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July 05, 2017

Rumored Features of the iPhone 8

Ten years after the release of the first iPhone, Apple is preparing its next flagship phone, the iPhone 8, for release. the Internet is abuzz with speculation, leaks and rumors of the iPhone 8 features. We layout below the most probable rumors.


All-glass construction and less bezel than ever?

There has been significant disagreement between rumors and leaks about the construction of the iPhone 8. Would it continue with glass and steel, or change to all-glass? It appears based on the latest leaks about components that all of the 8's models will feature a very subtle front bezel as the company creates an edge-to-edge screen. As Apple's previous efforts with an all-glass phone led to a spate of customer complaints, any move back to such a design would necessitate further improvements to the glass materials used.


Apple says goodbye to the LCD screen

LCD screens have been the mainstay of the iPhone line, but that looks like it may be set to come to an end.  Production agreements between Samsung and Apple, plus a consistent swirl of rumors from many sources, suggest there may be a transition to an OLED screen. As OLEDs are brighter, more vibrant, and less power-intensive than their LCD counterparts, it is a sensible move.


The dual-lens camera – finally here?

After many rumors that the base iPhone 7 would feature a dual-lens camera, the device released without one. Similar rumors are back for the iPhone 8, and this time we’ve seen production molds that include a radically different camera setup using vertical orientation. Dual lenses offer mobile photographers a wealth of new options to improve their photography. Dual lenses provide better zoom, sharper effects, as well as higher quality pictures in general. The iPhone 8 is in a race with the Galaxy Note 8 around this feature.   It would be a big miss if it did not have one.


Where will the iPhone 8 read your fingerprints?

The iPhone will have a fingerprint scanner. But the question is where will it be? With a bigger screen and no place for a physical sensor on the front of the phone of the anticipated design, analysts have split into two camps. On the one side, some suggest that the iPhone 8 will feature TouchID integrated directly into the screen. Other analysts do not think that is likely, and instead, believe that TouchID will move to the back of the phone. As of yet, no schematics or leaked design documents point strongly in either direction.


Augmented reality moves front and center

A great deal of buzz focuses on Apple's apparent efforts to recruit talented individuals to work on augmented reality projects. With an enhanced camera and boasting a more powerful processor, the iPhone 8 could make augmented reality, a la Google Glass, more mainstream. After all, we know the Cupertino giant is always looking to change the way we interact with our devices. Even Apple's CEO has repeatedly spoken about AR's importance for the future, so to see some functionality for this integrated into the iPhone 8 would not be surprising. But currently Samsung is leading the charge.


Is wireless charging finally coming to the iPhone?

Samsung users enjoy wireless charging with some devices already, but iPhone owners remain tethered to cords. No longer, according to leaks and design documents that indicate the new iPhone will finally incorporate wireless charging. The inclusion of a glass back supports the idea that the phone will use a charging pad like other solutions currently on the market. Initial rumors about room-scale wireless charging without the need for direct physical contact seem to be unfounded.


Will the iPhone 8 incorporate new biometric features?

Besides speculation about the placement of TouchID, some believe that the iPhone 8 will also feature facial recognition as an authentication method. With the addition of a more robust front-facing camera than in previous models, the device could have enough resolution to accurately record and verify a user's facial features. If true, it's evidence of Apple's continued efforts to simplify the way users interact with their devices — especially in the face of some issues with TouchID functionality being unreliable.


The evolution of the iPhone continues

Will these rumors pan out when Apple finally drops the curtain to reveal the iPhone 8? Perhaps not, but based on leaked schematics, it seems that at least some of these are a safe bet. Though several of these features have been available in Samsung phones for some time, there's no doubt that the company will attempt to find new ways to innovate and excite its massive install base with its next device. With the year already halfway over, we're certain to get more concrete news soon!


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