Increase phone storage. Add An SD Card Storage To Any Phone With A Smartcase

March 03, 2017

Phone storage is a growing issue . The dreaded message “Low storage space.” can often lead to that frantic clearing of free space for the pictures you’ll want to take. Our phones are now hubs for all our movies, music, games, and photos and we need more storage space than ever before. Phone cameras are always improving, shooting in higher resolutions every year. Mobile video content in ultra-HD 4k is emerging on the horizon as well, content which will likely put even more strain on users with limited phone storage.

The easiest and most secure solution is to add SD card storage to your phone. Unfortunately, never included with the iPhone and now increasingly being left out of many contemporary phone designs. The alternative tends to be unsightly dangling wires and bizarre looking flash drives to top up memory, or the useful but often unreliable cloud.

However, the i-BLADES Smartcase, a brand new phone case from i-BLADES gives you the ability to add an SD card reader to your phone by snapping on Smartblades to the phone case. That way you do not bulk up your phone and you can increase phone storage as and when you like.

Beware The Actual Amount Of Phone Storage You Have

Don’t believe everything you read on the packaging.  While the box may list one figure, phone memory is taken up by the phone’s operating system, pre-installed apps, and carrier data. Ultimately its much lower phone storage than on the advertisement. So you are starting out the gate with less than you thought you had.

The Decline Of SD Card Storage

In an effort to create slimmer phones and maximize internal hardware, many of today’s most popular smartphones have left out the much loved micro SD slots used for increasing phone storage. This is not just about form factor, its about profit.

Just consider the markup on iPhone storage capacity.  If a user wants more space they need to buy a significantly more expensive iPhone.

Other manufacturers, such as Samsung, have experimented with the removal of micro SD slots to mixed success. When Samsung released the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge without a micro SD slot, many longtime users reacted with dismay. Overall, it was a step towards the iPhone storage model. However, user dissatisfaction with this new course towards Android internal storage led to an eventual reversal. When the Galaxy S7 hit the market, Samsung restored the micro SD slot.

The Cloud: an imperfect alternative to phone storage

You will be encouraged by a lot of phone manufacturers to take up cloud storage offers. But what that means is they do not have to give you that sd card storage, plus they can reduce phone storage. But is it a good alternative? No — for several reasons.

The cloud can be convenient wherever there is an Internet connection. But also some cloud services do downsize pictures to a lesser quality. So not as pixel perfect.

What about user privacy? Here, too, the Cloud still presents many concerns. Despite the creation of international standards for cloud storage security, some users are still slow to trust the cloud — and for good reason. Passing one’s data off to a third party always involves some risk. Users relying on Apple’s iCloud service to get around their iPhone storage capacity limitations know this. iCloud is no stranger to major data breaches and leaks as a result of poorly implemented security. In every case, these issues are entirely avoidable if users could rely on supplementary micro SD cards.

The i-BLADES SD Card Storage Solution

i-BLADES, with its innovative Smartcase, offers a unique solution. It is a case with smart technology that allows you to add features such as an sd card slot by snapping Smartblades onto the back of the case.  The Turbo64 Smartblade comes with 64GB memory and a micro sd slot.  So you can increase your phone storage even further.

The i-BLADES Smartcase restores the ability to expand phone storage. You just snap on the Smartblade and there you go no more phone storage worries.

You can purchase the i-BLADES Smartcase at

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