Galaxy S7 case, Samsung accessory makes Galaxy S7 modular phone

September 06, 2016

How the Samsung Galaxy S7 has become a modular phone - a new Samsung Accessory, Galaxy S7 case

The Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge have been acclaimed the best android smartphones for two years running.  However, the trend of 2016 appears to be modular with modular phone announcements from LG and Motorola. Has Samsung missed the latest smartphone innovation cycle by not creating add-on, swappable capabilities?


The modular phone trend

There have been a series of modular phone announcements this year. In fact modular phones have become the technology trend for 2016. LG G5 and Moto Z, have announced modular phones.  Project Aria is the hotly awaited project from Google and is now delayed to 2017 but still causing buzz in 2016. All these projects have met with huge worldwide interest.

This is alongside the slowing of smartphone innovation. The interest in modular is growing and it indicates there is a clear desire for something new from smartphones.  This is beyond just incremental improvements in screen resolution, camera megapixels and processing power.

It shows there is a NEED is to have CHOICE, CUSTOMISATION and INNOVATION with what you can do with your smartphone.


Improving the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S6

Both these flagships from Samsung have met with critical acclaim.  The latest the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge are the best smartphones Samsung has ever made. They have improved on the outstanding galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. If you were to find faults you would find:

1)     the Samsung S6 battery life is a problem it does not last a day.

2)     the Samsung S6 does not have expandable memory. Samsung removed the microSd

3)     The Galaxy S7 battery life is a big improvement with 3000mAh but still there are times when you will need that bit extra battery and you are away from a power socket.

4)     The Galaxy S7 does not offer much new innovation over the S6. It’s the same phone, sleeker, upgraded but no cool new functions or features


Now the these imperfections can be easily overcome with a new Samsung accessory. A modular Galaxy S7 case and one for the S6.


Samsung Galaxy S7 case makes it a modular phone

i-BLADES ( now makes it possible for the Samsung Galaxy S7 to go modular too. The i-BLADES Galaxy S7 case is not only a stylish slim case that protects the Galaxy S7, but it also advances its capabilities as a modular phone, with removable Smartblades. Smartblades are modules that snap-on and snap-off the phone case to customize and personalize smartphones.


The i-BLADES Smartblades are stackable, multiple Smartblades can be charged at one time via their own USB or through the smartphone case. When using Smartblades to increase Samsung Galaxy S6 battery life or the S7, it will allow users to enjoy extremely long lasting battery life on one charge.


Samsung S7 modular VR option

i-BLADES recently announced a Smart VR blade (a portable VR headset) that attaches to the Smartcase. As a one-off promotion to showcase the i-BLADES ecosystem, users who pre-order the Galaxy S7 Smartcase with power and memory Smartblade can add the Smart VR Blade for a total of just $119.  Go to choose the Smartcase and add the Smart VR Blade to cart with the coupon Smartvrgalaxys7. Limited stocks are available and the offer lasts until the end of July only.


Galaxy S7 case better than a modular phone option

This does not mean building a modular phone fulfils this need.  In fact the sales of the LG G5 after all its hype indicate modular phones are not what people want see


A modular phone case is a more practical option:

  • People want to protect their phones
  • Modular functions need to be added and taken off easily


Taking the S6 and S7 to perfection

So now those concerns about protecting your phone and poor Samsung S6 Battery life are in the past.

You can use the dual SIM of the galaxy S7 and have a microsd to expand your memory.

You can increase the memory of your Galaxy S6.

Your phone will also be fit for the future as more functions come out.  No need to upgrade your smartphone.  Just add functions through the smartphone case.


The mobile phone case and not the modular phone is the future of smartphone innovation.


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The Galaxy S7 case a new Samsung accessory to turn your great smartphone into the perfect one.



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