Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus drop tests show they need protective cases

June 09, 2017

It seems so unnatural to drop test an expensive beautiful looking phone like the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.  But the reality is we all drop our phones from time to time.  Whether taking it from our pocket or placing it on a table. That is why there are a myriad of videos on You Tube showing what happens when you drop your S8 or your S8 Plus.  So no need for you to do your own drop tests we have rounded up some of the more interesting drop tests on You Tube. They all make interesting viewing.

Samsung drop test claims true?

Samsung claims the phone can endure falls from shoulder height (1.6 meters or about 5 feet) 80% of the time. But is that really true?

The results of these Galaxy S8 and S8 plus drop tests are not pretty but serve as a stark warning to owners of these leading flagships.The reality is that, although attractive, You Tube Galaxy S8 drop tests show that the phone is easily damaged. In nearly every test, the phone suffered from extensive cracking and shattering.  See below for some examples.

It is of course no surprise that the all-glass construction, of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus did not far well in drop tests.  But the issue is not do they need a case but how can you find a case that matches the advancement and sleek lines of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.  The answer of course lies in the i-BLADES Smartcase.  





But first I am sure you want to see some drop tests.


What Happens to the Galaxy S8 in a Drop Test?

Popular technology website, CNET, conducted one of the most comprehensive Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus drop tests we have seen. 

In this series of drop tests, they took a Galaxy S8 and dropped it from varying heights - ouch! They were trying to replicate the most common accidents and drops covering those from hip-level, eye-level, and car-height.

Unfortunately after the very first drop (simulating a fall from one's pocket) the back glass of the phone began to crack. Even though the spider-web cracking became quite severe by the end of the testing run, the main screen survived all three CNET tests. It was noted this might be due to luck. CNET's conclusion - get a case!

 In another drop test produced by Gizmoslip, the S8 was dropped from shoulder height onto parking lot asphalt.


Here the S8 suffered damage immediately. Not only did the back sustain damage, but the front also showed several impact points, perhaps due to the rough surface of asphalt. By the end of the testing, the phone looked a mess with visible shattering on all four corners of the screen. 

Similar results were shown by YouTuber TechRax conducted a Galaxy S8 drop test inside a garage. The list goes on.


If one phone is not enough for you check out this drop test of the Galaxy S8 against the iPhone 7 video by EverythingApplePro . 


The back of the S8 cracks on the first drop. On the positive side it took a face-down drop of 10 feet before there was damage noted to the front of the phone.


Drop tests show a case is needed

There is absolutely no question that all these tests show that the GS8 and GS8 Plus need phone cases.  But the issue is you have bought a gorgeous phone you really do not want to cover it up with loads of thick plastic. So you need a case that maintains the curvy sleek lines of the GS8 and GS8 Plus but offers great protection.

There are of course a multitude of cases to choose from.  However, Samsung made a step change in technological advancement when they produced the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Now i-BLADES has created  a case that matches that advancement in the case arena.  Its slimline but packed full of smart electronics and features that will keep you ahead. 

Its resilient polycarbonate construction, means it meets high standards for drop durability. But what is unique is its ability to offer power smartphone users and those who need to do more a real solution to meet demands on power, memory and access to new technology early. To read more visit to find the Smartcase that suits your lifestyle today!




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