Best way to improve Samsung Galaxy S6 battery life

June 06, 2016

Improve Samsung Galaxy S6 battery life with style

Samsung Galaxy S6 battery life does not last long enough for a flagship smartphone.  It comes with a smaller battery than its predecessor and no way to improve it. This combined with its impressive Quad HD AMOLED display screen mean that Galaxy S6 battery life struggles to keep up with everyday usage. Users have had to buy bulky powercases, cumbersome powerpacks or design altering battery cases to improve battery life for their needs. None are in keeping with the stylish design of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

That is until a new Samsung Accessory was recently announced, the i-BLADES Smartcase This is a Samsung Galaxy S6 case with modular expansion capabilities. That mean you can now have the longest lasting smartphone battery life on one charge. But ensure you keep your precious phone looking sleek with snap-on and snap-off battery life modules.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 battery life

The Samsung S6 battery is smaller than its predecessor.  It is a non-removable 2,550mAh battery which is down from the 2,800mAH of the Samsung S5. Samsung made the decision that people wanted a slimmer phone than bettery battery life.

Indeed the Samsung S6 is a good looking smartphone of metal and glass.  However, the result was that Samsung users are complaining about the Galaxy S6 battery life as it is just not good enough.

The review by Trusted reviews indicated the Samsung S6 lost 10% an hour in this Samsung Galaxy S6 battery life review.  That meant it was 20% gone before the person reviewing it got to work.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has two hours less battery life than the S5 according to Tom's Guide.

Imagine the battery performance when users try to play PokemonGO. Clearly the Galaxy S6 Case with a Snap on Snap off battery is the solution for fun and work.

There are also several sites that offer tips on improving battery life.

However, these guides mean disabling or removing apps, reducing wi-fi usage, dimming screens to minimise Samsung battery problems. Even with these tips and various software improvements, including the Android Marshmallow update the Samsung Galaxy S6 battery life is below par. Wireless and quick charging help minimize the issue but it's no use when you're mobile.

In moderate usage you get a day out of it at best.   But that does not take into account playing games, video usage.  So unless you are very careful you need to find ways to keep their phone battery life topped up.


Solving Galaxy S6 battery life problems

There are no solutions available that recognise people bought the S6 because it is a beautifully designed phone. That people only need battery power at certain times. Also no one wants to interrupt their activity when they are on the go to charge their phone. Looking at some alternative solutions:

Galaxy S6 battery pack: Any Galaxy S6 battery pack is an additional device that you need to hold and carry around with you.  They are often bulky and reduce your ability to continue to do the things you would want to. To the extent it is even difficult to take phone calls.

There are a wide selection of battery packs. These are basically external batteries: Tylt 3kAukey 10k battery; Anker E7 battery


Galaxy S6 battery case - battery cases are a growing trend.  They protect your S6 but in doing so they add considerable bulk.  Your phone would be unrecognisable in a Galaxy S6 case with battery function.  They also add weight. FInd our blog on battery cases not solving the problem.

There are  wide selection of battery cases. Mophie and Incipio are key manufacturers of smartphone battery cases: Mophie Juice Pack; Incipio Galaxy S6 battery case


A new smart Samsung accessory

“Smart” accessories are often called smart as they have built-in smart technology.  But truly smart solutions should not be just about technology but if they fit people’s lifestyle and needs.  The i-BLADES smartcase fulfils both Smart criteria.

1 i-BLADES Smart technology: 

The i-BLADES Smartcase has built-in smart technology that means you can add functions to your phone when you wish.  You can add extra battery life when you need it.  But you can add other functions as well - such as memory, environmental sensors, VR etc.

2 i-BLADES Smart solution:

  1. Protection - consumers in the majority of cases cover their phones.  The i-BLADES Galaxy S6 case provides protection.
  2. Removable battery life - the i-BLADES Smartcase has snap-on and snap-off functions.  Using small pocketable attachments called Smartblades.
  3. Maintains the Galaxy S6 good looks - the i-BLADES Smartcase is a Galaxy S6 case that offers no extra bulk beyond protection.  Its smart technology is hidden.


Giving your Galaxy S6 the longest lasting battery life

The addition benefit is that the Smartblades are stackable and can be charged in one go stacked on top of each other.  Therefore, on one charge you could have up to 10 times battery life. Each Smartblade is pocketable so its the ultimate portable battery life solution.

Available now on pre-order

Its time to solve Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery life problems once and for all and in a Smart way.  The i-BLADES smartcase is available for pre-order

Give this Samsung accessory a try and let us know what you think.


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