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March 19, 2020

Pixel 5 - What we know about it and what you should expect

Google’s release of Pixel 4 was one of the most hyped events ever, especially since this smartphone was rumored (and turned out) to come supplied with bleeding-edge features and premium technologies on par to the current leaders – Samsung Galaxy and iPhone models.

It’s no wonder that everyone’s thinking ‘what’s Pixel 5 going to be like?’ due to the fact that its predecessor passed virtually every possible test of performance with flying colors. Rumors are everywhere, speculations are widespread that Pixel 5 might even be a downgraded version of the Pixel 4, but let’s not lose hope – let’s talk about what the community of Google Pixel and smartphone enthusiasts had to say about the leaks, leads, and official info.

Camera – leaked information about the potential telephoto lens

The first bit of information about Pixel 5 takes root in the earliest versions of Pixel 4a’s camera application. Basically, this software was intended for the existing Pixel smartphone and functions just fine, but it also features a relatively cryptic string ‘photo_pixel_2020_config’.

The reason why this string in the software’s system is so puzzling is that both Pixel 4a and 5 are scheduled to come around to our markets this year – little is known regarding which phone will actually use this configuration. It might be both, but on another hand, it might be exclusive for Pixel 4a.

Although this doesn’t give us much to work on, the second leak regarding the camera tells us a slightly clearer story. Namely, Pixel 5 will most likely come equipped with a telephoto lens.

The main difference between this lens type and previous versions of lenses Pixel smartphones came outfitted with is that it’s huge, quick, accurate, and capable of taking pictures rapidly. The main downside is that your images will get slightly darker.

Release date – when is it coming out?

Google always delivered the promise of consistency, so we have no reason to think that they’re going to fail us now. Google Pixel 3 came out on the 8th of October in 2018; Google Pixel 4 hit our markets on the 15th of October 19, so there is a huge chance that Pixel 5 will come out early or in the middle of October this year.

However, unprecedented events have occurred during the last couple of months that will most likely postpone the launch, if at least for a couple of weeks.

Namely, the Coronavirus has shut many borders, and ever since the WHO proclaimed it became a global epidemic, the world’s turned upside down and will need some time to recover.

Factories are closing, exports are taking longer than ever, and scheduled conferences and events are rapidly getting cancelled due to the global state of emergency.

All that being said, no one really knows how the situation with the Coronavirus will turn out in days and months to come. It might blow out tomorrow, or the day after; but then again, it may be months before the dust finally settles.

Keep an eye out open for the changes in release schedules regarding all brands of smartphones, and you will be able to pinpoint exactly when Pixel 5 is going to come out.

Price – how expensive will Pixel 5 be?

All Google Pixel models are considered as ‘boutique’ smartphones, which basically means that they belong to the upper echelon of the high-end price point category. Google’s Pixel 4’s price started out at roughly $799 while Pixel 4XL debuted at $899.

Interestingly enough, Pixel 3 used to cost just as much during the time it became available on the market. Since the competition between Google, Galaxy, and Apple is pretty stiff, we assume that Google will slightly lower, or at least keep the price at a steady pace this time around.

Specs – what’s inside?

Pixel 5 has plenty of proving to do, mainly due to the fact that the performance of Pixel 4 is pretty hard to top. That’s why we believe Google will introduce a variety of cutting-edge technologies and features.

Given the fact that most Android-based smartphones scheduled for this year will come supplied with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865, most sources agree that Pixel 5 will also pack this feature. A couple of sources indicate that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G will replace it instead.

One of the biggest drawbacks of most Pixel smartphones is notably low RAM memory. Although nothing particular was leaked in this department, most enthusiasts hope that Google heard their pleas for a bit of extra power in terms of random access memory storage.

Speaking of storage, Pixel phones don’t exactly offer a lot. The amount of gigabytes you’ll have on a classic Pixel phone is just fine – the thing is that it isn’t anything exemplary. Given the fact that Pixel 5 will (most likely) come supplied with one of the most advanced camera lenses on the market, we don’t need to hope too much about getting some extra space due to the fact that these features intertwine quite a bit.

Pros & Cons – summary of benefits and drawbacks of the new Pixel 5

Generally speaking, there are more rumors than actual leaks, but the number of leaks is still higher than what official info is able to tell us. That being said, the biggest drawback of the new Google smartphone is that no one can tell for certain how great it is going to be, or alternatively, how deep it will fall in the shadow of the prestigious Pixel 4.

Most sources indicate that Pixel 5 will have a better battery, a superior camera, a larger display, and, most importantly, more storage space for bigger pictures, clips, and data overall. It is probably going to have the same processor (Snapdragon 865) as most Android smartphones scheduled for 2020, although even if it came with the Snapdragon 765G, it will still be pretty okay.

It definitely won’t come cheap, but luckily, due to the fact that most of its competitors have lowered their prices, the Pixel 5 should also be available at a relatively approachable price.

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