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Main Advantages And Disadvantages Of iPhone 14

December 19, 2022

If you have already seen the announcement event, you will have noticed that this iPhone 14 is not the model that will instantly amaze us! This is because there is little difference between this model and the last one, the iPhone 13. However, there are still some minor improvements that will separate iPhone 14 from its predecessors. Bearing that in mind, this text will focus on five positive aspects and five negative aspects of the newest iPhone model to outline the decision to buy it.

The Advantages of the iPhone 14

The first advantage is that it is the lightest, most compact, and most comfortable iPhone of the entire generation launched in 2022. And it is that this iPhone 14 is 34 grams lighter than a 14 Pro, or 31 grams than a 14 Plus. It may seem like some useless information, but as far as many are concerned, having a lightweight phone is quite handy. So for those who are missing a Mini model, perhaps this iPhone 14 is what they need in terms of weight and dimensions.

In many blogs and channels online, people criticize the battery of the iPhone 14, and based on the shown so far, it is somewhat understandable. It is not the iPhone with the longest battery in history, but it is not bad either. During various tests, the apps that have generated the most consumption have been ā€“ camera recordings, especially when it comes to recording in 4K; display power consumption, manly from scrolling through Instagram and other daily apps; and making use of the shared notes of the Notes app. And this is only because the most time spent testing the phone was on these apps. So if anyone is planning to use the phone for emails, browsing with Safari, or using Whatsapp, there shouldn't be too many worries about the battery.

The next advantage is that it is a standard iPhone 14, that is, this model avoids the complications of the Pro generation with its latest technology and price, and also avoids the fashion of having increasingly larger phones like the 14 Plus. It is a phone that works well and is probably one of the current top 10 smartphones on the market.

The standard 128 Gb storage should be enough for most users. If that is not enough, it is, of course, possible to combine the 128 Gb with iCloud, as many have done for years, and it seems the most comfortable solution. With the possibility to store data online to the cloud, the internal phone storage seems insignificant. However, it is always great to have as much storage as possible, mainly to download various apps, but 128 Gb should be quite enough for that. Be that as it may, it is understandable why many expected a bit more storage space in the year 2022.

The fifth and final advantage is iOS16. The current generation of iPhone 14 has been designed with iOS16 in mind, from the new home screen to the operation of all apps. Choosing between Android and iOS is an eternal discussion in which there is never a winner, it is something highly subjective. Many have obviously chosen iOS due to its compatibility with the hardware ā€“ iOS and Appleā€™s chipsets work hand-in-hand quite well.

The Disadvantages of the iPhone 14

While having a new iPhone is always great, there are some negative aspects to look into when considering buying this phone for the first time. Without any further ado, let's jump into talking about the cons of the iPhone 14.

The first of them takes a look at the iPhone 13 generation and it is difficult to find differences between these two models. A year later, we should see improvements, some kind of evolution. However, neither the design nor the performance, the screen, nor even the battery have undergone improvements. It continues to carry the chip from last year and this is something that should make people reflect and evaluate the purchase of an iPhone 14.

It doesn't inherit any of the great features from last year's Pro version like the Pro Motion display, nor does it include this year's new features like the Always On display. It is the year when the differences between the Pro generation and this iPhone 14 are greatest.

The third disadvantage that many never tire of remembering year after year is that we continue without a charger. Many find it absurd and unfortunate that mobile phone manufacturers have decided to make this decision, removing an accessory that people have to use practically daily and that ends up forcing the buyer to go through the checkout again. In many cases, this pushes many users to use inappropriate chargers, which ends up diminishing the user experience.

The fourth disadvantage of the iPhone 14 is the price increase. It is understandable that the iPhone 14 Pro are more expensive than last year, since they have various improvements. The new generation of iPhone 14 Plus, being new, also has a higher price. As mentioned, this iPhone 14 is practically identical to the iPhone 13, but is worth $100 more. It is something to seriously consider when considering the purchase of a new iPhone. Many consider that it can be a good idea to buy iPhone 13 in good condition instead of buying an iPhone 14 for a higher price.

Although it may seem that this analysis is criticizing the iPhone 14 a lot, it is an undeniable fact that the arguments against it do not lack, mainly the little or no difference compared to the previous model and the ā€œbrutalā€ increase in price. If you are thinking of buying this model, you have to assess each of the disadvantages that have been mentioned and see if any of them is a sufficient argument not to buy the model. The one who has to decide is you. What is important is that this is a brand new phone by a well-known manufacturer which will provide a lot to its users.