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Is Pixel 7 Worth The Money?

July 05, 2022

The Pixel 7 series is getting closer to fruition and there are many rumors as well as official info circling around. Of course, there are still plenty of extra details about the Pixel 7 that we don't know. In addition, there are some improvements we'd like to see in Google's next-generation devices, and so far, speculations suggest they just might happen. So, here we collect all the aspects and possible fiction surrounding the Google Pixel 7 series and whether the new series will be worth the money.

Google Pixel 7: Release Date And Price

Google has stated that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will launch "this fall". Our reading is that this will probably happen in October 2022, since this is the month in which Google presents its flagship hardware, normally.

It's quite possible that the Pixel 7 will go on sale in the same month because it's been done that way with previous releases too. So October will be the benchmark for getting Google's newest smartphones. Even though both devices are uploaded to the site, they are not currently in the store and are obviously not available for purchase or pre-order. However, we could expect a price scheme similar to that of its predecessor series, around 599 USD for the Pixel 7 and 899 dollars for the Pixel 7 Pro.

Google Pixel 7: The Data

The first preview that Google gave about the Pixel 7 confirms that it will have a similar design to the previous Pixel 6. Although, the 7 series is made of recycled aluminum, including the camera configuration bar, which is made in one piece. This should give the iconic design an even higher level of appeal as a flagship device.

The Pixel 7 Pro will include a trio of cameras (although this detail has not been specified and cannot be inferred from the first Google renders). While the Pixel 7 will include a pair, that is, it will have one less lens. This is also in step with the previous Pixel 6 series.

The next confirmed key feature is the inclusion of a "next-gen Tensor". This is the second generation of the Google chipset. It's not yet clear how this processor will be improved, beyond the company's claim that it will "bring even more useful and personalized features to photos, videos, security and voice recognition."

Finally, fresh out of the oven, we know that Android 13 will be the pre-installed software. And, as is typical, the Pixel 7 series will have the first devices to feature this version of the operating system.

Google Pixel 7: Rumors

There have been countless rumors about Pixel 7 equipment in recent months. The most interesting one suggests that the standard model will have a size of 6.3 inches, while the Pro version will be 6.7 inches. We find this interesting because it indicates that the Pixel 7 will be slightly smaller than its predecessor.

On the other hand, Google patented, at the end of 2021, an under-screen camera technology. And while it typically takes Google several years to roll out its technologies, there's one change the Pixel 7 series could take advantage of. After all, in the two teaser videos, the main screen of both cell phones is not shown - what is Google hiding?

Those are the main rumors for now, but we'll be sure to add any updates on what we can expect from the Pixel 7 smartphones, as additional information is released by reliable sources. In the meantime, here are the key improvements that are quite likely to be included in the next generation of Google phones.

Faster Charging

The Pixel 6 Pro offers 30W fast charging (23W wirelessly). Which isn't bad, but it's a long way from the top. Some competitors are in the 125W or 150W territory, so Google should be able to offer faster charging solutions for its phones. While it might not be that fast, the new series will most likely offer faster charging that its predecessors.

Even Better Stabilization

It's great that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro offer optical stabilization (OIS) on their main lenses. This is really useful for photography in general, not to mention that it helps when it comes to capturing sharper photos in low-light environments. But, with competitors like Vivo offering a micro gimbal stabilization system, it would be great to see Google improve in this area; after all, it's not like there's not enough room in the camera setup. And while many expect the same camera configuration this time around, rumors have it that this will be quite possible.

Better Zoom

The Pixel 6 does not include a zoom lens. The Pixel 6 Pro does have it, but it's 4x. Now, we can already see that the Pixel 7 series will be better than its predecessor, in terms of the number of lenses, which means that there is little chance that the Pixel 7 will offer a decent zoom. What is needed, therefore, is even more resolution to enable more useful digital zoom (especially when we know that Google has the means, when it comes to computational photography, and could really excel here).

More Power

Although the original Google Tensor chipset is interesting, its raw power (when it comes to performing certain tasks) is not up to the standards of, for example, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. We already know that the second generation of Tensor will come to both Pixel 7 devices, so more power and better power distribution that prevents overheating will surely be present.

Final Words

We come to the conclusion ā€“ is the new Pixel 7 series worth the money?

Definitely yes!

As the things stand so far, the new series will offer much more power than its predecessor but for the same cost. In addition, the Pixel series is known to be a fine balance between flagship quality and affordable price. In other words, paying $600-$800 for a phone of this quality will definitely be worth the price, especially as both phones will bring the newest features with them.