i-BLADES Wins 2016 MEMS IoT Technology Showcase

December 08, 2016

A new platform for IOT technologies to innovate and reach mobile consumers quickly


i-BLADES Inc. has been named the 2016 MEMS & Sensors Technology Showcase winner for its groundbreaking Smartcase, a phone case that is an IOT platform, dramatically accelerating time to market and reach for sensor and other technologies. The Smartcase allows new technology to quickly reach mass-market mobile consumers through one integrated smartphone accessory — a mobile phone case. i-BLADES beat four other cutting-edge finalists at the annual MEMS & Sensor Industry Group (MSIG) annual conference 2016. The Smartcase beat the competition because of its broader capability to accelerate and benefit the IOT and micro sensor market.

MEMS sensor makers looking to go mobile

There are a swathe of sensor makers who are looking to drive forwards IoT by putting their technology on mobile phones.  Supply is far outstripping capacity, and smartphone manufacturers are struggling to keep up with their need to reduce thickness and increase battery and display size.  Therefore, limiting the amount of new technology consumers can access through smartphone upgrades.  Many commentators are referring to the decline in smartphone innovation.

i-BLADES Smartcase a new IOT platform for mobile

The i-BLADES Smartcase offers a new approach for smartphone consumers to receive new technology ahead of the smartphone innovation cycle.  At the same time it offers sensor makers a route to the highly desirable mobile market that is faster without having to integrate into smartphones or create separate devices.  The i-BLADES Smartcase achieves this through a modular platform that can accommodate all these new IOT technologies.  It protects a users phone like other phone cases but allows them to snap-on new technologies and functions through Smartblades.

“It’s not an easy process to get a new sensor designed into a mobile phone,” said Jorge Fernandes. “It typically means waiting at least one smartphone design cycle, which is about 18 months. Even then, with smartphone makers limiting the number of sensors in devices, your sensor may not meet the ‘large market appeal’ criteria. Our Smartcase provides a new option for field testing and introducing new or niche sensors that makes the whole process much easier and faster.”

The Smartcase can accommodate a limitless number of IOT solutions that need smartphone power, UI and connectivity. Its proprietary Smart platform allows multiple modules to connect to mobile. The power is in the hands of the user who benefits from ultimate choice as to when and what they want to add to their smartphone.

Bosch Sensortec Environmental Sensor Case Study

Leading MEMS sensor provider, Bosch Sensortec is one of the first users of the Smartcase platform.   Bosch Sensortec used the system for the introduction of its BME680 environmental sensor, which i-BLADES embedded in the case in six weeks, compared to the much longer road for design-in from phone makers.  Now all i-BLADES Smartcase users can enjoy accurate air quality monitoring wherever they are.

The i-BLADES Smartcase

The world’s first Smartcase, is a phone case with built-in patented micro-thin smart technology. This creates a smart platform that lets users expand smartphone capabilities by adding removable Smartblades onto the back of the case. The connection between phone and Smartblade is equivalent to a hard-wired data connection, enabling easy integration of new sensors.

i-BLADES has developed a variety of Smartblades that solve major smartphone user pain points–from battery life, to health to on-the-go entertainment—with more planned for the future. Users can just snap-on Smartblades for new functions, then snap them off when they do not need them.  This gives MEMs partners access to the mobile market without having to create a separate device or wait for integration into smartphone technologies.

Users can pre-order the i-BLADES Smartcase here.  Or if you are visiting CES 2017, i-BLADES will be exhibiting in the South Hall 3 at the i-BLADES Booth (#35304). i-BLADES is a recent winner of the Honoree award for technological innovation for CES 2017.

About MEMS Industry Group

MEMS Industry Group (MIG) is the trade association advancing MEMS and sensors across global markets. More than 180 companies comprise MIG, including Analog Devices, Applied Materials, ARM, Bosch, EV Group, Freescale Semiconductor, GE, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, HP, HTC Corporation, Huawei, Goertek, Infineon, Intel, InvenSense, Jawbone, Kionix, Knowles Corporation, Lenovo, OMRON Electronic Components, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., SONY Electronics, SPTS Technologies, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments and TSMC. For more information, visit: www.memsindustrygroup.org.


About i-BLADES

A Silicon Valley start-up, i-BLADES designs and markets modular add-on technology for the global smartphone market. CEO and founder Jorge Fernandes was one of the lead people in inventing the global standard behind Apple Pay. I-BLADES created the world’s first “Smartcase,” a next-generation mobile phone case with smart technology inside. It’s a modular expansion platform that lets users add functionality to smartphones, such as more battery life, more storage or solutions around air quality, VR headset, wellness, entertainment, etc. With the i-BLADES Developer Program, companies can use the Smart Platform to create new function-specific Blades for every market imaginable. www.i-blades.com.




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