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Mobile phone case: multifunctional vs monofunctional

May 10, 2016

The future of the mobile phone case: monofunctional versus multifunctional


Smartphone innovation has reached its peak. The future of mobile innovation is in the mobile accessory space. It is here we can personalise our smartphone experience to meet our needs. The humble mobile phone case is now offering the seeds of this coming revolution. There are now, more and more smartphone cases available with additional functions.  There are also more and more standalone mobile accessory attachments for smartphones. The extra camera lens, the extra storage for your iPhone, the battery pack to name the obvious few.  But these are the tip of the iceberg.

These accessories give you ever increasing options for improving your smartphone's capabilities.  But you are going to need a truck to transport around all those extra mobile accessories.

The alternative is to find a mobile phone case that can do what it takes 10 or more mono-functional cases to do.  Modular phone case technology can provide the ideal solution. So is it time to buy a phone case that offers you unique functionality?  Or is it time to look for a modular phone case that offers you a multi-functional solution?


Smartphone accessories are becoming more interesting than phones

Smartphone accessories in the past started off as basic accessories for key features.  Plug in your headphones so you can listen to music more easily.  Add some more memory.  Buy another charger cable for your car.  Pair a bluetooth speaker for music to fill your room.

The mobile accessory landscape has changed dramatically. More and more devices, features and functions can now be added to smartphones. The smartphone has become a hub for all these enhancements.

The Verge has an interesting take on how accessories are becoming more interesting than phones in the article on phone accessories innovation. "Today we're staring down a future where external battery packs, camera modules, and clever keyboard peripherals will hold more intrigue and potential disruption than smartphones by themselves" writes @vladsavov.

You will see this in many articles online. A similar sentiment to our blog article about future innovation in smartphones.


Mobile phone cases are now offering more and more functionality

One key accessory that is prevalent everywhere is the mobile phone case. But it is rapidly evolving beyond protection. An example of how smartphone cases are evolving, is highlighted in a recent article in Techradar by Simon Hill.  He talks about 10 smartphone cases that do more than protect. They all add functionality to your smartphone - 10 cases that will completely change your phone.


The most obvious and prevalent is the battery case. There are now so many to choose. You may have heard of Mophie. But you might not have heard of Incipio, Lenmar Maven, Anker, Power skin, Unu Dx, i-blaison. By the way, you do not need to, they all do the same thing.  They provide power to your smartphone. At the same time they provide a lot of extra bulk as you have to permanently carry an extra battery on your phone. We covered the problems of battery cases in a previous blog.

There are now a wide selection of phone cases to add lenses to your iPhone, such as those from Klyp+.  This mobile phone case turns your iPhone into a more serious camera allowing you to attach lenses such as telephoto, fisheye to name a few.


The Prynt Case is a mobile phone case that takes camera functionality further and turns your smartphone into a Polaroid camera.[/vc_column_text][image_with_animation image_url="2241" alignment="" animation="Fade In"][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row type="in_container" scene_position="center" text_color="dark" text_align="left" overlay_strength="0.3"][vc_column column_padding="no-extra-padding" column_padding_position="all" background_color_opacity="1" background_hover_color_opacity="1" width="1/1"][vc_column_text]Need an extra screen? There are now mobile phone cases adding second screens to your smartphone. The Pop Slate smartphone case is the charging case that adds a second screen to the back of your phone. It has received a lot of support on Indiegogo.


There are many speaker cases coming onto the market. The Zagg speaker case is an example of an iPhone case that adds a speaker to your phone. Its a wireless Bluetooth speaker that amplifies calls, music, videos, and more.

Future modular phone case functionality


The smartphone is good at everything but excels at nothing.  Our interests and needs mean we need to personalise our smartphone experience - we may need more power, or a more powerful camera. But in obtaining that, do you want your phone to be turned into something else? A camera?  Do you want your phone to be a speaker? Do you really want to walk around with a battery on your phone all day? Just in case you run out of power. The ideal is to personalise when you need it.

All these new mono-function smartphone cases offer great flexibility and additional benefits. But if you want to do more than one thing, you will have to buy two cases.  If you want to do 10 things you have to buy 10 cases.

That is why a modular phone case has to be the solution.  We all have multiple needs. We need flexibility. The i-BLADES Smartcase is a modular phone case that offers something different.  It allows you the potential to add all these functions and more.  It was designed as a platform to build upon. This means it is able to provide extra functionality in a simple and elegant way.

Need more power? Snap-on to the smartphone case.  Need more memory? Snap-on to the smartphone case. In the future it will offer more and more enhancements. So need camera enhancements - snap-on.  Need an extra speaker, snap-on.  The Smartcase intelligently knows what you have attached and enhances the phone experience accordingly.

Then when you do not need the extra, power, memory or other function.  You just take it off and you are left with a stylish smartphone case that fits in your pocket.


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