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Is Google Pixel 5 Waterproof?

February 25, 2021

The Pixel 5 is the latest smartphone released by Google and as such should be of top-notch quality in the ever-increasingly competitive market. But we have seen that Google has opted for a more “budget-friendly” smartphone, meaning that not the best materials and components were used in order to cut cost in production so that the phone could be cheaper to end-users.

Naturally, this raises the question...

Is Google Pixel 5 Waterproof?

And the answer is - Yes.

Google Pixel 5 has a resistance rating of IP68. A smartphone with IP68 can be submerged at depths of up to one meter in freshwater for up to 30 minutes. In other words, you are pretty much safe if you drop your phone in a glass of water, a swimming pool, or maybe a toilet. It happens. But…

Even if you know that your smartphone is waterproof, we suggest you don't fool around. A photo underwater can be very good but is it really worth $699, the price of a new Pixel 5?

Do not expose the device directly to strong currents as that could jeopardize its integrity. If you submerge the mobile either by accident or of your own accord, always dry the mobile carefully and always make sure that it really is dry. Moisture is like termites in electronics.

Finally, remember that although many times it is announced that mobiles with IP68 are completely waterproof, it cannot be 100% guaranteed that this works for all terminals. A small factory error, a recent blow that has damaged the case of the smartphone, or even a small crack can cause your smartphone to go wrong.

And, there is another reason which Google named as

"Normal errors"

Many buyers of the Pixel 5 phones have noticed a gap between the screen and the body of the phone, a small crack that shouldn't be there.

In most cases, the fault appears around the corner where the front camera is located, but there are no reports that account for other locations. Some reports point out that they find that error from the moment they take the phone out of the box and others say that it appeared after a few days of use.

In a support thread found by the 9to5Google site, the company pointed out that this is "a normal part of the Pixel 5 design." Clearly, an answer that does not satisfy buyers. The manufacturer said that users should not worry since that space that separates the display from the body of the device has "no effect on the resistance to water and dust, or on the functionalities of the smartphone."

“We had the opportunity to investigate customer units and, combined with our quality control data from the factory, we can confirm that the variation in free space between the body and the screen is a normal part of the Pixel 5 design. There is no effect on the water and dust resistance or functionality of your phone. We will work with customers individually to address any concerns they may have, "they commented from Google in a statement.

Following The Verge, it's unclear how widespread the problem is. Do all Pixel 5 units have this design flaw or is it only a limited number of devices? After all, if Google is right, it is reassuring to know that this gap does not ruin the phone, although that does not take into account the aesthetic care that is claimed from a factory of such size.

Damage and dust resistance

Once again, it was the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel, where Zach put the Pixel 5 through one of the toughest endurance tests. The device ends up practically destroyed, although the results did reveal that Pixel 5 has a more solid construction than last year's Pixel 4, whose resistance was called into question when it was practically split in half when subjected to the bending test.

Google did improve some construction aspects, but it becomes clear after this video that the case quality is very far from other competitors’ mid-range smartphones on the market.

What did the test show?

When the Youtuber scratches the screen of the Pixel 5 it suffers damage from level 6, being more accused at level 7. This is a standard that we have been seeing for years, despite the fact that the screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 6. However, when he tries to scratch the body of the device, we see that a thick layer of plastic dominates the entire device until finally a metal chassis is revealed. The rear fingerprint sensor is also damaged with strong scratches, but it still recognizes the fingerprint without a problem. However, it is clear that plastic predominates, contrary to popular belief that Google has manufactured the terminal in aluminum, to give it a more premium touch.

The terminal peels like an orange, it is able to easily remove the Google logo (which is simply pasted) and even reach the wireless charging module with ease. The coil is shown in all its glory, and we even see a small accident when the battery is punctured, which lets the chemical components of the battery escape. The bending was the last test to which the phone was subjected. In this case, the terminal holds without bending excessively even when maximum pressure is applied. However, we see how the screen begins to peel off slightly, which later would affect its water resistance.

Further protection

The IP68 rating is great, but we don’t trust this budget-friendly construction at all. After all, these tests have shown that damage is more than likely to happen. Bearing that in mind, it would be advisable to further protect your phone from damage by buying additional cases, screen protectors, leather wallets, anything.

For example, the i-Blades company has every single protection item for Pixel 5 and you can buy the whole bunch to make a perfect shield for your phone. Not only that, but the case is a smart case, adding additional storage memory space, 20 hours of battery life, and various environmental sensors for your health. In other words, you get more protection, more specs, and more juice to your budget-friendly smartphone. A complete win-win!

For further information, you can visit this page.