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Galaxy S7 Battery Cases: The SMART choice

April 21, 2017

Choosing a Galaxy S7 Battery Case: What Are Your Options?

Its about that time when you start thinking about buying a Galaxy S7 battery case or a battery pack.  The reality is your Galaxy S7 has been losing performance since you bought it and you wish it would last the day. 

If you are worried about battery life you are not alone since for some battery life is, even a source of real anxiety . A recent LG survey showed almost 90% of people admit feeling some level of stress about being at low power.  

But unfortunately the option has been add more bulk to your Galaxy S7 with a battery case or stay close to sockets, or have a battery pack on hand.  That is up until now, since among the numerous Galaxy S7 battery cases you could choose, only the i-BLADES smartcase with its snap-on battery can give you more talk time and maintain your style.



Its much more than a Galaxy S7 battery case its the WORLD's FIRST SMARTCASE. Which means it can help you do a lot more than talk for longer. This is because of its built-in smart technology. Its a COMPLETELY new type of phone case.


But don't take our word for it, to help you decide we have summarized the best Galaxy S7 battery cases out there so you can make your own decision.


The Best 5 Galaxy S7 battery cases 

1. i-BLADES Smartcase

A unique option in the market for Galaxy S7 battery cases, the i-BLADES Galaxy S7 Smartcase is a new category of case.  It has smart technology inside that means you can expand the features of your phone beyond just battery, to memory, VR and sensors.  It has a neat feature that means battery is added when you need it.  So you snap it on with something called a Smartblade rather than have it permanently on the case.  This adds a working days battery life as well as 64GB memory and a microSD slot.  Then when you do not need it you snap-off the Smartblade and pocket it.  So you are left with a sleek stylish phone case.



First up is the officially branded case offered by Samsung to its users. The key selling point is evident in the name; this case takes advantage of the S7's wireless charging ability to power up battery cells with an additional 2700 mAh of capacity. But if you are up to speed on wireless charging it is currently very slow compared to the fast charge you will be used to on your S7.  In addition it offers little in the way of added protection. It suffers the traditional Galaxy S7 battery case curse, that means you will have the case permanently on regardless of whether you need battery or not.  So say goodbye to your S7's beautiful lines but enjoy more battery life.

3. Incipio offGRID and offGRID Wireless

Galaxy S7 battery cases battery case

Continuing with the theme of wireless charging, Galaxy S7 battery cases by Incipio claim 3700 mAh of added capacity in addition to protecting your phone. The popular offGRID though thinner than other Galaxy S7 battery cases, still noticeably makes your S7 look like a brick. It suffers the traditional Galaxy S7 battery case curse like the Samsung case.


4. Mophie juice pack

Galaxy S7 battery cases battery case

Another very popular brand, Mophie's Galaxy S7 battery case is called a "juice pack" it contains just enough "juice" to equal a full phone charge — about 2950 mAh. Bulky like the offGRID, it offers less battery power but does come with wireless charging as a standard feature. Because of the brand its a popular choice among Galaxy S7 battery cases. Another traditional Galaxy S7 battery case that will give you battery life but at the cost of your S7's beautiful lines.


Galaxy S7 battery cases battery case

5. ZeroLemon Galaxy S7 battery case

With a whopping 7500 mAh, the ZeroLemon case adds an astounding amount of additional battery power combined with a very robust exterior. If you need maximum power this case is fo you.  If you want style though having this case on your phone is turns your phone more into a portable battery than a phone.  While it may be the best Samsung S7 battery case regarding capacity, it lacks in the design arena. For many users, the added weight and bulk of such a case will rule it out of contention.


The key differences in Galaxy S7 Battery cases

There are a wide range of Galaxy S7 battery cases out there with relatively identical user experiences, just different brands. The differences are:


1) Bulkiness - every time you add a battery case you add bulk.  All the Galaxy S7 battery cases compared to the i-BLADES Smartcase are heavier and bulkier.  When you do not need the battery power you have to keep the battery bulk.  This is not the case with the i-BLADES Smartcase. You can remove the battery and memory Smartblade when you no longer need power.  Leaving you a slimline case.


2) Battery capacity - do you want lots of battery capacity?  Or do you really want battery capacity when you need it?  The more capacity the bigger the case.  So if you want days of battery life you are going to go for a big case.  Unless you opt for the i-BLADES Smartcase where you can stack and charge multiple smartblades at one time and then just add that extra capacity when you need it.  So you have the same outcome but you can fit the Smartcase in your pocket!

Galaxy S7 battery case cases stackable smartblades



3) Function - Every single Galaxy S7 battery case offers you battery power.  But if you want to be able to do something more then the i-BLADES Smartcase is the obvious choice.  It comes with a Smartblade that adds 64GB extra memory as well as an expandable micro sd slot.  The case itself has an air quality sensor so you can monitor air quality.  More Smartblades are coming soon.

Ultimately its down to your choice. But if you bought the Galaxy S7 then you definitely are a technology leader.  The i-BLADES Smartcase is definitely something for you. Its now available from