Forget Galaxy S7 Edge battery case. Get a Smartcase

November 14, 2016

Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Case - Your Time Is Up

Galaxy S7 Edge battery case i-BLADES Smartcase

Considering buying a Galaxy S7 Edge battery case, think again. Up until now there have been limited choice to solve issues of S7 Edge battery drain. Options available have been a Galaxy S7 Edge battery case, a battery pack or a power pack.  A Mophie, Incipio battery case or Ankher power pack to name a few of the numerous brands.  Or alternatively a charger cable and power socket!  None of which are worthy solutions for Samsung’s most elegant and advanced mobile phone.

Today there is an alternative to the ugly Galaxy S7 Edge battery case.  Its the all new Galaxy S7 Edge phone case called the Galaxy S7 Edge Elite Smartcase.  Its a mobile phone case with a difference made by i-BLADES. It turns the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge into something even cooler; a modular phone.  There is a major  difference between this mobile phone case and a battery case. It does so much more than just improve battery life.  The modules called Smartblades, are removable.  So you have a sleek attractive case, until you need a hit of new functionality.  Then you just snap on what you need.


Say goodbye to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge battery phone case.  Say goodbye to battery drain and battery life issues. Time to make your  Galaxy S7 Edge even more state of the art with the Galaxy S7 Edge Elite Smartcase.


The Galaxy S7 Edge battery life drain

In our opinion the Galaxy S7 Edge is one of the best smartphones on the market today.  Its not just our opinion.  Its had rave reviews from everyone including Engadget,  TechCrunch to name a few. But there are always things to improve.  Battery life continues to be a hot topic, as people do evermore on their smartphones. The S7 Edge on spec has a great battery - 3600 mAh. But on use, there is an issue with Galaxy S7 Edge battery drain. This is particularly amongst those with the Snapdragon processor. Check out the XDA post on this here that may help you solve those problems.


The i-BLADES Smartcase


i-BLADES, Inc., creator of the world’s first Smartcase, today announces its new Galaxy S7 Edge phone case. The Galaxy S7 Edge Elite Smartcase, is a smartphone case with built-in smart technology. This allows you to do more with your Galaxy S7 Edge.


This latest Samsung Accessory comes with a starter module (Smartblade). When you snap-it on it gives you 1 days extra battery life as well as 64GB of extra memory.  The Smartblade is removable, unlike the bulky battery that comes with Galaxy S7 Edge battery cases.


The i-BLADES Galaxy S7 Edge case is a stylish slim case that protects the Galaxy S7 Edge. But importantly it allows you to do a lot more.  Not just because you have more battery life.  Built-in patented micro-thin smart technology creates a smart platform within the phone case. This smart platform allows users to expand the capabilities of their Galaxy S7 Edge. See below.


You can extend the capabilities of your S7 Edge through other Smartblades.  Currently there is a Smart VR blade that gives you a portable Virtual reality solution. More Smartblades are coming soon around entertainment on the go, health and fitness as well as audio. With the i-BLADES Smartcase you can solve much more than you could with a Galaxy S7 Edge battery case.

Making Galaxy S7 Edge battery life last longer on one charge Any standard Galaxy S7 Edge battery case has only one battery built-in that lasts for one charge. Then you need to charge phone and case. The i-BLADES Galaxy S7 Edge Smartcase comes with a battery and memory Smartblade. When attached to the i-BLADES Smartcase, this thin removable Smartblade gives Galaxy S7 Edge users a big boost. It provides 18 hours more talk time, 10 hours more video viewing plus 64GB more memory. The Smartcase also gives the Galaxy S7 Edge user an additional microSD slot for expandable storage (particularly valuable for Galaxy S7 Edge dual SIM users). Since the i-BLADES Smartblades are stackable, multiple Smartblades can be charged at one time via their own USB. Or they can be stacked on the phone case and charged, once the phone has been charged. This lets users enjoy extremely long lasting power. You can stack multiple blades when charging. Then pocket them and use them, when you need. Depending on how many you use. You could have the longest lasting smartphone on one charge.

Upgrading your Galaxy S7 Edge

The Galaxy S7 Edge is cutting-edge.  At its premium price it should stay ahead of the curve of smartphone technology for a long time.  However, the reality is the beautiful S7 Edge will get dated quickly.  New phones come out and by the time you can afford to upgrade its old.  A Galaxy S7 Edge battery case does nothing to prevent this.  However, the i-BLADES Smartcase allows you the opportunity to upgrade at any time.  You can add the latest new functions over time.  Keeping your Galaxy S7 Edge fresh and you ahead of the technology cycle.

Time to say goodbye to Galaxy S7 Edge battery cases

Battery cases were only designed to give you more power.  They were not designed for style.  They are just a battery “hidden” within a bulky case.  Why buy an S7 Edge if you are going to slap an ugly battery case on the back? At i-BLADES we recognise that you bought your phone because it was cutting-edge and it looks great.  That is why the i-BLADES Smartcase strives to continue to provide its users those two key things.

  1. Good looks with a stylish slim fit smartphone case.
  2. A smart platform to enable continual upgrading to new technologies

It really is time to step into the future with the Galaxy S7 Edge Smartcase. Available on pre-order now here with the battery and memory Smartblade included.

We realise some may have rushed out to buy Galaxy S7 Edge battery cases. Do not fear we have an option for you. But you will need to look out for it.  We recognise up to now you had no alternative. We want to offer you a choice.  Battery case (bulky old technology) or Smartcase (sleek and cutting-edge technology)? So in the coming months watch for our special Galaxy S7 Edge battery case trade-in offer.  We will allow you to a trade-in your Galaxy S7 Edge battery case and get a major discount on the Galaxy S7 Edge Elite Smartcase.  Sign-up to our newsletter below for more updates or email us at for any questions you may have.

For those of you fortunate to not  have yet bought a Galaxy S7 Edge battery case.  Check out the Smartcase and say goodbye to your Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Case.

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