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Galaxy S8 Battery Cases: Time to think differently and make a SMART choice

January 29, 2018

Choosing a Galaxy S8 Battery Case: What Are Your Options?

Its about that time when you start thinking about buying a Galaxy S8 battery case or a battery pack.  Your Galaxy S8 has been losing battery performance since you bought it and you wish it would still last the day.  You are not alone in your worries of battery life as it is, a source of real anxiety for many. Almost 90% of people admit feeling some level of stress about being at low power.  

But unfortunately the only option until recently has been to add more bulk to your Galaxy S8 with a battery case, to stay in reach of power sockets, or have a big battery pack with cables on hand.  There is an alternative among the sea of me-too, look-alike Galaxy S8 battery cases. The i-BLADES smartcase offers a new take, with its snap-on battery can give you more talk time,  maintain your style and ensure you have no battery case bulk blues!



Its much more than a Galaxy S8 battery case its the WORLD's FIRST SMARTCASE and it can help you do a lot more than talk for longer. Its a COMPLETELY new type of phone case.


But here are a selection of the best Galaxy S8 battery cases out there so you can make your own decision.


The Best 5 Galaxy S8 battery cases 

1. i-BLADES Smartcase

Totally unique, offering much more than an average Galaxy S8 battery case, the i-BLADES Galaxy S8 Smartcase.  It has smart technology built-in that allows you to expand the features of your phone with snap-on Smartblades that work wirelessly.  The current Battery & Memory Smartblade that is included is snapped on and this adds half a days battery life as well as extra GB memory built-in plus a microSD slot.  When you do not need it you can snap-off the Smartblade and pocket it.  So you are left with a sleek stylish phone case.

It even comes in a leather wallet version - Galaxy S8 leather Wallet Smartcase.

Samsung Galaxy S8 battery case cases power memory battery life smartcase



2. Trainium Atomic Pro S8 battery case

At number two we have a relatively unknown but increasingly popular case, the Trainium Atomic Pro S8 battery case is another big capacity case.  This S8 case offers 4500mAh. A two piece case offering a bumper frame and hard shell back plate. This does not allow you to charge your S8 wirelessly but offers more than a days charge. It is heavy at 4.5 ounces/ 128 grams. Ultimately it makes your slimline Galaxy S8 look like a brick at 0.8 inches thick. It suffers the traditional Galaxy S8 battery case curse. More power, more bulk. 

Weight: 4.5 ounces, 128 grams.
Thickness: 0.8 inches

3. ZeroLemon Ultra Power Galaxy S8 battery case

With a whopping 8500 mAh, the ZeroLemon case adds a huge amount of additional battery power to your Galaxy S8. This S8 battery case will triple your S8's battery life. It also has a very protective exterior. If you need maximum power for days on end, then this case is for you.  Unfortunately this is the biggest Galaxy S8 case it is very heavy at 7.2 ounces, 204 grams..  While it may be the best Samsung S8 battery case regarding capacity for the price, it lacks any design finesse. Which surely was part of the reason for buying a Galaxy S8 in the first place.

Even their advertising advises you to check the size of this giant S8 battery case before buying. It says 0.86inches on the image but on the listing its a whooping 10 inches.

Weight: 7.2 ounces, 128 grams.
Thickness: 10 inches


Image result for galaxy s8 zerolemon battery case


4. Mophie juice pack

If you have bought a battery case previously you would have heard or bought a Mophie. The Galaxy S8 Mophie battery case is called a "juice pack" it contains just enough battery life to equal a full phone charge — about 2950 mAh. Bulky, it offers less battery power at a higher price, because of the brand is a pop;ular Galaxy S8 battery case. However, reviews show some quality issues. In the end its another traditional Galaxy S8 battery case from a known brand and it will give you battery life but at the cost of your S8's beautiful lines.

You may also want to buy a screen protector because its "low profile" design leaves the screen exposed. 


Weight:  3.7 ounces,  105 grams. Thickness:  0.7 inches


5. Vproof 5,500 mAh Galaxy S8 Battery Case

Last but not least is a Galaxy S8 charging case from another relatively unknown battery case manufacturer Vproof. Their S8 battery case case adds an extra 5,500mAh of juice.  Its right for you if you want an extra days battery life, do not want to spend much money on a Galaxy S8 battery case to achieve that and do not care about weight and size.  Its a slightly better version of the 100's of Galaxy S8 battery cases out there. But its relatively undifferentiated and still thick at 0.7 inches.
Weight: 4.6 ounces, 131 grams.
Thickness: 0.7 inches

The key differences in Galaxy S8 Battery cases

There are a wide range of Galaxy S8 battery cases out there with relatively identical user experiences, just different brands. Summarizing the S8 charging case key differences:


1) Bulkiness - every time you add a battery case you usually add an extra heavy battery to your phone.  The bigger the battery the heavier and bulkier the charging case.  All the Galaxy S8 battery cases are heavier and bulkier compared to the i-BLADES Smartcase - because the battery does not always have to be on.  You have to keep a standard battery case on, even when you do not need the power - you keep the bulk.  This is not the case with the i-BLADES S8 Smartcase. You can remove the battery and memory Smartblade when you no longer need power.  Leaving you a slimline case.


2) Battery capacity - do you really want lots of battery capacity?  Or do you want enough power and battery when you need it?  Invariably the answer will be battery life when you need it.  If you want days of battery life you will normally go for a big case like the Zerolemon.  But i-BLADES has a smarter way to deal wtih longer battery life for your S8. You can stack and charge multiple smartblades at one time and then just add that extra capacity when you need it.  So you have the same outcome but you can fit the Smartcase in your pocket!

Galaxy S7 battery case cases stackable smartblades



3) Function - Every single Galaxy S8 battery case offers you battery power.  The i-BLADES Smartcase offers you much more. It comes with a Smartblade that adds 16GB, 32GB, 64GB of storage through built-in and removable sd cards. The case also has a built-in air quality sensor so you can monitor air quality.  More Smartblades are coming soon.

Ultimately its down to your choice. But if you bought the Galaxy S8 then you definitely are a technology leader and you like a slimline product. You should really think about the i-BLADES S8 Smartcase. Its now available from