be getting full. For early purchasers it will be about the time people will be looking for that upgrade.  Ideally it would have been to the Galaxy Note 6, now it will not even be the Galaxy Note 7. But some features that would have been in the Galaxy Note 6 are attainable with your existing Galaxy Note 5.  


The most intelligent Galaxy Note 5 case

Galaxy Note 5 case note 6


With built-in smart technology, the i-BLADES Galaxy Note 5 Elite Smartcase is the most intelligent Galaxy Note 5 case on the market. A slimline Galaxy Note 5 case, it not only protects your Note 5, but lets you upgrade your smartphone’s features by easily snapping-on and snapping off Smartblades. Now you can upgrade your Note 5, to get those needed Galaxy Note 6 features. It will turn your Note 5 into the Note 6 that never came. But even more it gives your Note 5 an upgrade to a modular phone.  So you can add even more features over time by snapping them onto the back of the phone case.

The Note 5 Smartcase also comes with a built-in environmental sensor that gives you real-time air quality monitoring wherever you are. Up till now this has not been measurable on-the-go with one device. With air quality such a critical issue indoors and outdoors, it’s a unique solution to a growing concern.



Increase Galaxy Note 5 battery life and memory

Two of the Galaxy Note 6 features that probably had you eyeing an upgrade were:  the return of the microSD slot and an increase in Note 5 battery life. With an i-BLADES Smartcase and its snap on battery and memory Smartblade, you get both —you can double your Galaxy Note battery life and add a microSD slot to your Galaxy Note 5.


The Smartcase comes with a Smartblade that you clip on to add these features.  The Smartblade comes with 64GB of additional storage out of the box.  You can expand memory of your Galaxy Note 5 even further.

The Smartcase automatically recognizes the Smartblade and adds that functionality to your Note 5. So, if you need more power you can just snap it on. If you need more storage or an expandable microSD, just snap it on.

There are other Smartblades in development.  Other snap-on functions coming soon include virtual reality, on-the-go entertainment, health and more.

The i-BLADES Galaxy Note 5 Elite Smartcase with Enviro Sensor is available for immediate delivery and is priced at $89.99 (MSRP pre-order at $79.99). The Galaxy Note 5 Elite Smartcase with Smartblade can be pre-ordered and is priced at $119.99 (MSRP pre-order $99). Both can be ordered at


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