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New snap-on modular accessories announced

January 09, 2018

 i-BLADES Announces Snap-On Modular Accessories For

The World’s First Smartcase

Expanding snap-on wireless ecosystem to provide accessories for in-car charging, in-home and wireless charging on the go.


LAS VEGAS, NV, January 8th, 2017--i-BLADES, Inc., the maker of the world’s first Smartcase announced a series of snap-on accessories for its modular phone cases today. These accessories will allow purchasers of the i-BLADES Smartcase to enjoy even greater wireless freedom with the i-BLADES modular phone case from in-car charging to ease of stackable charging for modular it battery and memory Smartblades. These are on show at Pepcom’s Digital Experience during CES.


The i-BLADES Smartcase is a newly launched phone case that offers protection but its built-in micro engineered technology allows users to upgrade the capabilities of their smartphones with snap-on modular Smartblades. Smartblades attach magnetically to the back of the case adding features wirelessly to the smartphone such as power, memory, audio, security and other applications.


i-BLADES is now offering Smartcase purchasers new accessories to match their lifestyles and make mobile lives easier by using the i-BLADES snap-on system as well as its proprietary wireless standard for high-speed data and power transfer.


The three accessories are:

 A smart magnetic in-car holder and charger. This delivers fast charge wirelessly. Just snap-on to Smartcase to get instant charging. Rotate the phone easily and securely to any position using the unique 360 adjustable lockable system.

Snap-on modular accessory i-blades car phone holder charger


A smart wall charger. Once plugged into the wall users can snap-on Smartcases or Smartblades magnetically so they can charge wirelessly. Stack multiple Smartblades to “Stack-charge” so you can get maximum battery capacity on one charge.

snap-on modular accessory i-blades smart charger stackable smartblades 

Universal Wireless Charging Smartblade.  This ultra-thin accessory, at a little more than 3mm thick, snaps discretely onto the back of the Smartblade. It allows any phone in the Smartcase to wirelessly charge at high speed on i-BLADES proprietary wireless system and across other universal wireless chargers.

Snap-on modular phone accessory universal wireless charging smartblade 


“This is just the start of the expanding i-BLADES wireless ecosystem to enable our users to be able to do more wirelessly”, said Jorge Fernandes, CEO i-BLADES.


All of these will be showcased at CES. Contact for a demo or more information.  These will be available on sale within the first quarter of 2018.