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Latest Leak May Have Just Revealed the Secret Weapon of Google Pixel 6

April 17, 2021

Google is working on the development of the Pixel 5a, the manufacturer's next budget phone that will see the light of day. However, the company could also be developing what would be its next flagship, the Pixel 6, which would be presented to society in October of this year, so the rumors have begun to emerge.

The current model

The Pixel 5 delivered a higher-mid-range Snapdragon 765G chipset instead of the higher-end Snapdragon 865 series processors, or better. While the reactions from the fans were quite mixed, the general feeling is that people are happy with it since it provides great performance for less money. Be that as it may, gamers and tech aficionados will miss emulators, high-end 3D gaming, and a few camera-related processes that are quite challenging for this chipset. Not to mention screen refresh rates at 90 Hz that sometimes may cause trouble to the Snapdragon 765G.

That doesn't mean much for today's Pixel 5, but we'd expect heavyweight games and apps that push more frames to be a challenge in the future. For this reason, people would like Google to adopt the flagship silicon for the Pixel 6. It does not have to be the latest and greatest SoC. Qualcomm has already released the Snapdragon 888 processor, which is an incremental update over the previous chipset. But we cannot expect a lot of power without a serious jump in price. What can we expect?

What is Googleā€™s secret weapon for Pixel 6?

As every new smartphone series goes for the next step in CPU evolution, it is to assume that Pixel 6 will go for the next generation of Pixel 5ā€™s Snapdragon 765G. But what is the next generation?

Qualcomm, the world's largest manufacturer of smartphone processors, has leaked new information about its new model, the Snapdragon 775. The hardware, which has no date to reach the market yet, will be the replacement for the Snapdragon 765, used in, of course, the Pixel 5.

Details about the new Qualcomm processor appear in what would be part of a slide show. The main detail would be, of course, the two variations of the model - the entry 775 version and the robust 775G version.

The hardware will be based on the 5nm processing technology that has already been used in the Snapdragon 888, the company's flagship, as well as other competing models, such as Samsung's Exynos 2100 and Apple's Bionic A14. All the best of the line.

The new processor promises hefty configurations with custom Kyro 600 series cores. The hardware will support 2400 MHz LPDDR4X memory, as well as the faster 3200 MHz clocked LPDDR5 standard and UFS 3.1 dual-channel memory.

For image processing, Qualcomm will equip the 775 / 775G with the Spectra 570 ISP that supports 4K video recording at 60 frames per second, in addition to allowing a snapshot of 28 MP triple cameras or a 60 MP + 20 MP configuration.

The Bluetooth v5.2 standard connectivity is one of the main stand-out features of this CPU, in addition to the expected support for 5G dual-mode (SA + NSA) in both sub-6 GHz and mmWave.

In general, this means that the new processor will offer better both gaming and regular processing quality, plus saving the battery life in the process. While it sounds like a definite upgrade, it is still not the high-end processor gamers wanted.

What else can we expect?

The 4K Front Camera

A teardown of the camera app reveals evidence suggesting that the Pixel 6 could have major improvements to the front camera. Within the latest version of the Pixel series camera app, the code points to some major changes for the selfie camera.

The first change that would come with the future Pixel would be in the placement of the front camera, now it would be located in the upper central part and no longer aligned in the corner. In addition, the APK code reveals that said camera will have the ability to record 4K video, something that would be great for camera lovers, but above all, it will improve the quality of video calls, which people found themselves to be using quite a lot recently.

It should be noted that recent Pixel phones can record 4K video with the rear camera, but not with the front camera. In this way, the Google Pixel 6 would probably be the first phone in the series to offer such support.

On-screen fingerprint reader and face unlock for Pixel 6

Something in which Google has apparently lagged far behind its competitors is in the recognition and unlocking systems. The latest Google Pixel 5 still kept the classic rear fingerprint sensor, conveying a feeling of being in front of a smartphone from years ago. To date, no mobile device developed by Google has the sensor on the front, which would make the Google Pixel 6 the first mobile with a reader under the signature screen, an important step forward to be a real alternative.

However, a pleasant surprise that has also been found focuses on facial unlocking. Google decided to eliminate the possibility of using it on their devices, thus limiting a much faster unlocking function, but according to them, they explained it to be less secure. With the Google Pixel 6 and Android 12, this would return, possibly as part of an improved security system.

Final words

For now, it is too early to believe all the leaks regarding the Pixel 6. In addition, we must consider that the disassemblies of the applications can sometimes provide incorrect information, so we recommend taking the details with moderation. But one thing is sure, the new model always brings better stuff.

In case you may have already bought Pixel 5, it is too early to think about replacing it with Pixel 6, whether you may be happy with it so far or not. Currently, you can enjoy it as it is, and we find it to be one quite enjoyable smartphone. But in case you may want more power from it, you can always improve its performance and protection by buying additional components, such as the i-Blade smart case with full-on phone protection. Who knows, maybe you wonā€™t even need a new phone!