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How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung S22

December 26, 2021

Taking screenshots has become so common that there are now so many ways in which you can complete this task. Whether you want to brag about your new purchase, prove your point, or simply share a funny meme, Samsung Galaxy S22 offers various simple ways to do it. A complete list of all available ways to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones is listed below.

How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung S22

The simplest methods that are used to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S22:

  • Using screenshot apps for Android 12, Android 11, Android 10;

  • Google Assistant;

  • Bixby voice control;

  • Using volume down and lock screen buttons;

  • A special icon for a screenshot;

  • Swipe your fingers across the screen;

  • Using the palm gesture;

  • Also, Samsung phone owners can use a special palm gesture to the side of the screen to take a screenshot.

Screenshot using the app

One of the easiest ways to get a screenshot for your Samsung Galaxy S22 is to download the app you want from Google Play. There is no particular sense in naming a specific one as there are quite a few of them and they all do the same thing. Just search with the keyword 'Screenshot' for every one of these apps contain the same word in its name. Apps may seem unnecessary but they are a quick and fun option nevertheless.

Google Assistant

Those who talk a lot with their phone would be better off using Google's voice assistant. It would be sufficient to say ā€˜Ok, Google, take a screenshot.ā€™ And everything is done. A screenshot of the phone screen is saved to your phoneā€™s storage.

Using Bixby

On Samsung Galaxy phones, you can use a special option to take a screenshot. This is Bixby's proprietary voice assistant. Just like with Google Assistant, you can simply tell what you need to do. Voice assistants are always useful if you are on the move or simply cannot use both hands at the moment. Tell Bixby that you want and it will be done.

Once the application is supported by Bixby, Bixby will be able to execute all commands that the application can execute by voice, touch, or text. Bixby's comprehensive integration is also built into smartphone settings, allowing the user to change phone settings such as setting the screen expiration or displaying all notifications, without stopping what you are currently doing.

Using the buttons to get a screenshot

You can take screenshots using the two buttons on almost any phone with Android 12, 11, 10. You just need to press the Volume button and the Power button together.

This is arguably the most common way of taking screenshots as it takes a single second. Be that as it may, some people can find it difficult (left-handed people, people with small hands, or just people who canā€™t use both hands at the time of taking a screenshot). Luckily, there are other ways as well.

Screenshot icon

Any modern phone has the ability to take a screenshot using a special icon in the top panel that can be called up with a swipe down the screen. Use one of your fingers, swipe from your front camera to the bottom, use the menu panel and press the ā€˜screenshotā€™ icon. Itā€™s as simple as that.

And then you will find advanced screenshot options, for example: take a long screenshot of the entire page, find out where they are saved and where to find screenshots, insert and send a screenshot, get a screenshot of the selected area of the screen, recognize and copy text from a screenshot, understand what to do if you cannot take a screenshot without buttons and why the screenshot does not work.

Display gestures

For those who already use their phone a lot, one of the coolest ways to get a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S22 is with a very complex gesture with three fingers down the display. Simply swipe down with your three fingers from top to bottom and a screenshot will be made.

This is arguably the best way to take a screenshot when using just one hand. But, sometimes it can be unsuccessful and you may scroll up for quite a bit. As annoying as it can be, it is still a satisfying method.

Palm gesture

Itā€™s like turning a page when reading a book. Simply swipe your hand from right to the left of the screen and a screenshot will be taken. The only advantage of this method is that it is fun. Book lovers will adore it especially. But, itā€™s too much work in comparison to other methods mentioned above and it might not work properly from time to time.

About Samsung S22

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For those who are willing to part ways with some cash to have the best of the best, the S22 series from Samsung is a no-brainer choice. What do you think about it?