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Motorola Moto Z welcome to the modular phone party!

August 15, 2016

Motorola Moto Z – a modular step forwards

The Motorola Moto Z is a great indicator that the modular movement is finally coming to smartphones.  We believe Motorola did a great job on their new Moto Z phone. They’re elegant and really thin.  And they have a nice snap-on design. But the real excitement comes from the Motorola Moto Z Mods that add useful new functions. Everything from a battery pack, to speakers. Even a Micro Projector mod that turns the Motorola Moto Z series into a movie theater-on-the-go.

However, there is one issue that comes to mind. How the heck do you protect a phone with a case when swapping modules of varied sizes and shapes? You could have a module  that makes the phone longer, or creates an odd shape, or one that introduces a camera lens where none was present before. Will each module have to come with its own case?

But, for those who want a protective case for their phone (and 75% – 80% of people buy phone cases), and those non-Moto Z phone users, there is no need to be worried. Now there’s a smart accessory, a Smartcase, that will let you have your case—and new functions too. And, better yet, you can keep them (your case) when you change phones like the rest of us!

Motorola Moto Z’s boost to offering choice


The new Motorola Moto Z and Moto Z Force are thin (the Z is razor-thin), premium phones. Especially noteworthy, they have magnetic backs with a row of connector coils. As a result you can customize not just their looks, but also their functionality. Motorola calls the snap-on accessories that clip on the back “Moto Mods.”

There’s a JBL SoundBoost module that turns your Motorola Moto Z into a tiny boom box. There’s also the Moto Insta-Share projector, which flashes your phone’s screen as a 70-inch projection on the wall. There’s a battery pack that adds up to 22 hours of extra life to your Motorola Moto Z and there’s even a stylish Kate Spade power pack available, as well.

As for the phones themselves, they have ultra-sharp 5.5-inch QHD displays. There’s also a super fast Snapdragon 820 processor, 4 GB of RAM, and 32 or 64GB of storage.  They also come with Motorola’s nearly-stock version of Android Marshmallow.

The new Motorola Moto Z phones are bold. They takes risks. And they implement a new feature in a way that seems to be easy to learn, simple to use and with lots of future potential.

The response to Motorola’s modular phone

Motorola’s launch of its Moto Z series offers something new.  Because now users can do more with their phone.  Almost all the responses to Motorola Moto Z have been positive.

For example, New Atlas (formerly GizMag) VR and Mobile Editor Will Shanklin says, “Unlike the LG G5, this looks like the modular smartphone done right.”

And Digital Trends says, “Moto Mods embrace the concept of modular phones, but rather than tampering with the phone’s internals like LG does, Motorola is making things simple by just having people “snap” the mods on the back of the phone with magnets.”

Also The Verge praised the Moto Z,  “Lenovo’s new Moto Z and Moto Z Force are the best test yet of whether a “modular” approach to smartphones can truly reinvent what these devices can be, beyond slabs of internet-connected glass,”.

The Case against Motorola Moto Z

We too love the Motorola Moto Z.  But the problem with direct Motorola Moto Z attachments is how do you design a case to protect it? While allowing the phone to connect with its Mods. Ideally it would need a case that worked with all the modules. But, even then, users would have to take the case off to use the mods? Furthermore, the current cases for the Moto Z do not protect the corners of the phone. Which is the most important part of the Moto Z to protect.

Modular hardware threatens to bring utter bedlam to smartphone cases,” noted Phone Arena in an article a few months ago.

Not necessarily the case if you can provide modular add-ons through the case itself.

i-BLADES Smartcase:  For those who wish their smartphone could do a lot more!

The i-BLADES Smartcase solves the problems of protection and adding functions to your phone. Because the i-BLADES Smartcase is a smart accessory that’s a modular phone case and protective case in one. First, you get protection in an elegant package. Secondly, you can upgrade through snap-on modules called Smartblades. For example you can add an extra 18 hours of battery life and 64GB of memory in just a snap. In addition there are entertainment and Virtual Reality modules.  And this is just the beginning.

A modular phone case, rather than a modular phone, also gives you an even higher level of choice. If you decide to go with Motorola’s Moto Z that’s a pretty big commitment. You’re pretty much stuck with one brand. Of course if you are a Motorola fan then the Moto Z is perfect for you. Just be careful not to drop it.

However, if you just want choice and you like the idea of a modular phone.  The day of options, protection and style have arrived with the modular phone case—the i-BLADES Smartcase. It’s available for pre-order for the Samsung Galaxy line here.

i-BLADES Smartcase Modular Phone Case

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